Here is an excerpt from the August 1st edition of the Cuccinelli Compass. In this issue, Senator Ken Cuccinelli explains the delta.  That is, Cuccinelli tells his the difference between voting for him and voting for his opponent in the race to be our next Attorney General.

Dear Fellow Virginians,

For those of you that have been asking, here is a checklist of some of the issue differences I have with my opponent.

Mind you, this is NOT comprehensive, and certain issues are more directly and frequently related to the responsibilities of the Attorney General, but I won’t go into that level of detail here.

Issue Δ

First, I have to explain what “Δ” means.  I was an engineer before I was a lawyer, and I still think like an engineer.  Much of the very little shorthand that I have uses engineering symbols.  “Δ” is ‘delta’ in Greek, and in engineering it stands for ‘the difference.’  E.g., the Δ between 15 and 50 is 35.

So, here it is, from lowest numbered constitutional amendment to highest and alphabetically:

2nd Amendment: I support it as an individual right for law abiding adults, while my opponent supports gun control.

5th Amendment (property rights/eminent domain): This is a little confusing because since the U.S. Supreme Court’s Kelo decision, the 5th Amendment no longer protects property rights.  I have been a premier leader in pushing to re-establish property rights – as the founding fathers wanted – both in Virginia law and in our state constitution.  In 2007, after three years of work, I succeeded in getting a law passed protecting property rights, but we continue to work to get a constitutional amendment.  My opponent has opposed these efforts, siding instead with the special interests that want to be able to easily take your property by using their political connections.  This is why Verizon, among the biggest opponents of property rights, has sided with my opponent in this race.  Because he’s a guy they can “work with.”  You know what that means, right?

10th Amendment: This is the state sovereignty amendment, and it reads “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the Sates respectively, or to the people.”  When the federal government oversteps its constitutional boundaries, as it seems poised to do in areas like our right to work laws, then the 10th Amendment gives states a way to fight back in court.  In our only debate (you may recall that my opponent is ducking debates), I said that I would resist certain federal encroachments, such as in the area of right to work and in order to allow Virginia to maintain its own regulatory authority (cap and trade anyone?).  In that debate, I challenged my opponent to make the same commitment.  He would not commit to protecting Virginia from such encroachments.  And for those of you that may have attended a Tea Party recently, my opponent held a telephone conference call for the press last month in which he condemned the entire “Tea Party movement” (in case you weren’t sure what he thought of YOU…).

Energy: I support drilling offshore for oil, while my opponent does not – this despite the fact that in our first debate he correctly stated that such energy production is important to our national security.  I also have a much better record of protecting our coal industry while continuing to push for the cleaner use of coal.  I support the aggressive expansion of our nuclear industry and making accommodations so market-competitive alternative energy can be brought on line.

Life: I am pro-life and he is not.  He has a Family Foundation score of 13 – yikes!

Marriage Amendment: I supported it, he flip-flopped, coming out against it just before the election in 2006.

Melendez-Diaz vs. Massachusetts: This is the June 25th case that caused me to ask the Governor to call a special session, which he did, but not until after my opponent called it “a political stunt.”  Thankfully, Governor Kaine agreed with me and not my opponent.  I am on the right track in addressing this legislatively to make sure our prosecutors don’t lose any more drunk driving or drug cases because of the Melendez decision.  My opponent still hasn’t said what his proposed alternative to legislation is in this area, AND he mistakenly claimed that he had a bill in 2007 (HB 2086) that would have fixed the Melendez problem in drunk driving cases, but he got the law wrong!  Woops.

Right to work: I strongly support Virginia’s right to work laws, while my opponent has repeatedly voted against protecting our right to work.  He has a 100% voting record with the AFL-CIO, I have a 0%.  This is a very important issue to Virginia’s economy, and it is threatened by federal “card check” legislation (which is why our stands on the 10th Amendment are so important).  Maybe this is why both the AFL-CIO and the SEIU both donated tens of thousands of dollars to my opponent in June!

Supporting small business: I earned my second 100% scorecard in a row from the NFIB (the small business folks, and the only pure business group left in Richmond).  NFIB’s scorecards cover two years each, so I’ve had a 100% voting record for four straight years, also earning their “Guardian of Small Business Award” in 2007 for my leadership on property rights protection (only a select few of NFIB’s 100% voters ever get this award).  On the other hand, my opponent has a 50% score on the most recent NFIB scorecard.

