How Progressive Education and Bad Philosophy Corrupted The People & Undermined The Constitution of The United States (via Publius-Huldah’s Blog) (via That Mr. G Guy’s Blog)

That Mr. G Guy’s Blog does a good job finding and reposting some very interesting stuff. Here is an example.

How Progressive Education and Bad Philosophy Corrupted The People & Undermined The Constitution of The United States (via Publius-Huldah's Blog) This is a MUST READ if you have kids in public schools. Read it twice if you have to to get the meat of it between your teeth. It’s that important.

By Publius Huldah. Throughout human history, the prevailing belief system changes from time to time & place to place; most people unthinkingly absorb whatever happens to be the prevailing dogma of their time & place. Here, I will show the radical differences between the philosophy of our Foun …

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via That Mr. G Guy’s Blog

The article (to call it a post would be to belittle it) is quite thoughtful and actually has footnotes. Mike posts it as a “must read,” and I agree. I would only add one caution. Consider this excerpt.

But during the 19th Century, Progressives took control of public schools & teachers’ colleges. They then conditioned teachers and children to abandon our Founders’ Enlightenment philosophy of Reason, Fixed Principles, & Judeo-Christian ideals; and to accept a new ideology which replaced Reason with “feelings” and denied the existence of an Objective Reality & Fixed Principles. They thus primed the objects of their conditioning to accept whatever attitudes the Progressives chose to instill in them. And the objects of this conditioning did not – do not – know what was done to them!

Whether he intends to or not, the author, Publius Huldah, describes an organized plot by “Progressives” to condition teachers and children. If challenged, I expect Publius Huldah would provide clarification.

Did Progressives suddenly decide to condition school children during the 19th Century? No. That is something we did to ourselves. How? We believed the promises of politicians. We gave politicians the power educate our children, and they did an awful job.

Consider what our educational system represents to politicians, POWER  — control over yearly budgets of hundreds of billions of dollars. Because politicians want power, every year they give away money that should be used to educate children. In particular, politicians buy off teacher’s unions in return for campaign contributions and campaign workers.

What do parents get? We get sweet promises and an excuse to neglect some hard work, making certain our children get a decent education.

Communists call religion “the opiate of the masses.” Yet our traditional religious beliefs insists that we think about and take personal responsibility for our decisions. Opium “encourages” us to do the opposite. With innumerable rationalizations, progressives encourage us to substitute collective responsibility for individual responsibility, meaning that we should make government responsible. Yet collective responsibility actually means everyone is responsible — so no one is responsible.

As it increasingly preaches progressive philosophies, the public education system has begun to work on the minds of our children too much like opium, a drug that masks cause for alarm with a pleasant sensation. In fact, when their efforts fail, some public school system recommend drugging children (Medicating Kids and Are drugs the solution to the problem of ADHD among young people?). Medication can be put to good or bad purposes. Unfortunately, because government monopolizes education, we risk powerful drugs being used to cover up deficiencies, in this case the simple inability to maintain discipline.

3 thoughts on “How Progressive Education and Bad Philosophy Corrupted The People & Undermined The Constitution of The United States (via Publius-Huldah’s Blog) (via That Mr. G Guy’s Blog)

  1. What you say in your latest comment is right about public education going down the tubes starting about a century ago. That coincides with the start of the Industrial Revolution and also the start of unions and unionization of the work force as well as the start of the decline of our agricultural base, the small farmer. We can thank John Dewey for the start of the decline of Public education.



  2. Thanks for the link and also for the addendum to the excellent article by Publius Huldah.

    But I would ask you to read “None Dare Call It Treason” by John Stormer if you haven’t already. In it, he explains how Socialists/Communists, using the principles espoused by the Fabians, slowly infiltrated our education system exactly as Publius stated in her article. I also realize that parents are as much at fault for being asleep at the wheel so to speak and not demanding better from their childrens’ teachers and the education system. It really started going to hell in a hand basket when Jimmy Carter started the damnable Department of Education back in the seventies.



    1. I suppose I ought to look up the book. Maybe I will change my mind. Nonetheless, until then I will blame Horace Mann, not Jim Carter. As I see it, the disaster began as soon as state governments seized control of our education system from local communities. Both Mann and Carter had good intentions, but — well, what do they say about the road to hell?

      To cure a disease, we must distinguish the symptom from the cause. In addition, we must understand the attack mechanism.

      Our schools suffer from a disease we call socialism, and it has suffered from that disease for well over a century. Because of socialism, the cause, we have poorly educated children, the symptom. Our children receive a poor education because power-hungry politicians, not parents, exercise control both who teaches children and what children our taught.

      What is the attack mechanism? That attack mechanism, Progressivism, is what Publius Huldah well describes. However, there is no Left Wing conspiracy to indoctrinate teachers and children with Progressive ideologies. It is worse than that. There are just a bunch of people who actually think that is the way children should be educated, AND THEY BELIEVE GOVERNMENT HAS THE OBLIGATION TO PROVIDE SUCH AN EDUCATION.

      What Progressives demonstrate is why ignorant, undisciplined people cannot maintain a republic. Ignorant fools either do not understand or accept the concept of minority rights. So they will not restrain themselves from violating the rights of the minority. Therefore, no conspiracy is required, and it is pointless to view Progressivism as a conspiracy to overthrow our republic. Progressives most certainly do not see themselves as conspirators. Instead, they think Conservatives extremists because we will not give them whatever they want. Not giving them whatever want is the only crime they care about.

      Therefore, I see this country as having a far more serious problem than a conspiracy. We have too many adults with a childish ethical system. Because of our socialist education system, successive generations of parents failed to provide their children a Christian education. Instead, our socialist education system taught children about the virtues of collectivism and about the horrors of individual responsibility.

      When we can be lazy, we require no plot to fail to do our duty. That is why Parents who should have known better expected the impossible. They expected a socialist institution to laud the virtues of Christianity and rugged individualism. When unionized teachers can preach the glories of a high paycheck at taxpayer expense, that was always a foolish hope.


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