Americans believe in helping themselves. Thus, self-help books have long been a staple of American publishing. Google “self-help book”, and you will get plenty of hits. In fact, right at the top of the list is The Guide to Self-Help Books, an online bookstore that specializes in self-help books. 

This is a religious/political blog. So as you read this, I imagine you are wondering: “Why is he talking about self-help books?” Well, let’s answer that question. 

Since I like to write, I have considered the possibility of authoring a book, but what would I write? One possibility is politics. Unfortunately, even though my blog is somewhat popular, I doubt the following is large enough to attract the interest of a publisher.  But it is possible I could publish a self-help book. Since I often document procedures at work, I even have some practical experience doing such a thing. 

But the notion of writing a self-help book poses another question. A self-help book about what? Since I have some ambition, it seems to me I should start my own line of self-help books, one appropriate to the times.  We already have the for dummies series and the complete idiots guides.  Since I am a smart guy, I should be able to start something similar, but what? Well, after some consideration, I have come up with the perfect idea. I can start a for Liberal Democrats series.  In fact, I already have a bunch of perfect titles and references. Here is the first one.

The All-Purpose Guide to Fighting Fire With Fire for Liberal Democrats 

Since the primary virtues valued by Liberal Democrats are deceit, deception, and betrayal; this series will focus on those virtues. Unfortunately, there is the over abundance of material. To learn how to deal with that problem, I have studied earlier authors, and these studies have provided hints as to how the voluminous amounts of material on deceit, deception, and betrayal can be boiled down to manageable form. The trick, it seems, is to focus on specific applications.   For example, with The Art of War, Sun Tzu demonstrated the specific applications of deceit and deception in warfare.  Unfortunately, I don’t recall that Sun Tzu had much to say about betrayal. Nevertheless, with The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli elegantly explained the amoral necessity of all three virtues in a strong ruler. 

Anyway, this first book will be primer on ethics. So that it has immediate practical application, this book will explain the basic mechanics of pretense, simulation, feigning, duplicity, double-dealing, cheating, backstabbing and so forth, but that would not be its fundamental purpose. To make a series profitable, what this book must do is induce its buyers to buy more books in the series. That it will do by compiling an array of time-tested Liberal Democrat truths such as:

  • Everybody does it. If other people are sponges, frauds, two-faced, thieves, and so forth, why should anyone be left out?
  • It is for the children. So long as it is for a child, we can justify any action we might want to take no matter who else it benefits.
  • Backstabbing is okay if it a preemptive attack. So long as we have any inking he would have done it to me if I had not done it to him first, it is okay to have done it to him first.
  • The rich get rich by stealing their riches from somebody else. That is, so long as the person you are robbing is richer than you, it is okay to rob them.
  • I deserve it.  If both politicians and commercials tell you that you deserve the very best, then you know it must be true. Does it really matter then, how you get what you deserve?
  • Even if it only saves one life, any cost is justified.  After all, life is the greatest priority. If some how something can save your life, then you must have a right to it.

Because this is only a blog post, the above list is unfortunately quite brief. In a book, I should be able flesh out each item of this list. In fact, with careful and scholarly research, I should be able to glean a great many more philosophical truths from the  campaigns of modern Liberal Democrats. Wish me luck!  😉



  1. Cato the Elder

    “Even if it only saves one life, any cost is justified”

    Unless, of course, that life happens to belong to a fetus.


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