Candidate Robert S. FitzSimmonds has distinguished himself from his competitors in a good way. He just sent out this press release.



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Bob FitzSimmonds Only Candidate in 13th Senate District Primary to Take “No Tax” Pledge

3 candidates claim anti-tax position, only one takes pledge

With the August Republican Primary date less then six weeks away Bob FitzSimmonds remains the only candidate in the 13th Senate District to have taken the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) tax pledge.  At the July 11 meeting of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, FitzSimmonds challenged his primary opponents to do the same:

Both of my opponents claim that they are against any tax hikes. The whole point of the tax pledge is to put those sentiments down in writing. If they are really against raising taxes, they should take the pledge—that’s a no-brainer.

When questioned regarding why he thinks the tax pledge is important, FitzSimmonds responded:

Whether the voters agree or disagree with my promise to not raise taxes, at least no one will be surprised by my votes on taxes. The pledge lets voters know that I will do all within my power to ensure that taxes do not increase while I am in office.

FitzSimmonds’ opponents in the August primary are former Delegate Dick Black and Prince William County Supervisor John Stirrup.

Over 1,100 statewide officials and 277 current members of Congress have taken ATR’s pledge.  For more information visit http://www.ATR.org/ or call 202-785-0266.