Thanks to Doug Thompson, the self-styled Blue Ridge Muse, it occurred to me to wonder how many racist or lunatic pictures from “Tea Parties” I could find at Liberal/Democrat websites in Virginia.  So here goes.

Just to compare, here are some Conservative/Republican websites.

And here is something from the “other” category.

If you want to find people obsessed with racism and foul language, do not bother going to a Tea Party. You will be wasting your time.  On the other hand, if you go to a Liberal/Democrat website and search on ” tea “, there is a good chance you will find something.



  1. Kurt M

    SWACGIRL is just looking for attention once again. The Augusta County mass meeting is coming up and she has plans to take back the republican party of “Swac-Land” back so she can “heal” virginia.
    Truth is she is one of the main factors in tearing it apart and now she will use lies and procedure rules to steal back her position in a way that will make the Democrat’s envious!!!


  2. Kurt – I know next to nothing about the republican party of “Swac-Land.” Nonetheless, it seems to me that you are the one looking for attention. Can’t you find a more profitable activity?


    1. Yeah, I am afraid that is true. The question is why. We have to understand why Democrats go through the motions a being honest and compassionate, but they have no real intention of being either honest or compassionate.


  3. xxxx xxxx

    Another one sided “patriot” who hides behind an anonymous screen name, claiming to do all sorts of “informative” reporting, while he sits and repeats what others have already reported. Nothing more than a typical teab@#$% pretending he is some kind of “uber warrior” when in reality he was too scared to serve his country, much less “defend” it from those he knows nothing about. Go back to your convience store job, chickenhawk, and leave the fighting to the real men…


  4. XXXX XXXX – If you don’t know who I am, then you don’t know anything about me. So your attacks against my character have no weight. You flail ignorantly in the dark hoping to hit something.

    Consider what is stated in the post, however. Here we have facts available to all with a conclusion you can contest. Do you contest that conclusion? No. That is because you know deep down you already lost the argument.

    Even when we are in the wrong, it is in our capacity to do evil. For example, slavery was wrong. Even before we abolished it, the slave masters had lost the argument. Nonetheless, they succeeded in holding their fellows in chains. So for a time the slave masters “won” the argument. Similarly, you would “win” this argument.


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