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Have we been told the whole truth? Has a crucial part of our nation’s history been left out? Have we been lied to?  That is what some suggest.

David Barton’s website is Wallbuilders. Here is the website of the Family Research Council.

What are the facts? Is Barton on target?

Let’s examine how Barton begins. Barton starts with the first Bible printed in the United States. At the petition of Robert Aitken, Barton states that Congress endorsed the publication of a Bible. Here is a website that briefly describes the “Bible Congress” that David Barton mentioned. That “Bible Congress” was the Continental Congress. That Congress predated the Constitution. So it may seem a mild exaggeration to state that Congress endorsed the publication of the Aitken Bible.  However, Barton took care to mention the date, 1782. His point, as he stated himself, is that the same people were involved.

Why did Congress endorse the publication of the Bible? We were at war, the American Revolutionary War. The British navy had roamed along our shores for years, and Bibles from Europe had become scarce. Congress saw that people were without copies of the sacred scripture. Therefore, when Aitken submitted a petition to Congress in January 1781, months before the Battle of Yorktown, Congress thought it important to see how copies of the Bible might be made available.

Nevertheless, Aitken probably never should have gotten Congress involved, but he had the excuse of not knowing any better. We have the advantage of hindsight. We know of Congress’ track record, one that documents its poor business acumen. Thus, today we would know what to expect, that with Congress’ help the Aitken Bible would almost certainly fail commercially, and it did.


H/T TO Thatmrgguy’s Blog and The Mad Jewess. See Illegal Occupying Criminal Invaders Now Want Sanctuary City Policies In WRITING!!!

What is the end result of a welfare state? The answer? Chaos!

Latino activists, clergy and civil rights leaders called on city officials Tuesday to implement a written policy barring police from asking the immigration status of those who call for help, a move they say would reduce crime and help bridge the gap between officers and immigrants. (continued here)

We have reached the point where we have no way to keep people from crossing our borders illegally. Our immigration laws have become so meaningless and unenforceable that illegal immigrants can parade before us in demonstrations. In fact, illegal immigrants now demand in writing that police leave them alone.

Think of the sheer stupidity! What is the point? Our immigration laws are in writing. Do they pay any attention to them?

For the time being, politicians still seek to buy our votes with government handouts. Politicians still hesitate; they still wonder what we will allow them to get away with. If our morals continue to erode so will our legal structures, and politicians will cease to wonder. In time, we will not honor our covenants with each other; power alone will be the Law — the gun, the club, the angry and violent man.

Where there is no honor, there is no Law — except that which we find in the jungle. In fact, to call brutal tyranny the Law Of The Jungle insults the simple ignorance of unintelligent beasts. Because we know the difference between right and wrong, we have no excuse.


UPDATE 2: C-SPAN has the video back up.

UPDATE 1 at the Bottom

I was not able to go. Not enough time. However, I was able to attend some of the major Tea Party events in Washington D.C. Since the corporate news media associates the Tea Party movement and people like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, I expect they will handle the new coverage similarly.  To confirm that all I had to do is just look at the top articles in Google News.

  • Thus, the Washington Post is doing its best to focus coverage on the opposition rally.
  • The Huffington Post cannot find anything to talk about except hate speech.
  • USA Today live blogged the event. Most of the content seems relatively neutral.  Nonetheless, the 2:10 PM content is about that opposition rally.
  • CBS News is about the opposition rally.

Anyway, so much for the so-called news.

If you want to find out what happened, what is the first place you should go? Why not the Glenn Beck Program? The top news on Beck’s web site is currently about the rally, and Beck has a web page devoted to the rally.  Beck promises to have pictures and video of the event.

There is also a Conservative news media, but you have to hunt for it.

  • The Daily Caller live blogged the event.
  • Fox News has coverage, but since Beck is one of their top stars we should get some confirmation.
  • News Max has coverage. If you go to their front page, they have lots of stories and video.

The Best Place?

C-SPAN also covered the event. Looks like CSPAN got whole three hours on video.

Anyway, it was a big event. How big? I don’t know, but Beck claimed over several hundred thousand. More important is the fact the crowd seems to have had a good time. That says something. Restoring honor to this nation may be hard word, but we do not have to see it as painful. We just have to avoid returning hatred for hatred. We must remember it is about faith, hope, and charity.

Other Views

Fishersville Mike ‘s So Lonesome I could cry points to Liberty Pundit.

Virginia Right has some observations in GLENN BECK’S RALLY: RESTORING HONOR.


I finished watching the C-SPAN video of the Restoring Honor Rally. Unfortunately, the video is temporarily unable (at least it was at 6:10 PM EST, on August 29th). My guess is that the video will not be available until Monday morning. However, the C-SPAN video is good. So I recommend watching.

What did Beck put together?

  • One part fundraising: Beck raised over 5 million dollars for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. The program began by explaining what this outfit does.
  • One part awards ceremony (quite inspirational): three military and three civilians received awards for their outstanding acts of heroism, faith, hope, and charity.
  • One part entertainment: some great singing.
  • One part religous: Beck and others gave sermons begging us to look back to our Christian roots. Beck used this event to provide examples: the bravery of our warriors; the hard work of the Founders; the faith hope and charity of spirited citizens; and the unflagging efforts modern activists such as Martin Luther King. 

Ironically, in spite of the complaints of the critics, this was a religious event, not a political event. Nevertheless, the critics had every right to be afraid. With this event Beck launched an open attack on their pride and joy, the modern welfare state. Beck and all those involved left little doubt that they consider charity a personal, not government responsibility. 

How government works — what it does — depends upon what the People believe. The day Americans accept the contention that government has no ethical right to redistribute their wealth will spell the end of the welfare state.