Here we have an article that discusses what is becoming the number one job in our nation, begging for a handout from Uncle Sam.


Voting For Obama is a Humane thing to do, I came to this realization after reading the following, also remembered what an unemployed friend of mine used to say each time I told him : ” Why aren’t you looking for work?” He used to grin and say “My pappy told me work is for 3rd world countries, such as Iran , Iraq or Pakistan. This is America; the land of Welfare, Food Stamp, and home subsidies. No Sir, he ussed to say work and working is UN- AMERICANA as long as you have the Government which pick the tap all you need to do is COLLECT!”

Well after reading the followings, I have seen the light, Obama has done an outstanding Job DEPENDING Americana to Welfare and Food Stamp…….

Report: 20 Percent of Americans on the Dole | Print |  
Written by R. Cort Kirkwood

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