Here is a bit of news that will require further investigation. At this evening’s meeting of the Prince William County Republican Committee (PWCGOP), we got the announcement that an official of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) revoked Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli membership in the Republican Party. Why? Well, here is the reason.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling are the two latest high-profile Republicans to publicly back independent Henrico County commonwealth’s attorney candidate Bill Janis over GOP nominee Matthew P. Geary.

Janis, a defense attorney and retiring Republican state delegate from Henrico, opted to run as an independent after Geary lost favor with the county’s Republican Party as details of an extramarital affair surfaced.

Bolling and Cuccinelli on Friday held a joint news conference with Janis, the House majority whip, at the General Assembly Building to voice their support. (continued here)

When Cuccinelli endorsed Janis, he violated a precondition for party membership. Membership requires the willingness to support the party’s nominee. Since Cuccinelli endorsed Janis, he violated that rule. Apparently, however, Cuccinelli and other Republican officials regarded Geary’s extramarital affair as too difficult to tolerate. Unfortunately, by the time Matthew P. Geary’s extramarital affair came to light, he already had the Republican Party’s nomination. Here are the details.

Here is a list of the other Republicans who have endorsed Bill Janis.  Have these other Republican officials had their membership in the Republican Party revoked? I don’t know. Apparently, our chairman, Lyle Beefelt, had only been told about Cuccinelli. Nonetheless, Geary is making an issue of it.

Geary charged today that Cantor’s involvement in the race and the support of other Republican leaders for non-party candidate Janis violates party rules and means that they no longer formally have voting rights in local party matters. (from here)

Technically, Geary is right. Hence the decision about Cuccinelli. So it is going to be interesting to see what RPV does about this.

Since the PWCGOP is chartered under RPV, the PWCGOP could not overrule RPV and make Cuccinelli a full voting member. Nonetheless, the committee indicated their support by making him an honorary member. Note that Cuccinelli’s picture also remains on the RPV website.

Rules are difficult things. No matter how well written, rules sometimes demand we do the wrong thing or accept the consequences. It seems this is one of those times.


  1. The other issue, and one I think is more important, is this — Even if you think it is “OK” for the registered Republican to formally support a non-Republican candidate over the Republican candidate, does that mean the RPV or local party affiliate should be able to use RPV’s time, money, email address, lists, etc. against the Republican candidate? (That is what is happening.)

    Secondary to this is simply, if you believe in the above, even though you have not asked your membership for their permission, where do you draw the line?


    1. Tom – You have some good questions, and I don’t have great answers. However, I do think it would be silly to take this kind of stuff to court. There is an alternative punishment that works better. When people don’t like what the RPV or a local party affiliate does with their money, they stop contributing.

      What would you suggest?


  2. People sure get hot under the collar, huh? I mean that in a purely good natured way btw.

    So far as I can reckon, this is silly. Cuccinelli not able to be a Republican? A pretty obvious sign that rigid pledge rules are a bad idea.



  3. Scout – You insulted Cuccinelli for no good reason, and then you retreated into sophistry when asked to explain. Then you needled James. Since I see little reason to believe you care, I find it hard to care whether you agree with me or not.

    Cuccinelli seems to be making a point. We should admit to ourselves that we are incapable of enforcing standards which require a high degree of party loyalty. Hence we should not require people to promise to support the party’s candidate. It just puts the people who make such a promise and take that promise seriously in an awkward position.

    Since he is a respected Conservative Republican, we have no reason to concern ourselves about Ken Cuccinelli. What we should be worrying about is what we need to do about a certain Matthew P. Geary. With respect to Geary, it seems that quite a few elected Republicans have made their decision. Now the RPV State Central Committee will have to figure how that comports with their rules. Of what use are rules that should not or cannot be enforced?


  4. I’ll take your word for it that James Young is a person. I wasn’t really looking for excuses. I guess his assertion that I have as an objective the triumph of Socialism would not pass muster under your last paragraph in the immediately preceding comment.

    BTW, I didn’t say Cuccinelli is not a conservative. I did say he and I aren’t the same kind of conservatives. Sometime we can perhaps have a discussion about candidate self-labelling for electioneering purposes. There’s a lot of it going around, and too many voters swallow it uncritically. It can be annoyingly shallow and artificial, but I don’t question its force as a political reality in today’s marketing atmosphere. It seems to work well enough, if the goal is getting a nomination or, in some instances, getting elected to office. I’m quite sure my conservative principles couldn’t get me elected president of the local PTA.

    You’re a hard man to agree with, CT. The point of my comment was to pick up on the idea in your post that you don’t eject people from the Republican Party because they determine to back another candidate. If they’re doing it for personally opportunistic reasons, pretty much everyone will figure that out. It will reduce their influence and credibility in peoples’ eyes over time. If they’re doing it because they formed an opinion that the Party mechanisms yielded an inferior result for the good of the Community, then it’s the Party’s lookout, not theirs.


  5. Scout – I was afraid of this, but James Young is a person, not your excuse.

    Scout, when you make the pronouncement that Cuccinelli is not a Conservative, you sound silly. People will point that out. When you continue — when you try to denigrate Cuccinelli with terms you don’t bother to explain, marketing Conservative and philosophical Conservative, you don’t sound like a Conservative. You just sound sillier.

    Conservatives don’t prove their credentials by standing on top of someone else. We stand on principle.


  6. James Young, whose imagination occasionally outpaces knowledge, self-discipline or inhibitions concerning accurate speech, here invents the idea that I have not only defended Socialism and the welfare state, but view their realization achievement as an objective. Total fabrication. I could just as accurately say that JY has advocated that the federal Government should require abortions, take away our personal weapons and dismantle Right to Work laws.


    1. No, you couldn’t, “Scout.” The difference is that you carefully hide your identity, and since you didn’t bother to elaborate on your labeling comments, the reader is entitled to draw whatever conclusions he chooses. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. You have neither recourse, nor legitimate grounds for complaint.

      As for your accusations against me, my record is clear, and quite public. If you want to try to make those accusations stick, have at me. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      Blog master’s note: No name calling please. Check the rules.

      James, I know you know how to use the English language quite capably. So leave it to God to judge Scout. If he is as guilty you say, then God will deal with him — as He will us all.

      All we can do is inspect the fruit of each other’s labors. If we approve, we can say why. If we do not approve, we can suggest improvements.


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