Obama’s Map to Destroy Israel (via Deo Vindice)

As this map illustrates, sometimes we take a position for almost purely practical reasons. The map

Obama's Map to Destroy Israel Look closely at what weapons on the 1967 borders could do to Israel. Then, imagine what land swaps could possibly make it better.  Like holding on to the land won in wars in ’67 and ’73. Not hard to figure out.  Unless you are Obama.   Or a Muslim. … Read More

via Deo Vindice

On the other hand, even with the best of intentions, our hearts sometimes lead us where we should not go. Thus, I left a comment at this post, Israel’s Borders New and Old. It is not that I disagree with the author’s sentiments. I am just too dumb to have any idea how such beliefs can be practically implemented.

What I am relatively certain of is that the Israelis are behaving in a humane fashion, and the Muslims in the Middle East just want them dead (All of the Muslims? No, but how long would Israel last if they ignored the Muslims who want them dead?).

Here is a brief history of the Palestinian problem and an explanation of why the problem just won’t go away, UNRWA and Palestinian Suffering. Is it entirely accurate? I doubt it, but it is close to the truth as most of us will ever get.