Here is the latest from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Consider that this request for money features only the pictures of Republicans. I guess that is a measure of popularity of the Democrats in Congress. When politicians find that we have no reason to vote for them, their last hope is that we can be persuaded to fear their extremist Tea Party opponents. And what is the Tea Party’s crime? They have accused politicians of spending too much and ignoring our Constitution. Therefore, we must all contribute to the the defeat of Tea Party Republicans, extremists who have at least some modicum of respect for the Constitution.

As happens, we have a Tea Party Republican running here in the 11th Congressional District, Keith Fimian.

Fimian stands for reducing the size of government. He is out to stop runaway Federal government spending. Check out his video library of Fimian minutes.


Democrats are accusing Republicans of having secret plans?  🙄

What follows is a letter I received from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  As you all know, I am a big fan.

GOP’s Secret Plans Revealed

What is pathetic about the stupid fundraising letter? As usual, the Democrats accuse Republicans of exactly what they themselves are doing. Before you vote for a Democrat, check out who all the rich fat cats in Congress just happen to be. Also, while you are at it, look up the names of the politicians  those Big Wall Street firms and  Fannie Mae gave their contributions.  In fact, here are some links.

Even the Washington Post admits the Democrats received loads of money from Wallstreet, Democratic campaign committees losing big Wall Street donors. But the Democrats are now, supposedly, losing Wall Street because of their wonderful financial reforms.

Reasons for the plummeting donations include concern about the economic recovery and the personalities of the campaign committee leaders, Democratic experts say. But the overwhelming factor is the rising anger among financial executives who think they have not been treated well based on their support of Democrats over the past four years, according to lawmakers, party strategists and fundraisers. Several of the party’s biggest New York donors declined through spokesmen to be interviewed. Some Democrats say pushing Wall Street reform is more important than any slippage in political donations.

The truth is not so simple.  What is true is that Democrat economic policies are killing the economy. What is true is that there is a point at which even the greediest Wall Street financiers will realize a dead goose cannot lay golden eggs.  Will the greediest politicians ever realize that killing the golden goose is stupid? Apparently not.


Is the battle to stop the appointment of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court over? Here is what Delegate Bob Marshall has to say.

Delegate Bob Marshall

Senator’s Jim Webb and Mark Warner are getting ready to vote for Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, who has been endorsed by groups eager to undo this Amendment. She also chased military recruiters off Harvard’s campus, worked to curb self-defense gun rights, and promoted abortion, including late term partial birth abortions.

When reviewing a case for Justice Thurgood Marshall as his law clerk, Kagan wrote, “I’m not sympathetic” to an African American Washington D. C. resident who had been robbed and was later arrested for carrying a gun for self defense. Part of his job was collecting money from a Laundromat. The Supreme Court rules for deciding if a case will be heard on appeal do not include a judge’s “feelings of sympathy” or lack thereof.

When the former Harvard Law School Dean was asked by Sen. Grassley if she ever considered the question of whether the Second Amendment was a right preexisting the Constitution or created by the Constitution in 1787, she responded, “I never really considered that question.” If Senators Webb and Warner want Virginians to believe they support the Second Amendment, they will have to explain a vote for Kagan.

As Solicitor General, Kagan was responsible for drafting the Justice Department’s defense against Virginia’s challenge to the individual mandate, now in Richmond federal court. Yet, to date she has refused to say if she would recuse herself from deciding any case regarding Obamacare which will come before the Supreme Court.

Kagan, who never served as a judge, gave some insight into her legal philosophy. Her judicial hero is Israeli Supreme Court Justice Aharon Barak, who pushed “the belief that the court can intervene in any issue, including budget, foreign affairs, and security, which is opposite of what existed in the past…. They took powers which were not really in their hands … The degree of activism of Barak is such that he ruined the rule of law in Israel. When you go to court, nothing is clear. It’s a gamble,” says Hebrew University political science professor, Avraham Diskin.

Elena Kagan pressured the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to change their official statement that partial birth abortion was not medically necessary for women. Past U.S. Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop said, “She was willing to replace a medical statement with a political statement that was not supported by existing medical data.” Kagan’s finesse was relied upon by the Supreme Court to keep partial birth abortion legal up to the ninth month of pregnancy.

In a May 29, 1997, memo, Kagan advised President Clinton to allow cloning human beings for the sole purpose of killing them in research. In a June 8, 1997, memo Kagan wrote there is, “no moral rationale for treating embryos created through cloning differently from embryos developed through other means (e.g. in vitro fertilization) when embryos are used solely for research.” “No sympathy” for inalienable rights either.

Elena Kagan has been endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organization. The HRC would not approve Kagan unless they were certain she would support same sex imitations of marriage, adoption of children by homosexuals, and transgender, cross-dressing teachers in our classrooms. Does anyone have any doubt how she will rule on these issues?

