Why another post about Osama bin Laden? I think that will become more apparent as we go through this exercise. Or maybe not.

Project Virginia reports Killing of bin Laden Bests Super Bowl Record On Twitter. Because of the constant interruptions, I have learned to dislike instant messaging. So I doubt I would like Twitter, but I do wonder what people were thinking when they were sharing this news. What a grizzly thing to Twitter about! 

Snapped Shot is running a series starting with Spoilsport. He captures the Islamic Terrorist reaction to bin Laden’s death. They are not happy, of course.

SWAC Girl mixes her reports on the death of bin Laden with George Allen’s campaign tour in Staunton, Virginia: George Allen visits Staunton … part 1 and George Allen statement on bin Laden’s death: ‘We must remain vigilant in our fight’. Here is her initial announcement: Osama bin Laden is dead.

Joyous, Disrupt The Narrative could not find enough to say.  It starts here, FINALLY! Osama sleeps with the fishes.

From On High posted several times on the subject.  Jerry began, however, by acknowledging President George Bush: George W. Bush Is Smiling. Jerry compiles several news articles into that post. So it makes for an interesting read. Jerry also reports George Allen’s comments.

Deo Vindice ‘s James Atticus Bowden offers a belated suggestion in Osama Bin Laden Dead: One head of the snake.

Too bad Osama wasn’t dumped in the sea – without any ceremony – and his head sent to Virginia – site of one attack and home to the heroes who killed him. Osama’s head would fit well on a pike in a number of prominent places here in Tidewater, Virginia.

At Rick Sincere News and Thoughts, we have a historical comparison, May 2, 1945: Harry Truman Confirms Adolf Hitler’s Death. Very interesting.

At Bearing Drift, Shaun Kenney launched the news, BREAKING: Osama Bin Laden Killed; U.S. Has Body

The Richmonder somehow manages this title with straight face, Required reading: Froomkin’s “Obama Succeeded Where Bush Failed: Osama Bin Laden Rhetoric And Reality”.

Hearing the news, Fisherville Mike continued on with more important matters: Glad I went to bed. That is, he did not stay up for our president’s speech. Mark Steyn did, and Mike provides a link.

Progressive Dem provides links in Wall to Wall Osama bin Laden……Some Articles To Ponder.

At United Conservatives of Virginia, we have a commentary on Pakistan: An Affront to their SOVREIGNTY?

At Vivian J. Paige, we get Now that Bin Laden’s gone, what next? by Steve. Steve thinks the death of bin Laden will help Obama get elected and make it easier to abandon Afghanistan to the Taliban.

Common Sense made a simple statement: Justice Has Been Served.

NooneOfAnyImport’s Blog expressed simple surprise: Bin Laden is Dead?

Freedom, by the way noted the joy in Bin Laden Dead. Americans United in Celebration.

 MASON CONSERVATIVE expressed righteous anger in The Son Of A Bitch Is Dead.

The right-wing liberal predicts a win for Obama in 2012 and more losses for Democrats in Congress in Bin Laden is Dead: What that means. Also has something to say about Iran.

Lloyd the Idiot answers a question: CNN Asks, “Is It Morally Right to Celebrate the Death of Bin Laden?” Lloyd says “yes”.


The Liberal Democrat blogs registered very little excitement over Obama “victory”. Why? Most people know the Bush administration laid groundwork for the capture/execution of Osama bin Laden. All Obama could do is mess it up. To give Obama his proper due, he did not mess it up. So now Obama has two positive accomplishments. He has released his birth certificate, and he allowed American servicemen to kill bin Laden. 

Will bin Laden’s execution help Obama’s reelection chances. I do not think so. The video of Obama announcing the death of bin Laden does not play well. It reveals a man too coldly self-centered. 

What about the general reaction to the news? To some extent, the savagery of it surprised me, but then I remembered bin Laden and the Islamic terrorists never repented. Without regret, they murdered thousands of Americans in cold blood. We have every right to hate evil and to seek justice. When someone wants to do what these people will do, they personify evil.

An Afterthought

We must commend our military troops for doing their job and no more.

Hebrews 10:30 (King James Version)

For we know him that hath said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord. And again, The Lord shall judge his people.

