On Thursday I got the following email.

Dear Republican Friend,

I feel that I must bring something to your attention.  Gerry Connolly has been mailing out campaign literature at taxpayer expense.  I came home last week to find a glossy flat with the congressman’s smiling face.

After initially wondering, “Why is Gerry Connolly wasting money sending me mail?”  I found that he wasn’t wasting HIS money. He was wasting ours.

Connolly calls this a “legislative update”, and the FEC will not cite him because he hasn’t actually said, “Vote for me.”  However, Gerry Connolly sent his constituents seven glossy mailings with pictures of himself and the same message again and again.  It’s an abuse of Congress’s controversial privilege of mailing at taxpayer expense.

Worse, the content is misleading.  Rep. Connolly lists the goodies he has secured for his constituents.  The most mentions are for HR 1, which is the first bill introduced in the 111th Congress in January 2009.  Now it’s a legislative update 18 months later.  Worse yet, HR 1 is commonly known as The Stimulus, a massive $900 billion mound of pork that borrowed $2,625 for every American man, woman and child.  This bill has been both costly and ineffective. Even using the Administration’s wildly optimistic job creation estimates, The Stimulus cost $250,000 per job “saved or created.”

However, in his “legislative updates”, the Congressman only mentions the pork but leaves out the debt burden he has placed on our shoulders.

What can you do?  I would urge you to contact Rep. Connolly to express your displeasure. Compose a letter to the editor to shine a light on this disreputable behavior.  Finally, I would urge you to make sure that your neighbors and friends know about this and why we must elect Keith Fimian to Congress this November.

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Other Views

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In Connolly’s Recovery: 221,000 Jobs Lost in June, 131,000 in July, Keith Fimian comments on the fact that Connolly is using our money to mislead us.