This is the first of a five-part series. The purpose of this series is to help us, myself included, come to grips with House’s passage of the Senate’s version of the Health Care Bill.

Mourning in America — Reactions Across the Internet

Everything made by man comes to an end. In time, the American republic must end. We cannot forever grasp the heritage passed onto us by our nation’s Founders. Our hands were not made to hold eternity. So just as we mourn the passage of friend and relatives, we mourn the passing of each tradition of our republic. We have only one hope, that the changes we make will be for the better.

On Sunday, March 22, 2010, the House of Representatives passed a bill the majority of the American public did not want.  In fact, much of the public vehemently opposed the bill. Not one Republican — NOT ONE — in the House voted for the bill. To pass the most significant legislation in decades in the face of such opposition defeated the very purpose for which the House of Representatives was created.  Nevertheless, that is exactly what happen, and so many of us were profoundly saddened. How can anyone call such anti-democratic rule a change for the better?

Many in fact called the Monday that followed a day for mourning. Here are some examples.

Enough mourning in America from Resolute Determination

In his post michaelstafford calls for optimism. Nonetheless, he criticized the bill.

But what passed this morning is not “reform” at all.  It is a power grab.  Real reform would have empowered doctors and patients at the expense of middle-men like healthcare insurance companies and federal bureaucrats.  Real reform would not further advance the depersonalization of healthcare.   Real reform would have involved a devolution of power, not a nationalization.  Real reform would have struck at the regulation, bureaucratization, and litigation that are, in the end, responsible for much of the increase we’ve seen in healthcare costs.

What we’ve got, instead, is one more piece in the creeping advance of the “dependency agenda” and the federalization of major aspects of the economy.  What we’ve got is a budget-buster that will sink our federal and state governments further into debt and act as yet another break on economic growth and recovery.

Mourning in America from Paco Enterprises

Paco, on the other hand, provides a bit of inspiring sarcasm.

Greetings, comrades! Did you all do your government-mandated push-ups this morning and eat your taxpayer-subsidized oatmeal? No? You refuse to let a paternalistic government make life-and-death decisions for you, and tax you for the privilege?

Excellent. Then you have decided to fight back. You are not alone, fellow citizens of this once and future Great Republic.

Then Paco suggests alternative courses of action.

Mourning in America from Liberty Tree Revolution

J Michael Fuentes contrasts Morning in America with Mourning in America.  He begins:

In the 80’s we went through a time of unprecedented hope and change. We elected a charismatic President who led us with a vision of not just what we could be but what America could do. This was the sentiment of the time:…..

“Mourning in America” Or “The Iron Fist of the Left” from Black and Red

J. Thomas Hunter provides some rather insightful commentary. Here is how it ends

If this bill succeeds, the subsequent damage that it will cause to America lays at the feet of the Democrat Party along with every single Obama voter. The fools (John McWhorter included) who voted for him based on race, those simpletons who voted for him because “anything is better than Bush,” those self-important college students looking for meaning in their life who bought the “we are the change we have been waiting for” tripe rather than judge the substance of Obama’s policies; are all responsible for this tragedy.

So, too, are the Republicans who allowed spending to spiral out of control, and who could not make the case for the American values that they were defending while in power, responsible for this nightmare.

Indeed, we are cursed with two more years of the Obama Administration, but “Mourning in America” begins the moment one-sixth of our economy is consumed by the Democrats’ dysfunctional health care reform.



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