In response to MAKING AN ISSUE OUT OF IDENTITY, the four-part series named REVIEWING THE ARGUMENTS AGAINST NORMALIZING HOMOSEXUALITY (starts here), and TO BE BORN AGAIN, visitors have left some interesting comments. As our dialogue has continued, I have been reminded that the debate over homosexual rights is part of a larger issue, identity politics. So in MAKING AN ISSUE OUT OF IDENTITY, we considered identity politics from a religious perspective. This post considers the political ramifications. In part 2 of this two-part series, we will deal with some of the issues raised by our commenters.


Our nation began when the peoples of American colonies said: NO! Instead of accepting creeping enslavement by a British king, they replied in unity with a Declaration of Independence.

Why Were The Men Who Wrote The Constitution So Special?

How did the Founding Fathers come to lead a new nation? When the American colonies rebelled against King George III, the Founding Fathers accepted the challenge of leadership. Had these men failed in that task, they would have been hung. Yet for the sake of principles they held dear — at the risk of their lives and fortunes — they took on the greatest military power of that era. After the American Revolutionary War, a fierce and prolonged war, the Founders topped their victory with an even more significant accomplishment. They wrote and implemented our Constitution. Who today believes our leaders capable of either accomplishment?

How did the Tea Partiers of that era manage to choose such leaders? They had a relatively easy choice. Very few self-serving men wanted the job. Such did not have the nerve to buck King George III and his military machine. Unfortunately, those who would lead in today’s America have no such cause for dread. Therefore, when we vote, we must separate the honorable candidates from those interested only in their own welfare.

The Founders fought the American Revolutionary War over a fundamental principle. What principle? Some would say the colonists fought the war to prevent taxation without representation. However, the Declaration of Independence makes it quite clear why the American colonists fought. They fought to retain their God-given rights to life, liberty, and property. That is, the colonists did not believe either King George III or the British parliament gave them their rights. They believed God gave them rights no man could take away. So when King George III started viewing them simply as a revenue source, the American colonists took notice and strongly objected. When the King and Parliament continued to abuse their rights, the colonists formally withdrew their consent to be governed by the British Crown.

Unfortunately, we now risk giving our consent to be governed by an American made monarch.

Divided By The Second Bill Of Rights

A poor education and hard times changes any nation for the worst. America is no exception.

Who corrupted the education of Americans? Most give the credit to Horace Mann (see here, here and here for examples). In the early part of the 19th Century, supposedly well-intentioned people instituted the public education system, allowing government to usurp a parental responsibility. This new system, at first attractive, introduced the practice of socialism and the concept of government-given rights to America’s children. Government-run education allowed politicians, instead of parents, to decide educational content. Nonetheless, because the public education system slowly eliminated market competition, many educators loved this new system.

What happened during hard times? Times of change for the worst occurred during Great Depression and World War II. Then Franklin D. Roosevelt led our nation. When the great crises came, Roosevelt and the Democratic Party found it easy to gull the American public. They grew government beyond all previous bounds, calling their schemes the New Deal. Of course, the inevitable result was that the economy stagnated for years.

How did Roosevelt and the Democrats sell their changes? Instead of God-given rights, Roosevelt and his party promoted government-given rights.

Consider that First Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution. These rights restrict the government. These rights compel the government to leave us in peace.

Now consider Roosevelt’s Second Bill of Rights, that so-called “The Economic Bill of Rights.” Instead using government to protect the God-given rights of Americans, Roosevelt promised us things, neglecting to mention who he would have to rob to get those things. That is, Roosevelt promised to rob the “haves” so he could reward the “have-nots” for their votes.

Divided By Identity

Now we are four generations removed from the beginning of the Great Depression. Our public school system has become the entrenched fortress of teacher’s unions. Only the most ignorant think children receive a decent civics education. Instead of educating, too many schools indoctrinate children in the social values promoted by their political masters, the politicians who pay their salaries.

Therefore, instead of learning about this nation’s Christian heritage, children learn a secularized history. Instead of learning we should all seek a common identity in Christ, children learn they need to seek the protection of an identity group. Children learn that we gain self esteem by demanding respect for our “identity” using the force of government.

When our nation was founded, the colonists divided themselves based upon where they lived: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island. Nonetheless, due their common heritage, they were able to set aside their diffeerences. Why? Check out the preamble to the Constitution.

Now, thanks to being dumbed down by teachers picked by divisive politicians, we now have countless differences. In addition to the old standbys of race, sex, creed, and national origin, our self esteem can now be threatened by differences in: economic class, disability, age, sexual orientation, language (when you can be a victim, why learn English), union status, income source, education level, recreational preferences, and who knows what else.

But all that is fine with certain politicians. Once so divided, any people can be manipulated and conquered.



3 thoughts on “WHY WE NEED THE RIGHT TO SAY NO! — PART 1

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  2. Eric the 1/2 Troll

    “Instead of learning we should all seek a common identity in Christ,”

    Tom, are you suggesting that all school children should be taught Christianity by the State? That is what I am interpreting here.


  3. Eric – No. I think it foolish to trust politicians with our children. The education of children is too important to leave to scheming and devious strangers.

    Proverbs 22:6 (Today’s New International Version, ©2005)

    Start children off on the way they should go,
    and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

    When we teach children poorly, we cannot easily correct the problems that must result.

    What a child must learn first and last is about love. What we learn about love (or hate) provides the context (shapes our perspective of) for everything else we learn. Our love for others determines what we will learn and how we will make use of that knowledge.

    Because parents love their children more than anyone else, we must leave it to parents to determine how their children will be instructed. There is no better alternative.

    Will parents always do a good job? No, but we can rely upon socialism to slowly ruin any educational system.

    If you want to know more about my thoughts on this matter, please read this post, WHY GOVERNMENT CANNOT SAVE THE WORLD.


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