Pope Benedict XVI and Wealth Redistribution? (via Shaun Kenney)

Shaun Kenney posts intermittently. So it is easy to miss one of his posts. That can be a mistake.

So sayeth the Huffington Post, ergo it must be true…

Noting a “rising sense of frustration” at the worldwide economic recession, Pope Benedict XVI said that a more just and peaceful world requires “adequate mechanisms for the redistribution of wealth.”

The message laments that “some currents of modern culture, built upon rationalist and individualist economic principles, have cut off the concept of justice from its transcendent roots, detaching it from charity and solidarity.”

Authentic education, Benedict writes, teaches the proper use of freedom with “respect for oneself and others, including those whose way of being and living differs greatly from one’s own.”

Fun with excerpts? Of course, Catholic News Service picked up a much different tone coming from the Holy Father: Read more….

As Shaun Kenney illustrates, unless we go to the source, we will find it difficult to understand where the Catholic Church stands on various issues. Fortunately, we live in an era when going to the source is easy.

Shaun Kenney provides a link to the Pope’s 1 JANUARY 2012 message, EDUCATING YOUNG PEOPLE IN JUSTICE AND PEACE. If what the Pope has to say is important to you, make certain you read his words unfiltered.


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  1. JAB – Always pleased to have you visit.

    Here is the post JAB referred to.

    Here is a link to what the pope wrote.

    I have never reviewed the CARITAS IN VERITATE. However, with respect to what Catholic leaders have written on government policy, I have written a few posts.


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