Why I Homeschool

Here is a post that anyone with school age children should consider.


So many reasons of course, but the reason that tipped me over the edge is something I haven’t mentioned for a long time.  A commenter over at Legal Insurrection explains perfectly:

“I did not plan to home school. . . . But among innumerable problems and eye-opening irritants, what put us over were the constant parental ‘involvement’ demands, ‘homework’ etc., intrusively dictating and co-opting many hours of family and parental time each day.”

Yes, yes, yes. 

Last year, it felt like the precious hours of my days were constantly held at the mercy of a young, inexperienced single lady known as The Third Grade Teacher.  Because they were.

The volume of homework was sometimes quite burdensome.  Hours of constructing models and insane crafty things, like the clothes hanger book report (don’t ask).  Then, there was the mandatory 20 minutes of daily reading.  And don’t forget to sign the Reading Journal every day, Mom, or your…

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