A funny thing happened while reading a WP blog…Steve (GRC) Gibson’s Blog

Here we have one man’s explanation of what motivates a corporation. Consider that a corporation is a government chartered entity. Therefore, a corporation exists only so long as the government tolerates it.

And what is corporation composed of? People.

In one respect, a corporation is a soulless entity. If the people who own, run, and work for a corporation think of nothing more than what is required to make a profit, then their corporation will act as an amoral beast.

Similarly, government can also behave as an amoral beast. Like a corporation, government too is collective composed of people. Citizens own government, leaders run government, and civil servants work for government. What is less clear is what motivates government. Profit clearly motivates a corporation, but what motivates government? The answer, I think, is power, the currency of government.

Nonetheless, both government and corporations seem to operate checks upon their behavioral extremes. What are those checks? That, my friends, is each of us. So long as we as the owners of government and as the stockholders of corporations insist upon moral behavior, we can restrain the excesses of both government and corporations.


I was taking a break from my conservative blogging.

If anyone is familiar with Gibson Research Corporation,    OK –  EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT, [LOL]  they are originators of utilities to test how safe your OS (operating system) is when connected to the web. Cutting edge stuff that assisted the unwary, or naive users out there, in making  intelligent decisions to avoid Trojans, Malware, and other w.w.w. hazards.  They also exposed not-so-safe paid  security suites, and other third party vendors.  They continue to give ZoneAlarm’s free (yes the freebie from Download.com) firewall excellent marks.

I had not visited their site for over five years.  Many of their tests, while still valid, had not been updated since 2005. Today, I just so happened to click on a link to obtain Steve’s blog ( their founder) and SUPRISE – it’s here on WP!

Reading his pg, I discovered the following article. Guaranteed to raise your eyebrows…

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