Every citizen of Virginia is subject to two constitutions, the Constitution of Virginia and The United States Constitution. The people who wrote these constitutions designed these documents to protect our rights. How do they work? Each constitution states the powers of our leaders. If our leaders go beyond the powers stated in each document, they violate their constitutional powers and their oath of office (Both documents require elected officials to take an oath of office.).

Both documents recognize the role of our Creator.  Virginia’s Bill of Rights (Article 1 in the Constitution of Virginia), dates back to 1776. Then it was called The Virginia Declaration of Rights.  Section 16 provided this protection for Freedom of Religion.

That religion, or the duty which we owe to our Creator, and the manner of discharging it, can be directed only by reason and conviction, not by force or violence; and therefore all men are equally entitled to the free exercise of religion, according to the dictates of conscience; and that it is the mutual duty of all to practise Christian forbearance, love, and charity toward each other.

The United States Constitution, on the other hand, does not specifically mention God or our Creator. Nonetheless, the same man who wrote The Virginia Declaration of Rights, George Mason, is rightly called the ”Father of the Bill of Rights.” That is, Mason also fathered the Bill of Rights in the The United States Constitution. Therefore, the Bill of Rights in both the Constitution of Virginia and The United States Constitution owe their origins to the ideas of the same man.

Constitution of Virginia

The Constitution of Virginia dates from July 1, 1971. The forward in this explains the history of revisions.  

The 1971 Constitution is the fifth complete revision of Virginia’s fundamental law since 1776–other complete revisions having been effective in 1830, 1851, 1870, and 1902.

Thus, the Constitution of Virginia originated at the time of our nation’s founding. What the document does is explain how government works in Virginia. It explains our rights, the responsibilities of the commonwealth to protect those rights and how both state and local governments operate.

You want a job description for Virginia’s elected officials? Look in the Constitution of Virginia. The document is less than 50 pages long. If you can read this blog, you can read the Constitution of Virginia

The United States Constitution

The United States Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation, our nation’s first constitution. When the Articles of Confederation failed to produce a functional government, the Founders did not give up. They tried again.

What The United States Constitution does is describe the powers and responsibilities of each branch of government, legislative, executive, and judicial. In addition, the Constitution explains relationship between the Federal Government and State Governments.

What Does It Mean To Vote For Constitutional Government?

Before we go to the polls, we must try understand how each of candidates regards constitutional government. If a candidate does not see a constitution as a document that would place definite boundaries on his powers, he is unqualified for public office. That is because he cannot be trusted. He is too likely to do what our current leadership has done, abused the rights of the People.

We came equals into this world, and equals shall we go out of it. All men are by nature born equally free and independent. To protect the weaker from the injuries and insults of the stronger were societies first formed; when men entered into compacts to give up some of their natural rights, that by union and mutual assistance they might secure the rest; but they gave up no more than the nature of the thing required. Every society, all government, and every kind of civil compact therefore, is or ought to be, calculated for the general good and safety of the community. Every power, every authority vested in particular men is, or ought to be, ultimately directed to this sole end; and whenever any power or authority whatever extends further, or is of longer duration than is in its nature necessary for these purposes, it may be called government, but it Is in fact oppression. — George Mason, Remarks on Annual Elections for the Fairfax Independent Company, ca. 17-26 April 1775 

Vote Biblically on November 2nd. See also:



The Simple Straightforward Reason To Vote For Keith S. Fimian 

Keith S. Fimian has put out a simple, straighforward explanation as to why we should vote for him. Voting for his opponent, Congressman Gerald E. Connolly (D), means higher taxes, more spending, and less jobs. Whereas, voting for him means lower taxes, less spending, and more jobs. 

As a matter of fact, we have Connolly’s attitude towards government spending in his own words. Last Wednesday, when Connolly, Fimian, and libertarian candidate David Dotson met in a debate at Dar-Al-Noor, a local mosque, InsideNoVA.com reported that Connolly had this to say.

Connolly said bringing jobs to the 11th District is a matter of creating a partnership between the federal government and the private sector.

“One of the jobs of a member of Congress is to protect that relationship, foster it and make sure it grows so that small businesses can take advantage of that job growth,” Connolly said. “Securing that relationship is critical.”

Connolly said if he is reelected he would work to bring more federal jobs to the district. (from here)

Connolly apparently thinks that it is job to bring home the bacon (that is, pork-barrel spending) in order to creates jobs. What is the problem with that attitude? When 435 congressmen and 100 senators have that attitude, there is not enough money to pay for all that bacon. So we end up with higher taxes, more spending, and less jobs. We end up broke.

What About That Libertarian Candidate?

Unfortunately, Democrats and Republicans have rigged our electoral system.  Therefore, the chances of anyone but a Democrat or Republican getting elected is almost nil. Check out this Wikipedia article, The 111th United States Congress. There are hardly any independents. Often it is worth finding out how an independent got elected in the first place. Many were originally elected as either a Republican or a Democrat.  

Even Dotson admits he will lose.

Dotson said he hasn’t been invited to many of the 11th District debates because the organizations hosting the debates said he wasn’t polling at 10 percent. (from here)

Because independents have little chance of winning, serious candidates seek either the Democrat or Republican nomination. To change that system, we would have to drop primary elections. Instead, we would have to hold a runoff election (when no candidate gains more than 50 percent of the vote).

So what do I recommend? Vote for Fimian; he has an excellent chance of winning. Dotson, while great on some issues is lousy on others. So he has almost no chance of winning. Because of his votes in Congress (voting with Nancy Pelosi 97 percent of the time), to vote for Connolly is just too scary.

To Vote for Gerry Is Just Too SCARY

Vote Biblically on November 2nd. See:

Think about the quality of the candidates. Then vote based upon the Golden Rule. Vote for others as you wish they would vote for you.


