In addition to the video below, there are websites that tell the story of the North Platte Canteen.

  • (here) provides more details about how the canteen got its start and how it operated.
  • NPR interviews an author who recounts North Platte’s War Effort
  • Congressman Adrian Smith recounts the story on his website (here) and its relevance to today.
  • The NSEA offers this profile of the lady who started the canteen, Rae Wilson Sleight.
  • In the archives of rootweb, we have a snippet from Charles Kuralt’s book Dateline America. 

    Between Christmas 1941 and April 1, 1946, more than six million servicemen and women who traveled through Nebraska during World War II experienced the gratitude and support (and home-cooking) of the good people of America’s Heartland as they road the Union Pacific RR Line. You can read more about this subject in James J. REISDORFF’s book, “North Platte Canteen,” South Platte Press, now in its fifth printing, and there are several websites dedicated to this marvelous story. (One invites you to help identify individuals in old photographs and canteen postcards). Learn about William F. JEFFERS, UPR President 1937-1941 a North Platte native who worked himself up through various jobs beginning as a call boy in 1890, and Rae WILSON the canteen originator. North Platte, in Lincoln Co., is also home to Buffalo Bill CODY.

    Charles KURALT, late CBS news correspondent wrote in his book, “Dateline America,” (1979), about North Platte, Nebraska. “A letter came from Mrs. Conrad GREEN of Nantucket, Massachusetts. ‘In 1944,, she wrote, ‘my husband and I were crossing the U. S. in a troop train. He was going out on a navy carrier from San Francisco as damage control officer. We boarded the train in Miami, Florida, and were three days with cold box lunches, not even coffee for breakfast, when we came to a stop and the conductor told us to get off. We went into the train shed, which was a big canteen with hot coffee and all kinds of hot food. When we tried to pay, they said no, it is our war work…. Imagine, two or three trains a day in each direction filled with three hundred or so servicemen and their dependents… I shall always remember the people of North Platte, Nebraska, with tremendous gratitude.'” Fascinated by her letter, Mr. KURALT stopped by North Platte and found Rose LONCAR, an original organizer of the North Platte Canteen. ‘Yes,’ she said, ‘we served up to ten thousand a day, and never one serviceman or woman paid for a thing. It wasn’t just the city of North Platte, either – it was people for two hundred miles around who brought hot food, home cooked, and we never ran out of it. It was almost like the Bible, feeding so many with a few loaves of bread.’ The original idea, Mrs. LONCAR said, was coffee and cookies at the station, and from there it just grew. Sandwiches started coming in, and homemade pies, and then fried pheasants in season and sides of barbecued beef and birthday cakes. No U.S.O. funds or government money, just people from the farms and ranches and towns couldn’t stand the idea of so many young American men and women passing by on the train on the way to war and nobody to tell them a warm good-bye. ‘I guess,’ Mrs. LONCAR said, ‘that we hoped maybe somebody, somewhere, would treat the boys who had left our town the same way.’ Mr. KURALT said the railroad had knocked the depot down, and Rose said a lot of memories went with it. KURALT didn’t think the North Platte Canteen should be forgotten, and it evidently has not been — please read more about it at the websites. (from here)

How did America win World War II? There was a time most people would have answered that question by talking about military strategy, economic power, or geopolitical alliances. Now I suspect a great many would consider the commitment of the People much more important. Where did America’s commitment to win World War II come from? Here perhaps is a clue.


The  Manassas Tea Party‘s Defend the Constitution Rally went off as scheduled Friday evening in downtown Manassas, Virginia. As usual, news coverage was spotty.  Apparently, hundreds of well-behaved people rallying to defend their country from a government that refuses to be constrained by the Constitution does not merit much attention.  Here is what I could find.

Some Related Oddball Nonsense

Liberal news media such as Blue Virginia and Kojo Nnamdi Show are still up to their usual mischief. While on the Kojo Nnamdi ShowKeith Fimian got a question suggesting that he is the Tea Party candidate (There is no such thing.), and he therefore is “too Conservative” to win the general election (See Fimian: I’m Not “too conservative”; Herrity Will Be at Unity Dinner.). How can anybody be “too Conservative?”  Anyway, to some extent Fimian took the bait, suggesting that Herrity was the Tea Party candidate.  Fortunately, Fimian did say he wants the Tea Party’s support, and he had supporters at the rally passing out campaign stickers encouraging people at the Manassas rally to show their support.

If Fimian wants to be our congressman, he must be unafraid to be who he is and unashamed of his friends. Otherwise, the Liberal news media will twist his message beyond all recognition.


This coming November we will have the opportunity to replace all the members of the House of Representatives and one third of the members of the Senate. We also know that the dominant party, the Democratic Party, will not be able to win this election in a fair contest. In addition, we know that Democrats have no intention of letting us have a fair contest.  That is why, for example, the House passed the Disclose Act today.

Here is what the Chicago Tribunes says about it.

On Thursday, Democrats muscled a bill through the U.S. House that they call the Disclose Act. The acronym stands for Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections. Rah, rah for transparency!

