Delegate Rob Bell needs your assistance.

Dear Friend:

The 2012 battle for property rights in Virginia has begun.

Property rights have been under assault since the Supreme Court’s infamous 2005 ruling Kelo v. New London.  In Kelo, the Court held that a local government could use eminent domain to take private property from a homeowner and transfer it to a private company.

Since this outrageous decision, I have worked with other lawmakers to put property rights protections into the Virginia State Constitution. This year, I have filed House Joint Resolution 3.   If it passes, the Amendment will come before the voters in a referendum this fall.

Predictably, some local governments are fighting ferociously against the measure, and are even spending tax dollars to hire lobbyists.  Opponents are conducting a coordinated campaign to kill the Amendment before it can get to the voters. More here.

You can join the fight for property rights by signing the Virginia Property Rights Petition.  Click here to sign it. 

If you sign the Petition, we will give you concrete suggestions on what you can do to advocate for property rights in your community.  We’ll also try to keep you informed about committees and hearing dates.

We’re fighting hard, but need your support.  Thank you for all you do to promote property rights in Virginia.

Rob Bell
Delegate, 58th District

PS: I hope you will join the fight by signing the Virginia Property Rights Petition.  Click here.