Back in September of 2011 we experienced something of a shock. That shock became the subject of this post, KEN CUCCINELLI’S NOT A REPUBLICAN? Last night, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli asked to be readmitted to the Prince William County Republican Committee (PWCGOP). Committee members, of course, responded enthusiastically.

Since the previous post, KEN CUCCINELLI’S NOT A REPUBLICAN?, already explains why Cuccinelli was ejected from the party, we will not cover that again here. Instead, we will summarize some of what Cuccinelli said at the committee’s meeting last night.

When he violated the rules and endorsed the opponent of Republican Party’s nominee, Cuccinelli explained that the rules called for his expulsion from the party. Cuccinelli does not believe those rules need to be changed. He cited the example of former Virginia Senator Russ Potts. Even though Potts was elected as a Republican, in 2005 he ran as an independent (See Maverick? Spoiler? Who Is Russ Potts? and Independent Potts Says He’s In The Race For Governor For Keeps for some background.). After the election, Potts returned to his seat in the Virginia Senate as a Republican. For some reason, the Republican Party seemed incapable of throwing Potts out, and Cuccinelli made it clear that evil surpassed any wrong done to him.

Curious about how Potts got away with it? Here Newsbusters reports how the Washington Post played the story in the aftermath of the 2005 election. And what did Potts get away with? Check out the excerpts from this from novatownhall blog post.

Republican losses in Virginia special elections, coupled with the inability of Senate Republicans to discipline Russ Potts for his defection last fall to run as an Independent, indicates to me that the Republican Party in Virginia not only is losing support, but it has lost much of its integrity.


The Senate Health and Education Committee is known for killing responsible, family-oriented legislation and is still chaired by Russ Potts who routinely votes with the Democrats.


SB189, introduced by Senator Steve Martin (R-11, Chesterfield), would actually save Virginia taxpayers in the long run by reducing public school enrollment, creating competition and thus ultimately reducing spending. He argued that some public schools simply are not serving children well and that those kids should have other educational options. His bill would have provided a tuition tax credit.

Senator Russ Potts led committee opposition to the bill, labeling the legislation as a “$89 million assault on public schools.”

Anyway, because of Cuccinelli, we now have an example of how Republicans who follow the dictates of their conscience should behave.

What about that Republican who objected to Cuccinelli’s endorsement of his opponent? His days with us are regrettably over. May God have mercy on his soul.



  1. As soon as Republicans gained the majority in 99, they bled the base until they became the minority. They bled the base by acting as Establishment Republicans – as my distinction of their particular stripes. The ran as Conservatives but govern as The Establishment which is conservatve and liberal by measures of political convenience – subject to the demands of political crony capitalism and the patronism required to get re-elected. There are goodly number of Constitutional Republicans in the House and a few in the Senate in Virginia. Many have been there many years. Longeviity doesn’t make one Establishment. It’s the default compromise of principles for power.

    Ken is a great Constitutional – and Conservative – Republican.


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