It’s a fraud. (continued here)

This morning, the Washington Examiner spoke even more emphatically.

Congress is considering a censorship law to muzzle conservative groups, one that exempts pro-Democrat groups from its requirements, called the DISCLOSE Act. This blatant assault on the First Amendment is worse in some respects than McCain-Feingold, and should be a major focus during Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings. (continued here)

Note the hypocrisy from the Democratic Party’s “campaign reform” advocates.

And by the way, labor unions are exempt from this law. Team Obama says, “We need disclosure!” Yet Team Obama’s storm troopers don’t need to disclose their activities, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

At least BCRA applied to unions. It was unconstitutional, but at least it went after both sides. DISCLOSE, by contrast, mostly criminalizes speech from conservative groups, while leaving liberals unfettered. (from here)

The bill supposedly targets corporations.  The Washington Post explains how it works, blaming the NRA for this “defect.”

At the urging of the National Rifle Association, which holds huge sway in Congress, a group of conservative Democrats negotiated a change in the bill’s language that would exempt the NRA from its disclosure requirements. Under that deal, long-standing national groups that have more than 1 million members and receive 15 percent or less of their funding from corporations would not have to disclose top donors.

That angered some liberal lawmakers and gun-control supporters, particularly many members of the Congressional Black Caucus. The measure was pulled from the House schedule last week, and it was tweaked again to exempt a wider array of groups. (from here)

Yep! With the NRA as an excuse, Democrats “tweaked” the bill. What the Disclose Act does is target free speech and The United States Constitution. The First Amendment says:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

We must rally to defend our freedom. We must work to make certain the so-called Disclose Act does not get through the Senate. The Manassas Tea Party is staging a Defend The Constitution Rally on Friday, June 25th at 7:00PM. The event will be located at the Harris Pavilion in downtown Manassas, Virginia.  Be there!

Other Views

So long as Democrats are doing it, Blue Virginia thinks stifling free speech is a “significant victory.” See Perriello: “We, the people” is not “We, the foreign corporations.”

United Conservatives of Virginia reports in two posts. The latest is NRA Board Member Speaks Out On Collusion With DhimmiRats. DISCLOSE-HR 5175 describes the content of the bill.

Barticles talks about Perriello Adding Insult to Injury.

From On High in Hello, NRA. Anyone Home? expresses shock at the betrayal of the NRA.

The Augusta Free Press in Perriello: Don’t tread on the NRA illustrates how the NRA sellout works.


Since I have Internet access at work, I use the Internet to monitor the weather.  When I expect rain, I check the weather radar.  Since I often go for a walk after work, I have a practical interest in this matter.  And I have begun to notice a pattern. The thunderstorms do not behave quite the way I expected.  Suspecting something related to the heat island affect, I decided to investigate.

What is the heat island effect? Here is the definition.

heat island effect  

Higher-temperature ‘dome’ created over an urban or industrial area by hot air layers forming at building top or chimney top level. This dome is about 5°C to 7°C (about 40°F to 45°F) warmer than air above it and the ground level temperature, and can trap all polluting emissions within its confines. Most noticeable at night and early morning periods, it normally disperses by midday when the ambient temperature increases. See also temperature inversion.

Here is a good video that describes some of the issues.

Most regard heat islands as trouble, but there are advantages. For example, during winter, cities are warmer (see here).  However, that is not the subject of this post.  How can heat islands affect rainfall?  NASA first reported observing an affect in 2002. 

NASA researchers have for the first time used a rainfall-measuring satellite to confirm that “urban heat-islands” create more summer rain over and downwind of major cities, including Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio and Nashville. (from here)

Because of the thunderstorms in the region, researchers have found the Atlanta metro area appropriate for studying how the heat island effect affects thunderstorm activity. 

The Atlanta metro area serves as a perfect case study for researchers working to answer these questions. During one three-and-a-half-hour period on a recent late summer day, 97 lightning strikes pummeled Gwinnett County, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. The aftermath left 19 homes and two apartment buildings damaged, two people injured, and many others shaken as they cleaned up the damage. Georgia ranks ninth in the United States for the most lightning casualties, and lightning ranks as the top cause of weather-related deaths for the state. Estimated annual losses due to lightning in Georgia range as high as $27 million, most occurring in the highly populated and thunderstorm-frequented Atlanta Metro area.

Results from a 10-year investigation of lightning and thunderstorm activity surrounding Atlanta identified increases in thunderstorm intensity, rainfall, and lightning over and downwind of the city center during the summer months of June, July, and August. But why was there more lightning and thunderstorm activity over the metro area? Given the magnitude of damage and dangers of lightning to people outdoors, researchers sought to determine whether an urban area such as Atlanta might, in fact, create or intensify thunderstorm activity. (from here)

The major factor? That is the Atlanta heat island.  Of course, cities do more than just produce and retain heat. Their buildings create topographical features and the pollution they produce alters the atmosphere.  So researchers also studied those affects.

Anyway, if you too observe thunderstorms behaving oddly around the Washington metro area, there is a reason.

Other interesting references include: