Here is Delegate Scott Lingamfelter‘s report on the General Assembly.

Session Update 1: General Assembly Kick-off

Dear Patriots,

Well, we’re off and running at the 2012 General Assembly Session. We began on Wednesday the 11th of January and will conclude on March 10th. This year the House, Senate, and Governor’s mansion are all in Republican hands and we are very focused on of getting our work done on time, particularly the two-year budget (2012-2014). In recent years Republicans and Democrats have had a tough time agreeing on the budget, requiring us to go “overtime”. This year, however, the House and Senate conferees have agreed to meet early and often to resolve differences so we can craft a budget we can all support.

For me, as a member of the Appropriations Committee that writes the budget, this mean we craft a plan that keeps spending under control and focused on core government functions. It also means that we avoid new initiatives and make sure we are spending tax-payer money in the most responsible and fiscally conservative manner.

This first week was a busy one for me. I was named by the Speaker of the House to be the new Chairman of the Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee. This has always been an important area for me as a strong supporter of law enforcement and someone who has worked in the homeland security and emergency management arena. And, as many of you know, I am a strong supporter of our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I will protect that right, but I also want the Committee to increase its oversight activities in the emergency management and homeland security sectors. We have to get this right given both the occurrence of natural disasters and the potential for acts of terror on the home front. My top priority is the safety, security, and rights of all Virginians.

I was also named by the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee to Chair the Capital Outlay subcommittee that is focused on the wide range of construction projects that the State undertakes. Again, for me the mission is wise and fiscally conservative investments in infrastructure that are focused on core needs, not “nice to haves”.

If that is not enough, I also retained my current chairmanship of the Education Committee’s sub-committee on Standards and Quality, the committee that makes sure we have top standards at work in our Virginia schools. I have the added benefit of being married to a teacher who values conservative approaches to government, and she is not shy to give me advice!

So, we’re off and running and I will be updating you each week on what we’re doing here in Richmond. If you have a chance to come down for a visit, I would be delighted to see you. While we are almost always on the run during the session, I can’t tell you how great it is to see a face from home! Just call our office in Richmond at (804) 698-1031 or email us at and we’ll make sure to set some time aside for you.

Finally, representing the 31st District (Prince William and Fauquier) is a very high honor for me and I take my responsibilities very seriously. I also know that I don’t have all the answers and I need to hear from you. You can help me by answering the survey I mailed out to you recently on a range of issues. If you didn’t get it in the mail, you can take it online at my website and tell me what you think.

Stay warm, stay healthy, and stay in touch.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

The good delegate’s report also contained this request.

2012 Legislative Survey- I need to hear from you!

Please take a moment to fill out our 2012 Legislative Survey. It will only take a few minutes but it really helps me understand where my constituents stand on many of the issues that we will be debating during Session. The survey can be found here: 

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