To protect us, our military forces have sought out our enemies. When left no other choice, they have killed them. Yet they have not sought vengeance, and for that we owe them a second thanks. God bless them.


  1. Personally, I like the line about McDonald’s: When you get a really get a good hamburger at Mickey D’s (I know: suspend your disbelief), you thank the cook, not the clown.


  2. Linda — Thank you for the support.

    Tony – Thank you having the grace to attempt to get along with Linda. For awhile you had me worried. You may not be perfect, but you do seem to be popular with most people, and I have never seen you deliberately antagonize a lady.


    1. Your welcome, Tom. And in fairness to Tony: nobody expects the Linda inquisition!

      It makes sense that a guy would use hyperbole (“you’d hate Obama even if he cured cancer!”) when arguing with his older brother. My younger son is only 5, and he has mastered hyperbole, frequently claiming things like big brother is “always mean to him,” etc.


      1. You won’t hear me complaining about the “Linda inquisition.” My “little” brother is a well-qualified lawyer, definitely a master of hyperbole.

        Many years ago my brothers and I wrestled with each other. I think we scared our mother with the hyperbole that engendered. It most certainly left her growling in exasperation and some little boys chastened for their misbehavior.


  3. nooneofannyimport,

    Your points are well taken. I will be the first to admit that I am not beyond using rhetoric to make a point. But then again, if you honestly measure what he writes by the same standard you seem to want to apply to me, neither is my big brother (whose honest character I admire greatly, by the way). Perhaps analogy, metephor and hyperbole are not in your tool box at your blog, and if so, you are to be commended.

    I will check it out some time, but for now I have harrassed my good brother enough for a while. Cheers.



  4. I am hardly hiding behind the anonimity of the internet. I am Tom’s brother, and he knows that I love him even when we vehemently disagree, which is often and sometimes even in person or on the phone. I’ll let Tom speak for himself, but I doubt that he mistakes my criticism of his position as an insult any more than I would take such criticism as personally insulting. I wouldn’t think that saying that someone’s position is inconsistent or incorrect was really an insult if you run a blog where you are soliciting comments. Calling someone “rude”, on the other hand, might be considered insulting, but I am not so easily offended.

    Perhaps your blog is more about preaching to the choir, but apparently I won’t find out.


    1. LOL! Well this is a first. I thought you were an anonymous troll, and you are his BROTHER.

      Hello, Tony who is Tom’s brother. I am Linda, Schmuck of the Day.

      I’m actually somewhere in between the spectrum of “preaching to the choir” and “engaging in pointless exercises.” I wanted to stick up for ol’ Tom because I’m always so grateful when somebody sticks up for me over at mine. A real troll can harrass and harangue like nobody’s business. And that’s all they want to do, harrass. Not honest debate.

      I tell ya what. I’ll stand by my original argument. You did make sweeping, unsupported generalizations. And I noticed something. When Tom disagreed with you about how much credit to give Obama, this meant he is a hack who cares more being partisan than what’s good for the country. When I disagreed with you, this meant that I can’t handle hearing the other point of view.

      But you, well. The standard seems a tad different. When you make blanket assertions that are factually unverifiable (“if the Prez cured cancer you’d still blame him,” for example) you are not being a hack, or intolerant of the other side’s view, or being rude. You are just “saying that a person’s position is inconsistent or incorrect.”


      Ah well, since you are Tom’s family and all, you can be mildly rude on my blog if you’re interested, but only if you promise not to harrass me with overlong and/or numerous comments.

      Sorry about my erroneous assumption, fellas. Carry on!


  5. nooneeofanyimport,

    Sorry that you are so easily offended by a contrary view, poor dear. If you can’t take the heat . . . .


  6. Thx for the link. I was exhausted and just about to go to bed that Sun night, when I checked my email one last time (par for the course when your marital relationship is almost entirely electronic) and my mom in law had sent a quick iphone msg: Bin Laden is dead!

    I linked the first thing that Google provided, b/c I figured why not spread the word. But I didn’t have time to confirm so added the question mark. And went to bed.

    “Vengeance belongeth unto me.” I’m totally with you. No feelings of joy upon learning of Bin Laden’s death. It’s not about dissing the ones who found reason to celebrate; I just don’t find reason to celebrate within myself. Perhaps I’ve a non-vengeful heart, even though I am an intemperate soul.