And, while Barack Obama rails against Goldman Sacks, he nominates Kagan who received $10,000 for serving as a member of the Research Advisory Council of Goldman Sachs’ Global Markets Institute.

Both Jim Webb and Mark Warner ran for office as strong Second Amendment supporters. They will alienate voters by giving the keys to public policy decision making to an elite, out-of-touch, Harvard lawyer who believes it is unconstitutional for individual Americans to defend themselves and whose idea of justice is to punish military recruiters for their obedience to a law passed by Congress which barred active homosexuals from the military.

History never gives good press to those who wash their hands of public responsibility.

Please call or email Senator’s Mark Warner and Jim Webb today! Thank you.

Mark Warner:

Washington DC: 202-224-2023: Norfolk: 757-441-3079; Fax: 757-441-6250; Richmond 804-775-2314 Fax: 804-775-2319: Vienna – 703-442-0670; Fax: 703-442-0408; Roanoke 540-857-2676; Fax: 540-857-2800.

Jim Webb:

Washington DC: 202-224-4024; or, toll free 1-866-507-1570; Roanoke 540-772-4236, fax 540-772-6870; Norton 276-679-4925; VA Beach 757-518-1679; Danville 434-792-0976, fax 434-792-0978; Richmond 804-771-2221, fax 804-771-8313; Falls Church 703-573-7090, fax 703-573-7098.


Delegate Bob Marshall

Will it do any good to pester our senators about their vote on Kagan? Can you afford not to try anything that might stop her from getting on the court?


Julea Ward

If the shoe were are the other foot, imagine the publicity. The story is out there, but it is not getting much coverage.  Here are some of the headlines.

What is involved? The Alliance Defense Fund is defending two Christian ladies who want to uphold their Christian beliefs at public universities.

Amazingly, there are not just one, but two cases. Both feature attractive ladies and a controversial topic.  Yet that does not seem to be sufficient to attract much attention from the lamestream media.  Nope. We got to protect the “good guys” from their own bad publicity.

What crime have these ladies committed? They are unwilling to endorse homosexuality. Both ladies are in graduate programs in school counseling, and neither is willing to accept homosexuality as normal, ethical behavior.  So the universities these ladies attend want to throw them out.

Believe it or not, a judge has already upheld Julea Ward’s expulsion. Get this quote.

In his 48-page opinion, Judge Steeh said the university had a rational basis for adopting the ACA Code of Ethics.

“Furthermore, the university had a rational basis for requiring students to counsel clients without imposing their personal values,” he wrote in a portion of his ruling posted by The Detroit News. “In the case of Ms. Ward, the university determined that she would never change her behavior and would consistently refuse to counsel clients on matters with which she was personally opposed due to her religious beliefs – including homosexual relationships.” (from here)

We actually want people to pretend to believe something — when they don’t? Is that not the alternative?

What is absurd is that these universities actually claim not to discriminate. Nope. They just insist you think their way because that is the only correct way to think.  Because Keeton has expressed a view contrary to her faculty, here is what Augusta State University insists she do.

The lawsuit says Augusta State faculty members developed a remediation plan specifically for Ms. Keeton and told her she would be expelled from the College of Education’s counselor-education program if she did not fulfill its requirements. The plan calls on Ms. Keeton to attend workshops on serving diverse populations, read articles on counseling gay, lesbian, and bisexual and transgendered people, and write reports to an adviser summarizing what she has learned. It also instructs her to work to increase her exposure to, and interaction with, gay populations, and suggests that she attend the local gay-pride parade. Ms. Keeton has refused to comply. (from here)

The above quote is from the Chronicle of Higher Education. Here is how another source puts it.

Jennifer Keeton, 24, who is pursuing a master’s degree in counseling, said she was ordered to undergo a re-education plan that requires her to attend “diversity sensitivity training,” complete additional remedial reading and write papers to describe their effects on her beliefs, according to the lawsuit filed Wednesday.

The ultimatum: Complete this re-education plan or be expelled from ASU’s Counselor Education Program. (from here)

It is not a matter of just completing remediation training.  Keeton has to change her opinion. Even if she completes the program, she has no guarantee she will not be expelled.  

Note that the expulsion from Augusta State University specifically targets Christians.

Two faculty members, according to court documents, said that Miss Keeton is prejudiced because of her ethical beliefs on GLBTQ issues. In reply, she asked them how her Christian convictions are any less acceptable than those of a Buddhist or Muslim student, to which one faculty member replied, “Christians see this population as sinners,” court papers show. (from here)

These ladies are being thrown out of public universities paid for by tax dollars. These are universities responsible for educating the people who educate our children. And what does their faculty believe? Unless you believe there is nothing wrong homosexuality, you are not qualified to be a school counselor. That is, if you believe what the Bible says about homosexuality, you are not qualified to be a school counselor.

Jennifer Keeton