H/T to Social Security a Ponzi Scheme?! (Boudica BPI Weblog) who H/T’s to Puma by Design.

The video above is well done, and it is funny!

Here is more about the Social Security Ponzi Scheme at this post, WHEN WILL WE ADMIT WE HAVE BEEN ROBBED? It includes the SEC webpage referenced by Steven Crowder, Ponzi Schemes – Frequently Asked Questions.

In his video, Crowder cites this post by Erick Erickson at Redstate. What caused Erickson to write it? He makes the point that when presidential candidate Rick Perry called Social Security a Ponzi scheme we ALL should have been supportive.

I realize we’re all supposed to be in the tank for Mitt Romney, but when the heck did we suddenly love social security? It’s nuts.

We’ve got Karl Rove out denying it is a ponzi scheme solely because he hates Rick Perry. It’s all politics, not principle.

Mitt Romney says that millions of Americans being dependent on government for their retirement is the definition of a successful program. (continued here)

Jeffrey T. Kuhner observes something similar in KUHNER: How the media are dividing Republicans. The media can only divide us if we give them the key. Let’s not forget what we stand for. Let’s not let stupid partisan nonsense divide us. Yeah, we all want our our own guy to win, but we must elect someone who will do the right things for the right reasons.

Read Erickson’s post, Confusion. Then ask yourself this question. How can we depend upon any Republican who says Social Security is a successful program to reverse Obamacare?



  1. Check out “Your Social Security”:
    A Ponzi scheme; Grrr… If succeeding DEMOCRATIC administrations had left it the !!!! alone, it would still be solvent. PLUS: Call it a ponzi scheme and I can find other grizzly facts on how Dems have derailed its spolvency. If they paid back all the monies that were stolen from the fund, there would be NO legitimate excuse for this accusation. “X”


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  3. I like your blog, Tom. Snopes is a “mom and pop” site; it isn’t an office with a bunch of experts pouring over documents… certainly not an infallible “god” of the internet. I appreciate your feedback nonetheless. I’m old enough to remember having to obtain a SS card in order to work, at 16. You weren’t born with a SS number! But I won’t contend with you on this matter. Take care, “X”


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