It is common knowledge now, I hope, that this weekend the House of Representatives approved their version of the so-called Affordable Health for America Act, H.R. 3962.  How did our congressmen vote?  Here is a link that shows how the vote went.

We here in Virginia’s 11th Congressional District are especially cursed.  Our congressman, Gerry Connolly, voted for that dratted bill enthusiastically.  Here is what he supposedly said on the House floor in support of the bill.

Mr. Speaker, I rise to address the issue of health care reform.   H.R. 3962, this bill, has been a century in the making.

Teddy Roosevelt first called for comprehensive health care in the early 1900’s.  Some rush.

A hundred years after that Republican’s vision, T.R. has been vindicated. Americans need the reform he endeavored to achieve.

Today’s vote will mark an epic turning point for our country, for it enshrines national principles far more important than legislative pages:

The principle of universal access and affordability;

The principle of protection for American families against bankruptcy from the cost of catastrophic illness;

The simple justice of shielding millions, including our children, from the caprice and devastation of health care benefits denied because of a pre-existing medical condition.

If we have common American values that include compassion and economic common sense, if we have some sense of commonwealth in which your need is also mine, if we can rise above partisan advantage and understand our responsibilities to our fellow countrymen, here in this place, then we will seize this moment, this one transformative moment to make America a better place.

I will vote for this bill.  I yield back.  (from here)

It is compassionate to spend other people’s money?  What makes anybody think nationalizing health care will work?  When they do not even know how to balance a budget, what makes anyone think Congress knows anything about delivering health care?  When most people are happy with their medical care, we are suppose overhaul the entire health care system and wreck havoc on the entire economy?  “Fixing” something that is not broke defines compassion and economic common sense?

So what are we going to do about such a compassionate and financially sensible, big spending, maniac determined to lead us all into poverty?  Well, there is a Republican who cannot wait to run against Connolly.  There is a Republican opposed to the socialist agenda.


Here is what Fimian said about H.R 3962.

Dear Friend,

Over the weekend Nancy Pelosi passed legislation supporting a government takeover of health care.

Gerry Connolly stood in lockstep with the far-left of his party, vocally supporting this egregious bill.

Please stand with me against the “public-option” by donating $20 to my campaign.

The Washington Post says “The price tag is $1 trillion; that gets whittled down to $894 billion only by taking into account penalties paid by individuals without insurance and employers who don’t offer it.”

Nancy Pelosi and Gerry Connolly plan to pay for this bill by taxing and penalizing small businesses and hard-working families.

I am running for Congress because I believe you deserve a representative who understands how to create jobs, and how to revive our economy. I am a business owner who knows what it takes to create jobs, and that is the experience I will bring to Washington next year.

Support my campaign of fiscal accountability, new jobs, and economic revival.

The direction of this country rests on next year’s midterm elections. Your help is needed now more than ever.

Thanks for your help,

Keith Fimian

So now we have a choice.  On the first Tuesday in November, 2010, we can either vote for a tax and spend socialist or we can vote for a former businessman who knows how to balance a budget.


  1. Hello Henryk — Long time no see. Welcome.

    I briefly checked out your article. I will give it a more thorough check out in the morning.

    From what I saw, it would seem that you bought the notion that the Republicans do not have any ideas. Since you seem quite intelligent, that disappointed me, but I suppose that is how you got on the Huffington Post. That is the kind of blindness that outfit would appreciate.

    Please note that Democrats have majorities in both the House and Senate. There is no way, particularly in the House, that Republican ideas can get into House legislation unless the Democrats permit it. With Nancy Pelosi in charge, Liberal Democrats do not seem inclined to compromise.

    Anyway, since you brought it up, I suppose it would not hurt to do a post about the Republican Party’s ideas on health care.

  2. Katherine Gotthardt – Whether it be good government or bad, government is not an inexpensive solution. When it is so unnecessary, nationalizing our health care system is a terrible idea. There will be nothing free about it.

    As taxpayers we will pay the bill, and we will get less. As a monopoly, government does not have to be efficient. As citizens and users of the health care system, we will be deprive of our rightful choices. Instead of the important decisions remaining between us and our doctor, faceless bureaucrats will intrude with the power of government regulations.

    Our insurance “plans” will consist of government dictates. We will pay or face the wrath of the IRS. Doctors will also be forced to comply. They must either they obey or they will not be allowed to practice.

  3. I just love the ironic political world in which the way to protest spending money is to give money to a new candidate or organization.

    Nothing against Fimian. EVERYTHING against the stupid system we inflict on ourselves.

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