The Terrible Tale of Us is those who enjoy short stories. The tale is one that earns high marks.

The World’s largest thank-you note is for those who love freedom.

America’s White Trash Zombies Invade and Occupy Cities Across the Land: It Began in Wisconsin makes an interesting observation.

The Feds to Temporarily Cut Off All TV and Radio Broadcasts on Nov. 9 leads me to wonder. If TV and radio broadcasts were permanently cut off, would that be a bad thing?

In an Assessment of Danger?, a foolish congressman demonstrates his power. Even when the messengers are generals, he can shoot them — at least verbally.

Some Watchdogs examines the tolerance of the self-styled tolerant.

The Austerity Myth provides a simple pair of charts.

A Raw Deal wonders about a lopsided prisoner swap.

Turnout got you down? Blame motor voter provides a simple explanation for why turnout has gotten so low.

Communists Endorse Occupy Wall Street notes one of the endorsers of Occupy Wall Street.

. . . and they call it austerity reminds us just how determinely spendthrift a leftist government can be.

“Rescuing Uncle Tom” is about the book. Hearing the video at this post made me think of a similar problem that we have with the Bible.

For the most part I grew up in Mississippi. As you might expect, Uncle Tom’s Cabin never has been especially popular in the South. So when I was young I never read the book. Instead, I heard about the book, and I thought I knew what was in it. I was wrong. I was also wrong about why our secular public school system does not direct children to read the book; it is the religious content of the book. Thus, even as racial bigotry fades, we still have entire generations thinking they know what is in an important book they have never read. With respect to myself, I suppose that something I can still fix.


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