Time To Offend A Feminist! (via NoOneOfAnyImport)

Is National Offend a Feminist Week over? I suppose so. Nonetheless, I found this post interesting. So I reblogged it anyway.

Time To Offend A Feminist! The things you miss when you fail to make the rounds. Lesson learned.  At least two days are left. This is the third annual Offend A Feminist Week, created by none other than Rule 5 creator Stacy McCain.  His inaugural post decimates decades of feminist construct in the space of six paragraphs.  My favorite bit: Nothing so offends a feminist as the idea that somewhere there might be a woman who considers it an honor and privilege to be “Just a Mo … Read More

via NoOneOfAnyImport
Because we live in the midst of The Culture War, all we have to do to offend someone is state a differing opinion. Thus, giving offense has become too easy to be sporting. Nonetheless, we all understand the motivation, vengeance.

With the implication that what they do is relatively worthless, Liberal Democrats offend stay at home moms. When our economic system makes staying at home so difficult, why do feminist busybodies have to add stupid social pressures? Such is their nature; their joy is to offend and manipulate, at least that is the way it seems to me.

Hence I am not surprised NoOneOfAnyImport has some anger to get out of her system — which she does in her post. However, that’s not the part that makes that post interesting. What is particularly good is in the latter half of her post. She speaks of what motivates her to stay at home.

Why do feminists reject the traditional homemaker? Do feminist busybodies hate children? I do not know. There have been times I wished my lady worked outside the home, but I much more prize what my lady gave of herself to our children.

KingShamus tackles the importance of motherhood in this comment, and that’s starts a little debate I wish had lasted longer. Instead of worrying about the best way to offend feminists, we need to disown their solutions. Before we worry about some idiot’s “ism”, we need to consider what is best for our children.

Have we lost sense of wonder that comes with giving birth, the realization that a child is gift. When we raise children, we mature and gain a better understanding of our own souls. In time we learn the most important things we will ever do we do for our children. With the imprint we leave on a child, we leave our mark. We help to save or damn generations of souls to come.


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  1. Freedom, by the way

    I, too, enjoyed No One’s post. I do think the pendulum started swinging back. In the 80’s women were told we could “have it all.” But most of us realized that having it all came at a price. I was pursuing an excellent career and waited until my late 30’s to become a mother. When I was pregnant, I had every intention of continuing in my current position–which involved a lot of overnight travel, often for being gone for a week at a time. But when I held my son and cared for him the first few weeks after giving birth, I realized I would be insane to give his care over someone else for so much of the time. God blessed me with a part-time position so I could spend as much time as possible raising our son. I truly believe that parenting is the most important profession of mothers and fathers. However, I do not begrudge those professional women who do not make the choice to stay at home. I know many of them live with guilt, but due to a number of reasons continue to work full-time. I think if the parents are devoted, they can raise their children successfully whether or not a parent is home with them –but it takes a lot more stamina than many parents are willing to give. However, whatever decision parents make regarding to daycare or not, no one should be reviled because of their decision. The feminists have proven they have no merit when they joined in the ridicule of “working mom” Sarah Palin and when they side with the progressives who are stragely silent about the horrible treatment of women in the Islamic world.


    1. Well said, Freedom, and our experiences seem similiar. I too thought I’d get back to my career, definitely by the time my first was a year old.


      Thanks for the link Tom, and your thoughtful additions. You are right, Shamus’ comment was awesome. I had planned to repost it on it’s own b/c it’s that good. Maybe I’ll get to it, but it’s been eventful around here.

      My purpose in “giving offense” to feminists, however, isn’t really to offend them. It’s to reaffirm the validity of my own choices, and to reaffirm my right to say what I want about lifes choices without having to worry about whether I’ll offend folks with my unPC views. In short, it’s a declaration of freedom.

      That anyone chooses to feel offended is so there problem not mine, and that’s what makes it enjoyable.

      I’ll be around



  2. Well said ladies.

    When people speak of absolute truth and try to define right and wrong in black and white terms, they have that right. Nonetheless, what is clear to some is far muddier — gray — to others. Should a mother stay at home? Sometimes, but always? Is there one right answer that suits everyone? Isn’t the glory of liberty the fact we have the right to decide most such things for ourselves?

    Unfortunately, there have always been those who would deny others their liberty. Why? I suppose there is no one reason, but we do share one thing in common. None of us are good. So when we each examine the alternatives that come our way we guiltily fret over our motives. What is the right choice? How do we resolve the uncertainty? No matter what we decide, it seems we must always wonder if we decided appropriately. So when someone else decides differently and appears to take pride in their choice, we feel indicted, and we tend to become defensive.

    The busybody is not content defend his or her own choice. The busybody must go on the offensive. Supposedly to protect the rights of children, the poor, the old, women , minority races, and so forth, the busybody works to impose his or her choice upon others. Hence we get tyrannical leaders masking themselves in a Liberal guise.


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  4. KingShamus

    “Instead of worrying about the best way to offend feminists, we need to disown their solutions.”

    The idealistic side of me says you’re exactly right. The problem is that offending feminists is almost too much fun to resist.

    However, your larger point remains the ultimate way to go. If feminism is so great, how come so many women are unhappy with the choices feminism pressures them into making?

    Again, thank you very much for the kind words. Much appreciated, sir.


  5. KingShamus

    By the way, I took a stroll around your blog and I put your addy up on my blogroll. You do nice work here.


  6. KingShamus

    Hey Tom. I am in fact from the Garbage State.

    As for the name, it’s a joke that just sorta took on a life of it’s own and morphed into a handle.


  7. NJ is lucky. VA gets garbage shipped in from out of state, and the Federal courts will not let us stop it. Hauling garbage is protected under interstate commerce.


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