What kind of president is Barack Obama? Our immediate tendency is to dismiss the man as an incompetent narcissus.  However, we would be ill-advised to underestimate any man capable of becoming our president.  Moreover, when it comes to separating folks from their money, Obama seems extraordinarily talented.  Look at Oil spill: BP suspends dividend to pay for $20bn clean-up fund. That is 20 billion dollars. Obama talked BP into giving one of his cronies control over $20 billion

BP agreed to pay $5bn into the fund annually over the next four years. While the fund is being seeded, BP will set aside $20bn of US assets, which will decline in value as cash contributions build. The company will also slow its capital spending plans, and will sell $10bn of non-core, largely upstream assets over the next year.

The Gulf clean-up fund will be independently administered by Ken Feinberg, most recently President Obama’s pay tsar. In addition, BP will pay $100m into a separate fund to pay for the salaries of oil riggers out of work as a result of the six-month moratorium on offshore drilling, triggered by the spill.

Is what Obama did to BP legal? Was it a form of extortion? Was his conduct even ethical?  What did Obama agree to do in exchange for that 20 billion dollars? Will Obama be able to use the money to further his own political interests?


If you heard our president’s speech on Tuesday night, you too probably came away disappointed.  Why? Obama did not measure up to OUR expectations. In every crisis or difficult situation, we each have three options. We can lead, follow, or get out-of-the-way. Even if you are president of the United States, you don’t always lead. Because another person can usually do a better job, more often than not somebody else will be given responsibility for leadership. 

For example, with respect to the Gulf Oil Gusher, United Conservatives of Virginia lists 10 Things Him Could Have Done, but Chose Not To.  Consider that list carefully. If Obama wanted to do a good job, he would for the most part be getting the US Government out-of-the-way. After all, what does the US Government know about cleaning up an oil spill or plugging up a deep sea oil gusher?

Because Obama did not want his government out-of-the-way, he has just made matters worse.  So we are left wondering why we put such an incompetent man in charge. There is no simple answer, but at least part of the problem is our own expectations. There is a certain segment of the American public that actually thinks our government should run everything.  Of course, what these people want is not practical.  Where would we find someone with the competence required to run everything? Are we going to draft God to run for president? Nope! Republicans don’t have the nerve to ask, and Democrats want to eject God from everything. Thus, the Democratic Party nominated Barack Obama, and Obama ran claiming he could and would run everything.  

Give Obama credit. He is trying, and he is not altogether failing.  Each day he has been in charge, the US Government has grown bigger.  Yet although many find Obama measure of success startlingly flawed, the fault does not rest with Obama. He is just doing what anyone who studied his campaign website expected. 

We failed to properly educate ourselves. Most of us don’t even know what our president is suppose to do. So we do not know how to pick someone to do the job, and that is why we got stuck with Obama.

How are we “educating” ourselves? Consider the “news” we are getting on that big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Instead of factual reports, we get a storyline that suits our biases, exaggerates the crisis, creates a villain for Obama to punish, and stirs up conflicts that impede the plugging the hole. In fact, even some of the most stubborn Liberal Democrats have finally started to sort that much out.  Take a gander at Our Irresponsible, Useless “Free Press” at Teri’s Tirades, but don’t get your hopes up too much. Being a stubborn Liberal Democrat, Teri still favors Big Government.  Can you guess her solution? 

Oh well! Thank God for what progress we do get.


The following is starting to circulate about the Internet.

Psalm 109:8 (Today’s New International Version)

May his days be few;
       may another take his place of leadership.

In Psalm 109, David asks the Lord God to take His vengeance, a frightful vengeance.  If Obama keeps entertaining us with such antics as those we have already seen, I fear lots of people will be praying for the Lord God to take His vengeance. Pity and pray for the poor man’s soul, and hope he will change his tune.


  1. Teri Beaugez – Whining? I suppose I do do my share. I hope, for example, God forgives some of my prayers. Nonetheless, I doubt your accusation bears much relationship with what you have observed of my conduct.

    Over the years I have noticed that those most responsible for name calling most deserve to be called names. This seems to be due to our propensity to project our own bad behavior on others. For example, what child has not used the phrase “Everybody else is doing it”?

    Am I “always” trying to draw you into discussions? You may wish to look up the definition of hyperbole and consider some good examples of its use.

    We have both commented on each other’s blogs to discuss various subjects. Why do I bother with you? I don’t think you are stupid. So I think there is something I can learn from you. Unfortunately, I also think you are willfully misinformed with respect to both religion and politics. It is apparent you have never carefully studied the Bible. Instead, you have only listened to what people who don’t believe it have to say about it. That ignorance has in its turn infected your politics.

    Consider this example. The Bible condemns stealing. The Bible says it is wrong for one person to steal from another. Even if it is a poor man who steals from a rich man, stealing is wrong. Yet the people you vote for promote confiscatory taxation, and they justify their theft as necessary redistribution — to take money from the “rich” to give to the poor. If it is immoral for one individual to steal from another, why is it moral for the government to steal? Just because it is the majority that wants to enslave a minority that makes the minority’s enslavement okay? If I were to join a gang of thieves and just steal from few rich people and give some of my goodies to the “poor” (you, for example), would that make me your hero?

    If being “your thief” makes someone your hero, then you are a fool. There is no honor among thieves. Thieves tend to see other people as potential victims. When the time comes — when the opportunity presents itself — thieves turn on their “friends.” Therefore, to trust in thieves and to thievery is to deliver both yourself and your loved ones to a life in shackles.

    Anyway, what are “things” you want to discuss?

  2. Really Tom? I’ve been complaining about media bias FOR YEARS! YOU are the one who is just now acknowledging it. At least I stay true to my beliefs, regardless of the media’s political reality show narrative. You blame defended Bush no matter how much conflict with your supposed “principles” everything he did was.

    The right and the left are being totally conned by all this red team/blue team garbage, the same as people were conned by the likes of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker. Same scam, different dogma. It is destroying our ability to be self-governed.

    1. Teri, why does your first reaction to any political discussion always have to be a personal attack? And why such silliness? As imperfect as I am, these are my worse flaws? These flaws do not even make sense.

      Although you may prefer a more derogatory expression, I think you would agree that I am Conservative. Yet you say I am just now acknowledging news media’s bias. A Conservative?!!!!

      You attack me for “blame defending” George Bush for anything he did. Why would I do that? Before I am a Republican I am Conservative, and I am a Conservative because I am a Christian. Christians do not believe any mere man is perfect. So we expected Bush to engage in some chicanery and to make dumb mistakes, and he did both.

      And what has Jim and Tammy Faye Baker got to do with me? 🙄 They are your stereotypical Christians (not mine). Your favorite Liberal media has spent more time talking about them than I ever will. Can you explain why Liberals need such examples? Does it make you feel better to have another sinner to look down upon. What an exercise in futility!

      Jesus is the Christian’s shepherd. Because Jesus my example, I know better than to compare myself with any other man (although sometimes I backslide and I do). Yet if a Christian calls himself better than another sinner, he knows it accomplishes nothing. In comparison to God, how could it? God is perfect, and He wants us to be perfect.

      1. God you’re a cry baby. Why does your first response to everything I say, have to be to whine. WHATEVER!

        Hi, I’m Teri, have we met? You are the one who is always trying to draw me into “discussions.” WHY, if you don’t like the way I discuss things and your entire “rebuttal” is whining about being “attacked”?

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