It is strange what sometimes finds its way into my inbox. So in the interest of um, bipartisanship, here is a fundraising ad for the Democratic Party. 

Sarah’s Secret Plan‏

Friend —

Congressional Republicans are blindly following Sarah Palin, her merry band of Tea Partiers and special interest fat cat friends right off the cliff by publicly calling for the end of Social Security and Medicare as we know it.

Well we’ll let them make their bed, and make sure they lie in it. Help us hold every crazy, Social Security killing wing-nut Republican accountable for every word they say.

That’s where you come in. The DCCC is launching an advertising campaign while Republicans are home in their districts for Presidents Day.

Help me raise $50,000 before Monday, February 15th – Presidents Day – so the DCCC can run hard hitting ads while Republicans are home in their districts and hold them accountable for what they’re saying about Social Security and Medicare.

It’s engaged grassroots Democrats like you who are standing up to the GOP’s radical plans and exposing their double-talk, misleading rhetoric and distortions.

Earlier this week, thanks to you, over 30,000 DCCC supporters of our Fact Check FOX team signed our Stand Up To Sarah Petition – calling out FOX News’ newest political pundit for her smears and pathetic attempts to shift blame for our current economic mess from the failed policies of George Bush to Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats.

We’re not going to let that happen. And, we’re doing everything in our power to be sure voters are fully aware of what Tea Party Republicans and their special interest enablers are up to.

Help the DCCC raise $50,000 by Monday, February 15th to hold Republicans accountable by running ads in their districts while they’re home for Presidents Day.

Republicans are aggressively pushing to turn over Social Security to the same Wall Street banks that ruined our economy and give control of Medicare to the health insurance industry.

The Republicans’ budget is a crazy radical roadmap leading straight back into the ditch that Bush dug for us and a dead end for Medicare for our seniors. If Republicans and their Tea Party allies gain control of Congress in November’s election, these radical plans will be put into action.

Nothing would make GOP special interest donors in corporate boardrooms across America happier. The popping champagne corks would break the sound barrier.

Stand with me and the DCCC against Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, the Republican special interests and their dangerous plans for America’s future. Contribute today.

Together we’ll get the job done.

Thank you,

Jon Vogel
DCCC Executive Director

P.S. The DCCC is taking the fight to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party crowd. And, it’s your generous contributions that gives them the means to keep up the pressure. Help the DCCC raise $50,000 by Monday, February 15th to hold Republicans accountable by running ads in their districts while they are home for Presidents Day.

Who is Jon Vogel? Check this link -> Jon Vogel Named DCCC Executive Director

What is the point of this post? Sarah Palin has become the Democratic Party’s replacement for George W. Bush. Apparently, the DCCC thinks Sarah Palin is qualified to be our president.

Note the attempt to use the third rail of politics, Social Security with Medicare thrown in for good measure. Never mind that Democrats propose to cut Medicare in their Health Care bills. “Republicans” intend to gut these programs.  You don’t suppose the Democratic Party needs to create some foul demon from the pits of hell to rally its troops?

The fact is that Social Security and Medicare are already in slow collapse. Social Security is starting to cost more than it takes in, and Medicare is a snowballing disaster as well. There is no Social Security Trust Fund.  That money is robbed as soon as our taxes are collected. 

How can anyone defend such financial disasters? Only an oath-breaking Democrat politician truly knows. These programs are both unconstitutional and should never have been created. Unfortunately, the politicians in the Democratic Party find it all too easy to use such unconstitutional atrocities to frighten cowardly and gullible seniors.

What each of us should remember is that to fund these programs we must exploit our own children. There is no excuse for that. That is why I say cowardly seniors. Only cowardly parents would support the exploitation of their own children by fear mongering demagogues.

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, both these programs need to be methodically dismantled. Because they paid for so many decades into these programs, retirees and those people about to retire need to be protected, but everyone else need to be allowed to escape Social Security and Medicare. 

Make no mistake.  The future of our nation is at stake. The rest of the world owes us nothing. Sooner or latter, China and other nations will stop financing our spendthrift politicians. Then, in the midst of financial collapse, we will have no choice except to balance a tiny budget.


One thought on “SARAH’S SECRET PLAN

  1. Jay

    When intelligence strikes try to grab hold of it. You and yours are at the heart of the down fall
    of America. Immorality and corruption runs deep in both the Republican and Democratic parties, but
    the Democrats have so far supported a path towards Hitler, Mau, Chavez, Castro, etc… that it leaves
    anemic socialism in the dust. The support of murdering innocent babies, a nanny state, the stripping
    of all of our freedoms and money is the dire mission of Progressives in both parties. A REAL revolution
    is coming and you, sir, are in the camp of the oppressors.


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