I recently wrote a series of posts on homosexual rights. Since some people have strong opinions on the subject, that resulted in a debate. Towards the end of the debate, James Atticus Bowden kindly offered (here) some material he had written, saying it would help support my position.

What Did Jim Provide?

Jim’s material related to protecting marriage. Jim wrote at least some of this material to support the passage of Virginia’s Marriage Amendment.

  • Jim provided two versions of ten reasons to protect marriage with a constitutional amendment, Ten Reasons to Vote ‘Yes’ to Protect Marriage and Ten Reasons to Defend Marriage. In each version he provides ten bite-size arguments. Both explain the problem of judicial tyranny (which created the need for a marriage amendment) Here is what the first version says.

    It only takes one judge to declare the Virginia law keeping marriage between one man and one woman ‘unconstitutional’ to throw the will of The People at the mercy of courts who have grown arrogant with power. If the Virginia Constitution says marriage is one man and one woman, then it can’ t be unconstitutional – even to a Liberal judge. Judges who make up laws and give executive orders from the bench can – and must – be stopped.

  • In Sodomy and Taxes in Virginia, Jim defines the issue as one of standards.

    When you destroy the moral-ethical standard, then you have no moral standing for the laws that make bigamy, polygamy/polyandry, incest, bestiality, obscenity, and sodomy illegal. Which means same-sex marriage is okay and a Muslim can have four wives and the Mormon out in Utah suing the government can have his fourteen ‘wives’.

  • Homosexual Marriage Is Abortion To Marriage addresses our doubts. Why don’t we recognize the evil for what it is?

    Christians compromise the same Biblical certainty as abortion when touched by human ambiguity about homosexuality. Christians see the human faces of our relatives, coworkers and neighbors who are genuinely hurting, and honor their sin instead of honoring God’s Word. They’re supposed to love the sinner only. Nice people are driven by sexual desires for sodomy. -Nice people feel desperate and demand abortions.

    There’s no tragic poster child for these sins. There are no videos of a partial birth abortion. The havoc of homosexual priests preying on young men is dismissed as pedophilia, not homosexuality. Still, millions of Americans suffer from abortion and homosexuality. The face of pain is hidden when the aborted babies go out with the medical waste and the rabid homosexuals hound and hush the ex-gays. The pretty people who take the most pride in their sin – the abortion and homosexual lobbyists, politicians, and media advocates – act like they’re in a hometown parade in Sodom or Gomorrah. Indeed they are.

Doesn’t Virginia’s Marriage Amendment State The Obvious?

Delegate Bob Marshall drafted the marriage amendment in 2005 (HJ 584), and Virginia ratified the marriage amendment on November 7, 2006. What does this amendment say?

That only a union between one man and one woman may be a marriage valid in or recognized by this Commonwealth and its political subdivisions. This Commonwealth and its political subdivisions shall not create or recognize a legal status for relationships of unmarried individuals that intends to approximate the design, qualities, significance, or effects of marriage. Nor shall this Commonwealth or its political subdivisions create or recognize another union, partnership, or other legal status to which is assigned the rights, benefits, obligations, qualities, or effects of marriage.

Only the union of one man with one woman constitutes a marriage. At one time, to state that would not have produced any argument. How long ago? Here is the primary definition of marriage from the 1956 edition of Funk & Wagnalls’ New Practical Standard Dictionary of the English Language.

marriage (noun) – The act of marrying, or the state of being married; specifically, a compact entered into by a man and a woman, based on mutual regard, to live together as husband and wife until separated by death.