Because there are no perfect people, we elect imperfect people to public office. Sometime we even elect people who do not seem to understand what they suppose to be doing there. Here in an email he sent to supporters yesterday, Delegate Scott Lingamfelter provides an example.


When I awoke this morning to draft this week’s campaign update, I had planned to simply remind folks that the Election is just 2 weeks away, we need poll workers, etc. (you can go to our website and send us a note or email us at But then I made the mistake of reading the news and came across this item in The Hill newspaper. Opining on the state of our jobless economy and the Obama “pass it now” jobs bill that no Democrats were willing to co-sponsor, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid had this to say.

“It’s very clear that private-sector jobs have been doing just fine; it’s the public-sector jobs where we’ve lost huge numbers, and that’s what this legislation is all about…”

 Take a moment and read that again, folks. Reid and his Democrat pals think private sector jobs are just honky dory and the PUBLIC sector needs help. Does this guy even LIVE in the same world you and I do?!

Friends, you have heard me say many times that “elections matter” and when you don’t vote, you get people like Reid in office who are simply oblivious to what is going on around them. As I have gone door-to-door, I have heard your stories personally.

  • The welding business owner who can’t find work;
  • The career landscape engineer who is jobless;
  • The software technician who is highly skilled but highly unemployed;
  • The store owner who had to close his operation because of a lack of customers;
  • The farmer who sold his cows;
  • The construction supervisor who has no prospect of work;
  • The recent college grade with an architecture degree but no job to design anything; and
  • The combat veteran who left the Marine Corps, but can’t find work.

The Democrats in Washington just don’t get it. They reflectively always look to solve our problems with more government. They just don’t understand that it’s the private sector, not the public sector that grows jobs, the economy, and yes, the revenues that fund our core services like public safety, education, and transportation, etc.

And here in Virginia, the Democrats in the Senate and the House of Delegate parrot the same nonsense: more government spending and more taxes to go with it.

Well, I’m not buying that line and will continue to fight to keep spending under control, taxes low, and polices that make it easier to grow and run a small business. In other words, focus on JOBS. That’s the answer, not more government.

In two weeks you have a chance to send a message to those who think it’s smart to explode spending and taxes. You have chance to make your voice heard that you want responsible government that balances budgets and actually then has surpluses like we do right here in Virginia under the leadership of our Governor, Bob McDonnell. You have a chance to send a message to Washington that will say to a clueless Harry Reid “Here in Virginia, we think you are dead wrong in your policies and we’ll be there a year from now to make THAT point clear too”.

Folks, elections really do matter. I hope you will come out on November 8th and elect commonsense conservatives here in Virginia and pave the way to do the same in 2012. I need your vote and want your vote so I can continue to be your voice in Richmond. I hope I can count on you.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Did Senator Harry Reid really say that? Unfortunately, he did. Reid: ‘Private Sector Jobs Have Been Doing Just Fine,’ Government Jobs Should Take Priority provides a video clip. In addition, the same report observes the following.

According to an analysis by the Republican staff of the Senate Finance Committee using Bureau of Labor Statistics data, since the beginning of the recent recession (Dec. 2007), there have been 6,257,000 private sector job losses (a 5.41% decline) and 392,000 total government (federal + state + local) job losses (a 1.75% decline).

Just in case you have not heard, many of our leaders, Democrats in particular, are in the pockets of public employee unions. See here, here, and here.


  1. 😆 Levin likes to do that.

    How Reid won in his last election I don’t know.

    Reid did not win his last election by all that much;contentBody

    If the Republican establishment had backed the Tea Party candidates more strongly, he probably would not have would not have won. As we go into 2012, that is something to remember. We need to replace much of GOP leadership.


  2. It’s not just the fact that Harry Reid made that comment – but, when he made that comment, it sounded like he was under the influence of something. I listened to the clip on the radio when I was in my car. Mark Levin then replayed the clip a few more times so it could clearly be heard. He sounded like such a tired man and probably just needed to sleep off whatever was in his system.

    Additionally, I don’t think if I were Harry Reid, that I’d be able to get up and face my constituents on a daily basis. His state, Nevada, has some of the highest unemployment rates (13.4%) and also some of the highest home load foreclosure rates, too. When he can’t even keep his own state on the tracks, how can he be the Majority Leader of the Senate? I do believe that he’s not running for reelection, which will be a good thing. Maybe, those folks in Nevada will think a bit harder about who they place into office next time.


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