Most Americans Believe 2nd Revolution Imminent; Riots in Britain Tell Us Europe May Get There First (via ON MY WATCH – the writings of SamHenry)

As America’s economy shrinks, our schools become less effective, and our political system ties itself in knots; our society unravels.

The Arab Spring may be a precursor to the European Fall – in all senses of the term.  The current riots in London and other metro areas of Britain attest to the anger of the restive underclass. Earlier this year, the disruptions just prior to the April wedding of Kate and William, a political group long critical of the government staged destructive disturbances in the better-heeled part of London.  Anarchists set Trafalgar Square ablaze and shatt … Read More

via ON MY WATCH – the writings of SamHenry

Men live about 80 years. Then we die. We take our memories with us. If the dead have taught their descendents well, those descendents have some knowledge of what does not work. They do not repeat the same mistakes those now dead once remembered.

Were we taught well? 1929 saw the beginnings of the Great Depression. 2008, 79 years later, saw the beginnings of the Great Recession. It is 2011, and we see no recovery in sight.

Ten years after the start of the Great Depression, World War II began. The great democracies, their economies in shambles, left a power vacuum. Tyrants filled that vacuum with the ravages of war.

Nature abhors a vacuum. — Aristotle (from here)

36 thoughts on “Most Americans Believe 2nd Revolution Imminent; Riots in Britain Tell Us Europe May Get There First (via ON MY WATCH – the writings of SamHenry)

  1. I was looking at your post again and this tickled my funny bone:

    “Tony – If you are a pilot, then you cannot be completely ignorant of mathematics.”

    “If” I am a pilot??? 🙂

    That strange remark aside, when it comes to mathematics, I admit that you have me beat there my elite highly educated rocket scientist brother. I just know enough to get safely from here to there without running out of JP-5. Because your math doesn’t add up about the government, when I was out sitting in the hot tub and looking up at the stars, I wondered if you misplaced any satellites during your time tracking them and if I should duck. 😉

  2. Actually, it is only one of the things that I have talked about, but it is the only one that you want to respond to. In any event I think that your data are incorrect. I will be happy to provide you with several reputable sites that say the contrary.

  3. Tony – National Defense of one of the primary reasons for the Federal Government. Its cost is driven by the threat. When the threat diminishes, we have repeatedly shown the capacity to cut the defense budget. Therefore, depending upon how we compute its cost, it’s 20 – 25 percent of the Federal budget. Yet it is all you want to talk about. 🙄

  4. “Instead of just repeating the party line, look at the Federal Budget.”

    Which party line? Democratic or Republican? Polls show that both are sick of these wars.

    “Track the growth. What parts have grown relentlessly decade after decade?”

    Actually I already did in the post above and showed how much defense spending has grown.

    “What parts are politicians afraid to touch? The defense budget ?”

    You don’t think that defense spending is a sacred cow for both parties? You don’t think that
    defense contractor lobbying and bringing that massive defense pork home to each district has something to do with it? As for other sacred cows, others also need to be reformed and Obamacare, as you call it (although it is mainly a Republican plan), is a good beginning at reforming and reducing the cost of healthcare insurance.

    “You cannot be serious.”

    As a heart attack, especially one I can’t afford.

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