As predicted, Mitt Romney won the Florida presidential primary (see here). Next up? Caucuses in Nevada and Maine on February 4th (here). Since the Florida primary was only open to registered Republicans (from here), I thought Romney’s victory particularly disappointing.

If Romney wins the Republican nomination, I believe the odds favor Obama in the general election. Other than the fact he is not Obama, Romney has done little to distinguish himself. Romney claims he can create jobs, but his record and his political philosophy provide little support for that claim. As the creator of Romneycare, the program model for Obamacare, Romney has proven himself almost as Liberal as Obama. Big government does not create jobs. In fact, such unethical programs destroy nations.

So what will happen in the general election? Obama cannot run on his record. It’s a disaster. So Obama will run negative ads against Romney. At the same time, Romney cannot easily run on his record. He made lots of money as an investor, but as governor of Massachusetts, he imposed Romneycare. If  he talks about it enough, that disconnect will become too obvious. So Romney will do what he has been doing, running negative ads. And they have already been lots of negative ads.

Lost in all the attacks is the relevance of the election. After we elect our president, what is he going to do? How would we know? If the candidates spend all their time attacking each other and defending themselves, when are they ever going to have time to tell us how they would run the country? In fact, when was the last time we had an election when the candidates spent most of their time discussing how they would run the country? Yeah, we get useless platitudes, but do we ever get any substance?

You want more of this nonsense? You want another four years of Obama? Then listen to all the stupid attack ads. Otherwise, do some research online. Find out for yourself what the candidates have done, and check their websites. See what they say about what they plan to do. Then make it clear to the candidates you want to hear what they plan to do, not how much we should despise their opponents.

And what will I do here. So long as they are in the race, I will talk up Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.




  1. Freedom, by the way

    I will only vote for Gingrich if he is the last candidate standing. (Of course, he’s not even on VA’s ballot).


    1. My guess is that Gingrich is like most of us. He is too full of himself. So he takes negative attacks too personally. What probably makes it most difficult is that there is enough truth in Romney’s attacks that Gingrich feels guilty. Thus, he has not handled himself consistently well.

      Romney, on the other hand, is focused. He wants to be president. The problem is that Romney will say or do anything. When his record says almost the exact opposite, Romney wants us to believe he is a Conservative. So we have to ask, does Romney want to be president for the sake of our nation or for the sake his his prestige?

      That leaves Rick Santorum (Ron Paul’s foreign policy is just too isolationist.). Of the three, only Santorum seems to have a cause that is more important to him than that guy he see in the mirror each morning when he gets ready to go out campaigning for the day.


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