The Declaration of Independence plainly states the reason the member states of Continental Congress joined in rebellion against the Kingdom of Great Britain.

The history of the present King of Great Britain [George III] is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. (from here)

Moreover, the Continental Congress took great care to list their specific grievances.  In fact, that list takes up most of the declaration, demonstrating that the colonists rebelled against the mother country with great reluctance.

What had the colonists expected of the Kingdom of Great Britain? That the declaration states succinctly in one sentence. 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. (from here)

Our nation’s Founders expected their government to protect the God-given rights of each citizen, and the Declaration of Independence formally stated their expectation as a creedal belief. As Christians, followers of Christ Jesus, they had reached the conclusion that they each had the duty to throw off any government that did not protect the rights of its citizens, and that too they stated in the declaration. Thus they began a thoughtful rebellion.

So it is that one crucial sentence in the Declaration of Independence distinguishes the United States from every other nation. Because they believed in the sovereign power of our Creator, the Founders did their best to frame a government which would serve, rather than exploit, its citizens.

Vote Biblically on November 2nd. See also:


An economist I am not. Nonetheless, I have done what anyone can do; I have studied the matter. What I have learned suggests trouble looms ahead. What is the latest sign? China is getting greedy.

A couple of years ago I wrote about THE WAY OUT OF THE NEXT GREAT DEPRESSION. In that post I wrote about the ingredients that led to the Great Depression.

  • Irresponsible debt.
  • Tax increases.
  • Trade wars.

Without a doubt, we are borrowing irresponsibly. Because of the Democrat’s socialist agenda, particularly Obamacare, we are already experiencing increasing tax and regulation drags on the economy. Because Congress and the president refuse to extend the Bush era tax cuts, we will most likely see still further increases. Now China has added the third ingredient, a trade war. 

Not sure about the trade war? Then please check out the following articles.

In Germany warns of China grip on rare earths market, Business Week reports Germany concerns about China’s willingness to abuse its 97 percent controll over the production of rare earths.

Economy Minister Rainer Bruederle warned Tuesday at a conference organized by the Federation of German Industry, or BDI, that the market for the metals had become “critical,” after China imposed export restrictions on the metals.

“We are severely affected when it comes to energy resources and … rare earths, which are growing scarce,” Bruederle said.

Rare earths are 17 different minerals necessary in the production of high-tech devices including cell phones, missiles and solar energy panels. (from here)

Because of China’s abuse of its monopoly, our Secretary of State has expressed concerns. Of course, China has promised to be nice.

China said on Thursday it will not use its dominance of supplies of rare earths as a bargaining tool with foreign economies, and the United States said it hoped trade in the high-tech ores would continue as normal. (continued here)

What is exactly is normal? A blog at the WSJ suggests that the Chinese just wants to keep what they are producing for internal consumption.

For its part, China denies any wrongdoing. Its Foreign Ministry said the country wouldn’t use its virtual supply monopoly as a “bargaining tool” and said it is cutting production at polluting mines as part of a move to step up its environmental awareness.

What it hasn’t said is that it needs the rare earths for itself.

The story of China’s explosive growth is well-documented. The country has lifted itself firmly into the 21st century with the aid of a rapacious program seeking natural resources from around the world to build new buildings and infrastructure. Now the country’s rapidly increasing middle class is demanding the same consumer goods as their western peers–mobile phones, flat screen TVs, computers and hybrid cars–and creating a rise in domestic consumption of the rare earths used to make them in the process. (from here)

Even if the Chinese have no sinister motives (Japan thinks otherwise. See China warns Japan not to ‘shift blame’.), their export quotas still produce a problem. Industries outside of still cannot buy the high-tech ores they need. Moreover, in spite of their words, the Chinese have excess capacity.

While miners outside China, including Molycorp Inc (MCP.N) in the United States and Lynas Corp (LYC.AX) in Australia, are developing mines that they expect to step up production in the coming year, it will be extremely difficult for them to catch up with China, which produces about 90 percent of global supplies, Malan said.

The challenge, he said, is not just extracting the metals from the ground, but processing them at a reasonable cost.

“You get rare earth everywhere in the world. The problem is that the concentration is too small to make it economically viable,” he said.

China’s main advantage, he added, is not its reserves of the obscure metals, including cerium, erbium and ytterbium, but its large processing facilities.

“The Chinese have been a little bit smarter than the rest of the world about this in that they have overbuilt capacity,” Malan said. “They have big capacity that is sitting idle and that means that for the time frame that we are all talking about, between now and 2015, they will be the cost leader.” (from here)

So what can we do? We can start by improving ourselves and our leadership. We can vote Biblically on November 2nd. See FACT BASED VOTING: WHAT SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR? HOW ABOUT THE BIBLE? and FACT BASED VOTING. Think about the quality of the candidates. Then vote based upon the Golden Rule. Vote for others as you wish they would vote for you.

Other Views

When I researched this article, one thing surprised me. Few if any Virginia blogs are paying attention to the Chinese monopoly of rare earths.  Most of the blogs following this issue seem to be business oriented or rare earth specialists. Here is a sample.

Money Morning tells us that Policymakers Panicked as China Rare Earth Ban Extends to the West.

THORIUM ENERGY AND THE RARE EARTH ELEMENTS says China Is Making The Rare Earth Elements Rarer – This Is The Furtherance Of An Expanding (And Expansionist) Trend.

Business Insider tells us that Hilariously, China Resumes Rare Earth Shipments On The Debut Day Of The Rare Earth ETF.

Side note

Why the title? Why did I say the trade war ratchets up? Was there already a trade war in progress? What do you think?