A DIFFERING PERSPECTIVE: STARTING AT Mama Capitalist Exposee (via UltimateOutcasts.com)

Although she comments infrequently, Heather is one of my favorite commenters. For some reason, we can disagree without chewing each other up.

Heather has her own blog, UltimateOutcasts.comHeather posts relatively rarely, but there are some great posts. Here, Mama Capitalist Exposee, is one most will find an excellent read. Here is how she begins.

Question: Can you spot the difference between a productive American Mom and this cow?

Me neither. (from here)

What is Mama Capitalist Exposee about? The post provides Heather‘s personal experiences with our capitalist system.

After reading Mama Capitalist Exposee, I decided to explore Heather‘s views on Capitalism. How does Heather define capitalism?

Capitalism is a manipulated system designed to move money from one hand to another (cleverly, both hands shifting the money can be yours if you really know your capitalism). Learn enough about it and money can flow more easily in your direction. Do not learn about it and suffer the consequences. (from here)

Fortunately for Heather, her experiences seemed to have been largely positive. Nonetheless, she has a dismal view of our Capitalist system.

With so many changes in our financial policy in the last 20 years, an entire generation of Mothers have been entangled in a convoluted economic system. It’s one that purports to breed innovation (love it!) while at same time allowing those with the most money to crush their competitors (dislike it!). This is a confusing system not taught in school and one we are not meant to easily understand. (from here)

In fact, Heather has her own Utopian plan for replacing our current system with one based upon motherhood.

How do you really show your love of America? By making more Americans!

Did you know if we paid 32 Million educated, working American women $25,000.00 to have a baby next year it would cost $800 Billion dollars?

That is the same amount as last year’s “stimulus”. I believe that is also how much gets lost in the sofa cushions over at the Pentagon each year.

If you think American Moms are a better investment than the Pentagon’s sofa cushions keep reading.

Consider The Great American Mom Stimulus: A 5-year experiment to see what happens when we pay working women to have babies based on their employment and education history. (continued here)

Tempted to laugh? Don’t. Instead, consider your own life challenges. Consider your own daydreams — your own moments when you wished the world revolved around you.

We do not live in Paradise. When God cursed the ground for our sake (Genesis 3), we lost Paradise. Now we live in a competitive world, and we struggle. Often, we find that struggle painful.

What is Capitalism? Capitalism is merely an economic theory. We have never entirely put Capitalism into practice. Thus, large sectors of our economy, much of that which Heather complains about, is run by our government. Consider a few examples.

  • If moms do not understand our economic system, isn’t that a reflection upon our government-run education system?
  • Because they should be easier to run, small businesses should generally be the most competitive. So why is so much of our economy tied up in big corporations? In many enterprises, economy of scale provides a great advantage. Consider the automotive assembly line. That assembly line is costly, but a large production run spreads that cost over a larger number of cars. Nonetheless, the advantages of economy of scale hardly provides a complete explanation.  There is another advantage that large companies can purchase, government favoritism. We generally call this Crony Capitalism.

To work effectively, Capitalism requires a government-run regulatory structure. Ideally, that structure should exist to ensure that business transactions are honest and open, that participants in business contracts keep their word. In addition, we need government to ensure that businesses do not shunt their costs — such as pollution — onto innocent parties. Unfortunately, just as we can abuse our right to conduct business, we can also abuse our right to conduct government. Therefore, our Capitalist system is an admixture that includes unhealthy doses of both Crony Capitalism and Socialism.

Thus, we get the irony of SuperCapitalism (explained here by the Liberal economist who coined the term). Below Heather explains.

Supercapitalism is basically the concept that corrupted capitalists are financially punishing workers and financially rewarding non-workers. In all fairness, what I have learned has largely been through chance but I have seen Supercapitalism at work and can confirm it’s much easier to make money with money than it is as an American worker. (from here)

And what is the irony? In their efforts to create their own perfect world, the Utopian dreamers of one generation create the problems the next generation of Utopian dreamers find ready-made for their complaints.