    Cheers Tommy my friend


    1. Except for fact I was not tired when I heard the news, your response mirrored my own.

      From time to time I have allowed myself to feel hate for a few people, but bin Laden was not one I hated. Look where his devious schemes have gotten him: infamous, hunted, harried, and dead with the fishes. Worst of all, he is probably destined for hell, but only God knows for certain.


      1. By the way, you are too kind to folks like Tony:

        “if the President personally was responsible for curing cancer, ending world hunger and solving the oil crisis, you would blame him for solving too many problems.”

        Why do folks like him feel comfortable coming into your thoughtful posts and making blanket insults? I suppose it’s the facelessness of the internet that tempts people into petty behavior, because they don’t have to suffer any consequences by it.

        Well I just want to say, Tony, you are rude. Sweeping generalizations like the one above reveal far more about you than they do about your intended targets.

        “it’s more important for you to be on a partisan team, even if it is at the expense of supporting the American team.” It appears he has come to this conclusion because he disagrees with you. Got that logic? Since you disagree with Tony, you are a hack. The only way to prove your nonpartisanship would be what? To agree with him?

        And Tony. Don’t bother coming by mine because I’ll delete and block you.


  7. Recent best selling drink at the Triangle Bar in Juneau, AK: “The Navy Seal Special – two shots and a splash of water.”


  8. If this operation had gone South, Pres. Obama would have gotten the blame, so, as C-in-C, he also deserves the credit, along with the U.S. Navy, of course. “W” never really focused on Bin Laden – too busy focusing on lying us into an unnecessary war in Iraq. Thus Bush had almost eight whole years with no results, and toward the end of it, even Bush admitted that getting the maniac, mass murderer who killed almost 3,000 American civilians on Bush’s watch just wasn’t on his priority radar.

    Fact is, if the President personally was responsible for curing cancer, ending world hunger and solving the oil crisis, you would blame him for solving too many problems. At least I’m willing to give Bush credit for a few accomplishments, but it’s more important for you to be on a partisan team, even if it is at the expense of supporting the American team.


    1. Why don’t we just celebrate the fact our military caught bin Laden and move on? We have a bigger problem in the White House and Congress, stupidly elected officials who insist on taxing and borrowing every cent they can and spending it.


      1. Although I am celebrating that the Navy Seals killed Bin Laden under direct orders from our President, I’m not quite ready to move on yet. Seems to me that that is the trouble with our ADD society and our scatterpated, screaming 24 hour news frenzy – we are always focused on the headline of the moment for about three seconds and then we soon get distracted by the next Earth shaking event before we have even contemplated what just happened, licked our wounds, celebrated our victories, honored our heros, figured why it was all important, why it will be important long after our attention strays away a dozen more times in a dozen more directions. It’s ok though, next week it will all be deconstructed in a two hour 3d Hollywood movie laced with seamless CGI, action packed and starring the idol of the week. Only then will we know it was really real, or as Walker Percy said, it’ll be “certified” real.

        You know, maybe one thing leads to another in a complex web of causation. Maybe things correlate in almost unimaginably nuanced tangles. Maybe there isn’t an easy explanation to everything no matter how badly we want to revise our infinitely unformatable reality so as to fit some simple scheme. In fact, maybe at “best”, things work only half assed, but still at “worst” the suffering is beyond despair. Maybe seeking deep understanding and attempting to continuously engineer a pretty damn good half assed solution is a laudable goal, given that alternative and the fact that all our utopian dreams of perfection always end badly.

        Our whole society either thinks that the world was just invented three seconds ago on twitter, or instead thinks that it was invented just 5,000 years ago and nothing should change from that time that never was. We have bread, circuses and hell fire prophets gallore, but no capacity for real contemplation and humility of understanding.

        You’re no worse and no better than the rest. Surface skimming platitudes substitute for depth of knowledge and wisdom. If it can’t be endorsed or dismissed, demonized or sanctified in a five word sentence or at best, a 50 word rant, then it doesn’t exist. This moment’s distraction is either totally good or it’s totally bad (depending on whose partisan team is ahead) and nothing is complex or nuanced, so let’s just move on. Nothing serious going on here folks, just move along, just move along.


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