On August 23rd, we will have a primary election. The is the second of two posts that covers the candidates I will be eligible to vote for. The first post, THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES FOR THE 13th SENATE DISTRICT — AUGUST 23rd PRIMARY, reviewed what has been said about several men competing for the 13th Senate District. This post will survey the candidates competing for the Republican nomination for Member Board of Supervisors from the Brentsville District.

We have two candidates.

Here is what folks are saying about them.

The Candidates Had A Debate/News Articles

Even though both these candidates are Republicans, they have distinct differences. Therefore, the debate between Jeanine Lawson is interesting and nearly continuous.

Lawson makes the case of a mom angry over what explosive growth has done to area schools and roads. She blames Covington for not doing enough to manage growth. Covington complains Lawson charges are a bum rap, arguing that Lawson is using old data. What’s the truth? Well, let’s consider what has been said.

The race has gotten the attention of the Washington Post: Prince William candidates face off on growth issues. Here is the theme of the debate.

The county needs new leadership,” said Lawson, 41. “The district has grown, and that’s great when the infrastructure comes with it. But that’s not what happened. . . . This mismanaged growth has affected the quality of life of Prince William residents.”

Covington countercharges that Lawson is blaming the wrong people. He said the board is trying to alleviate problems created by residential development projects approved by a previous board. has several good articles.

The has couple of articles too.


Riley over at Virginia Virtucon promotes Jeanine Lawson in PWC Dems Surrender in 50th, 51st House of Delegates and Brentsville, Occoquan and Potomac BOCS Races

The Prince William Conservation Alliance‘s blog lists the candidates who have who signed the Rural Crescent Pledge to comment on their support for the Rural Crescent: Rural Crescent Attracts Attention, Strong Support. Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth does something similar in Media Reports on Balanced Growth Issues. Technically, since these organizations do not actually endorse anyone, these articles do not constitute endorsements. However, they do make certain we know who signed that pledge.


While I tend to favor Lawson, I am not especially unhappy with Covington. I give him credit for improving the situation since he took office. So why would I vote for Lawson?

Covington has been a risk taker, and he has taken risks fighting development. Nonetheless, he has also approved developments in the Rural Crescent. Why? He has made no secret of it. Proffers. He wanted the money to spent on county projects. Prince William County needs money. Even when the state should have paid the bill, Prince William County has used local funds to fix our roads.

Am I against development? No, and I don’t hold the Rural Crescent up as a sacred cow. As a practical matter, the Rural Crescent exists for one purpose. It gives the county an excuse to zone land as rural. To get the county to rezone land in the Rural Crescent for development, developers have to pay proffers. Such nonsense — such corruption — is  what drives urban sprawl.

Covington understands how the system works, and he is trying to make that broken system work. How well Lawson understands the transparent lie that is the proffer system I don’t know. What I do know is that Lawson is a smart lady. I just hope she will go one step further than Covington. I hope she and others will fight the proffer system with sufficient intensity that the General Assembly will be forced to fix it. Otherwise, when the next boom starts, we will see a resumption of urban sprawl.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of clogged schools and roads.