Some people have tried to reduce political divisions to different notions about personal and economic autonomy.  For an example, see the chart below.

Others see the issue as a purely moral one.  That is illustrated by the following cartoon.

I fear what distinguishes Conservatives from Liberals is a bit more subtle.  As we grow to maturity, we are suppose to learn how to think logically.  Unfortunately, many of us fail to learn how to think properly.  Instead of learning how to think properly, many learn a sophisticated rationalization (otherwise known as an ideology unfounded in logic and fact).

There is no easy way to learn how to think properly.  Logical thought requires self discipline and starts with well-considered, time tested assumptions.   To a large extent, we inherit both our self discipline and our assumptions from our parents and teachers.  Without good instruction, we are already far behind.

The understanding of what is required for logical thought distinguishes modern Conservatives from modern Liberals.  Conservatives are not geniuses or better people, but they do more often insist upon disciplined logic that begins with time tested assumptions.  Conservatives insist that we will not and cannot arrive at the desired effect unless we execute the appropriate cause.  Liberals, on the other hand, insist their programs will work just because “it is the right thing to do.”

Look at how Liberals deal with a “crisis.”  Don’t they argue that with the Will and the right Leader, we can and will succeed in overcoming the crisis.  What do Liberals do what when their Anointed One does not have this marvelous Will at his command?  Don’t they then try desperately to fix the mess they have made?  Don’t they stubbornly seize powers they have no right to exercise?  Thus, we end up with a “plot” to create a dictatorship that arises from nothing more astounding than prideful ignorance.

Where does Liberalism’s faulty thinking stem from?  We have been taught in an education system which is increasingly socialist in character.  The structure of this system does not marry the effect that parents desire with an appropriate cause.  Socialism empowers politicians, not parents.  Socialism makes politicians and special interests its customers, not parents and their children.

As consumers, when we have a choice, we go to the supplier most able to fulfill our needs.   The prospect of that money in our hands instills discipline in suppliers.  As consumers, we are in control because we have and control our own money.  Paying the bill, the cause, produces the desired effect, the product or service we want.

When we pay taxes, we give responsibility over to politicians to fulfill our needs.  We also give up a huge amount of control.  Our  money is no longer in our hands.   We cannot force suppliers to compete for our dollars.  We can only rail against politicians about an illogically constructed system.

And our school system is atrociously illogical.  Four different levels of government —  Federal, state, county, and a School Board — run our schools.  When we have a problem, who do you blame?   Can they even hear you?  Don’t those same politicians also run all kinds of different enterprises such as Social Security, Medicare, the military, police forces, roads and mass transit, welfare, and so forth?  When you complain about the school system, won’t your complaints be drowned out by untold numbers of complaints about so many other problems?  Even if your school board member hears you, his authority is mightly constrained by Federal, state, and county mandates.  So what is he suppose to do?

Thus, our schools work poorly.  Instead of learning Western history and literature founded upon a sound understanding of reading, writing, and arithmetic, our children learn to rationalize with isms such as socialism, environmentalism, multiculturalism, secularism and so forth.  Thus, we are too often poorly educated, confused and ignorant.  Almost inevitably we tend to elect socialists whose promises sound so good, but whose leadership only worsens an already bad situation.  Continuing to vote for socialists must in the end result in the creation of a Marxist or Communist state.

So what can we do?  We can vote for those who want to lead us instead of dominate us.  We can vote for men and women who respect our right to keep and spend the bulk our earnings as we each think appropriate.




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