You say you want to make a difference? Is that just talk? Well, here is something anyone can do.

We have a choice. Republicans can run a great candidate for the U.S. Senate, Bob Marshall. However, because Marshall will not draw lots of big bucks from special interests groups (people feeding at the public trough), ordinary citizens — tax payers — must unite and work together to get Marshall elected.

What is the first step? We must get Marshall on the Republican primary ballot.

Check out this link. It provides the information you need.

Want to contact Marshall’s campaign for support? Do you want to work with others?  Contacts are at this link.

Why should you support Bob Marshall? When you are gathering signatures, what can you tell people?

Del. Bob Marshall:

  • Wrote the law our AG used in court to oppose Obamacare, which Tim Kaine, past chair, Democrat National Committee defends (ONLY state legislator to beat Tim Kaine 7-0 in VA’s Supreme Court (Marshall v. NVTA) which struck down Kaine’s 14 unconstitutional taxes)
  • Authored VA’s voter approved one-man, one-woman Marriage Amendment opposed by Tim Kaine (Exposed and helped beat Tim Kaine’s 2009 effort to make private, religious adoption agencies place children with “same-sex” couples)
  • Stood up to Tim Kaine’s effort to add same-sex behavior to Virginia’s discrimination laws when Att. Gen. McDonnell agreed Kaine exceeded his authority
  • Challenged Tim Kaine’s giveaway of Dulles Toll Road to the Washington Airport Authority with HB 6058 (passed the House of Delegates in 2006)
  • Fought Tim Kaine for refusing to ask EPA to rescind ethanol in Virginia gasoline.

(from here)

Need a reason to get to work NOW? To allow time to assess progress, review and submit petitions to the Virginia State Board of Elections, Marshall’s campaign workers must have completed petitions by March 9.

So please get to work NOW!