I just finish reading a post at Smash Mouth Politics about a story that most likely has the rapt attention of more than a few folks, Israel about to do what the rest of the world refuses to do.  It appears Israel is getting ready to go after Iran’s nuclear facilities.  That, of course, will rile more than a few Muslims fanatics.  Unfortunately, the cost, particularly for Israel, of not riling Muslim fanatics would be far higher.

So what can we do?  The cost of freedom is more than just eternal vigilance.  We must get involved and do some hard work.  Don’t think so?  Need motivation?  May I suggest this post, FAMILY FOUNDATION DAY AT THE CAPITOL, at the Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance?  The excerpt from Alexis De Tocqueville‘s Democracy in America is quite timely.


  1. Yeah, rational wasn’t a good word. What I should have said is that at least their warped idea of what is worth dying for does not include suicide missions to kill civilians. No, wait. They have no problem killing their own civilians. Ahh, never mind, I give up. Let’s just say this, when Commies were the problem, they saw Mutually Assured Destruction as a deterrent, and the Muslim fanatics do not, and leave it at that.


  2. John Doe – Rational Commies? I doubt that. I also doubt that the Muslims are less rational. However, I agree that Commmies are considerably more interested in self preservation.

    What someone believes to be the Truth drives their decisions. Communists, because they do not believe in God can only believe in worldly power. With death, they lose all access to that power — and all hope. Muslim fanatics believe in Allah, but unlike Christians they believe in a God that drives them to hate infidels.

    The Muslim fanatic’s Allah rewards a different sort of martyrdom. Christ rewards the Christian for living in faith even unto death, a life that sets a godly example for others. Whereas the Muslim fanatic’s Allah rewards the disciple who dies in frothing rage killing unbelievers.

    Thus, Communism teaches it is all about me and to be fearful of others. Muslim fanaticism preaches the doctrine of a wrath filled Allah and hatred towards unbelievers. And Christianity says God loves us, that our salvation is to love God and each other.

    In a latter post, THE WORLD IS AS IT IS, I suggested THE WORLD IS AS IT IS, that we cannot change reality just to suit us. As strange as it may seem, that is not entirely true. What we value — our preception of what is True — radically changes how we perceive and react to the world. That is why Jesus spoke of being born again (John 3:2-4). When we learn to love God and each other, it is to see His Creation all anew. It is to understand that God has made something far more wondrous than we will ever in this life know. That even though we have been reborn we see only a dim reflection, as if we were looking into a mirror (1 Corinthians 13:11-13).


  3. The difference is that the commies are at least rational. They only kill IF they can get away with it, if they have the pure power to do it and not destroy themselves. Commies rarely committed suicide to blow up their enemies. Muslim extremists seem to jump at the chance to commit suicide. What moron wants the same people who strap explosives to women and retarded people to get their hands on a nuke. Even if one were to think that the Persians and “Zionists” were bad people, we already know that many of the Persians hate us, and want to kill us, too, so a rational person would at least hope that the Israelis prevail if they bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities.


  4. Paul Garber – The sad thing is I do not think you are joking.

    With evil, there is no middle ground.

    Luke 11:23 (Today’s New International Version)

    Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

    Must you have a secular source? Then consider this one.

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
    Edmund Burke
    Irish orator, philosopher, & politician (1729 – 1797) (from here)

    We cannot stand by, watch evil take place, and pretend that it will not touch us. It can, and it will.


  5. I’m not drinking that Kool-Aid.

    Step back and consider what happens if the Persians get multiple nukes. Why wouldn’t the “mutually assured destruction” concept that kept the US and USSR in balance, not apply to the Zionist-Persian relationship?

    Plus, if Iran and Israel both nuke each other, there is NO downside for the U.S. and the rest of the world, since the Zionists and Persians are ALL assholes; so no big loss. The upside would be a major nuclear clean-up opportunity for U.S. firms.

    If they achieve peace through the MAD principle, fine. If they blow each other away, we get a great business opportunity through the clean-up and reconstruction.


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