On Friday evening I found myself no longer welcome at Vivian J. Paige (see here). Why did this happen? Well, I pushed the issue we were “debating” a little harder than the lady could stand. What were we debating? VJP had written an editorial (Beyond partisan rhetoric) that I believe misused statistics to “prove” that some people are extremists. When another commenter, Warren (here), and myself (here) pointed out she did not know what she was talking about, VJP tried to deflect our comments with a gratuitously flippant remark.

Both of you simply prove my point. Seriously. (from here)

What does that mean?  Well, here was my guess.

Warren –From vjp’s point-of-view, it seems that we are extremists. (from here)

VJP objected when I said that. Nonetheless, even though Warren had asked for an explanation earlier (here), and she had had plenty of time to explain, she never bothered. No, she just felt sorry for us (see here).    🙄   Both Warren and I clearly and calmly explained why we disagreed with VJP’s editorial. If VJP had any reason to feel sorry for us, she could have demonstrated her concern by clearing up our “misunderstanding.” 

So what is the point of this post?  Well, I could adopt the Liberal Democrat position, claim victimhood, and complain that VJP had violated my right to free speech.  That would be stupid, but a Liberal Democrat might do it. However, it is VJP’s blog, and she gets to set the rules (see here). The same is true of this blog (see here). 

Instead of complaining, what I want others to understand is the threat posed by ordinary people like VJP.  Consider how VJP ended her editorial.

Do I pine for the days when we didn’t have hundreds of channels on TV or thousands of blogs and magazines online? Absolutely not. Variety is the spice of life. Besides, there are some really good things that, were it not for activists, our country may have never embraced.

What I do want is more people who are willing to look at all the options available and not just those put forth by one side or the other. Starting from a point of agreement would go a long way to achieving that. (from here)

Ironic, is it not? Like most of us, VJP finds it easy to pay lip service to looking at all the options. Actually looking at all the options, however, requires more humility than most of us have. 

Being kicked off a blog by a nice Democrat is a trivial thing, but it demonstrates the futility of depending upon other human beings for wisdom. Generally, VJP runs a good blog, but like the rest of us, she is imperfect. Her rules for commenters seem fair enough. The problem is that VJP is still human enough to apply them arbitrarily — assuming she bothers to consider them. Unless someone holds us accountable, we cannot easily obey rules, not even the ones we make for ourselves.

VJP’s blog exists because she is a political activist. VJP and lots like her support candidates for political with grand ideas. VJP and other bloggers promote candidates who seek to empower our government to fix all kind of problems. Because they relentlessly seek more power, the candidates that many Democrat bloggers promote are clearly dangerous.  

It is all too apparent that too many of our Federal officials no longer consider our Constitution anything but an obstacle. Over the years the courts have interpreted the interstate commerce clause so expansively it has become a joke. The Feds can now exercise eminent domain just because they want to give our property to someone they think will pay more in taxes. Our officials just ignore the tenth amendment. In fact, our president has taken Arizona to court for actually trying to enforce Federal law.

Time works against the creations of men. Thus, it is with our republic. Instead of doing their jobs, Federal officials fight against the People.

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny. — Thomas Jefferson (from here)

Government exists to make us do things we do not want do to, and Democrats (and some Republicans) see that as a wonderful opportunity. They see government as a way to make us all do the right thing the right way — their way. Their way begins by making us pay lots and lots of taxes. You may think paying taxes is a good thing. You may say you don’t have to be forced to pay, but how would you feel about paying if there were no punishment for not paying. When 40-60 percent of our income goes into taxes, you can bet a lot of people would refuse to pay if they did not have to pay.  Lots of people have this funny idea; they think they can find a better use for the money they earned.  And they are right. With every passing year what our government does with our money — and to our rights — becomes more and more arbitrary.

In our own defense, we must hold our elected officials accountable. 

One last remark.  I thank J. Tyler Ballance (here) and Britt Howard (here and here) for their defense. Hopefully, VJP will appreciate their kind effort to hold her accountable to her own comment policy.


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