The Beck crowd did not leave a mess, and they said nothing that would have upset Abraham Lincoln, but the cartoon appeared just the same.

Virginia’s Conservative blogs are full of news about the demonstration last weekend, the so-called “One Nation Working Together” rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

Whereas the Liberal Democrats blogs are almost silent. When their side flops, they do not report.

Unfortunately, the dragon sometimes wins, and so do Liberal Democrats. Their playbook is age-old, but the movement we fight is not worn out. Instead, that movement has placed our nation at a crossroads.

The people the “One Nation Working Together” unions want to run our nation already control the White House and Congress. Public-sector union employees dominate local governments, state governments, and our national government. Public-sector unions dominate our schools at all levels. Their allies dominate most of the news media.

If we are lucky, we will see a turning point November 2nd. Conservatives will gain enough representation in Congress to defund the dangerous legislation that Liberal Democrats HAVE ALREADY PASSED. Even so, we can only guess what might come out of a lame duck Congress.

Make no mistake. Do not let that miserable excuse for a rally leave you smug. We do not fight old and tire opponents. We fight the elites of our own nation.

You want to know who we are fighting? Check out BLANKLEY: Ruling class on the run. Tony Blankley describes our opponents as well as any. Just be wary of too much optimism. We may have the opposition on the run, but that opposition still runs our country.

Can you imagine the news media not misrepresenting a Conservative?

Without misrepresentations, would the Liberal news media have anything to say about a Conservative?