Taxes: Part of being for limited government means limiting taxes wherever possible.  I have been a strong fighter against tax increases, while my opponent has regularly supported them.  He has even voted for sales tax increases after campaigning hard against that particular tax (woops, another flip-flop).

If we can get candidates like Cuccinelli elected in November 2009, the politicians will take notice.  They will, for example, start backpedaling on government health care.  So take notice of this race and come out for the battle.   And remember, if we do not elect decent state and local officials, it will do us no good to take down the Federal Government a notch and restore power to state and local government.

Other Views

With a single-minded focus, Michael in Norfolk complains about Bob McDonnell‘s record on special rights for homosexuals (here).  Supposedly, Cuccinelli is worse.  I take that as a recommendation to vote for Cuccinelli.

Based upon a “scorecard” provided by a supposedly nonpartisan group, both Fred2Blue (here) and Blue Commonwealth (here) hate Cuccinelli’s record on the environment.  Before you take this “scorecard” seriously, please take the time to figure out what this “nonpartisan” group stands for.  Hint:  It is big, and it is government.

United Conservatives of Virginia is also posting Cuccinelli’s delta (here).

Roanoke Conservative Daily posts a good video.  Cuccinelli answers the charge he is too Conservative (here).

Decision Virginia reports (here) on Democratic Attorney General candidate Steve Shannon’s effort to tie Cuccinelli to Catherine Crabill.  Supposedly Crabill is a madwoman preparing to go out and shoot all the Democrats.  Since Crabill is running as a Republican and has been accused (proof does not much matter), that, of course, makes Cuccinelli guilty by association.  Here, by-the-way, is the full video of Crabill’s supposedly incriminating speech.  I got the link off her website.  She gave a good speech.

Blue Virginia also ferrets out the Catherine Crabill issue here.  This is the best Democrats can do?  Think about it.  The Democrats are jamming statism (socialism) and perverted beliefs (same-sex marriage, for example) down our throats and complaining about it has become an issue?

The Mason Conservative gets down to basics here.  Do we want an incompetent Attorney General?

Virginia Right notes that  Cuccinelli is well respected (here).

To learn more about Ken Cuccinelli log on to:

Unauthorized and paid for by nobody. ;-)


  1. kgotthardt – If only it were that simple. Unionism and politics are interlinked, and politics is about power. Whether people conduct politics ethically is up to the people involved.

    In the private sector, the percentage of unionized employees has been decreasing. That is not so in the government sector, and both private sector government sector unions are solidly behind the Democrats.

    What the Democrats and the unions are trying to do now is to force employees into unions. In addition, Democrats want the government to stick its busybody nose into the workplace. See here.


  2. I maintain that if we had ethical capitalism, we wouldn’t have a need for any intervention. But until employers starting treating employees right, we will have this kind of thing that often ends up as meddling. Unions exist because employees have been trampled upon. Treat people right and Unions will become obsolete.


  3. kgotthardt – In a competitive economy, employers compete for employees, and potential employees compete for jobs. In such an environment, there is little need for unions. That is why government employee unions are the only ones thriving.

    The solution for the problem posed by government official trying to bully government employees is to keep government small. Any competent employee can always get a job some place else — so long as there is some place else.


  4. Oh…I guess I was initially thinking of “at will” employment that often allows employers to slip under the discrimination radar:

    “At-will employment is a doctrine of American law that defines an employment relationship in which either party can break the relationship with no liability, provided there was no express contract for a definite term governing the employment relationship and that the employer does not belong to a collective bargain (i.e., a union). Under this legal doctrine:
    “ any hiring is presumed to be “at will”; that is, the employer is free to discharge individuals “for good cause, or bad cause, or no cause at all,” and the employee is equally free to quit, strike, or otherwise cease work.[1] ”

    Several exceptions to the doctrine exist, especially if unlawful discrimination is involved regarding the termination of an employee.

    As a means of downsizing, such as closing an unprofitable factory, a company may terminate employees en masse. However, there are legal limitations upon the employer’s ability to terminate without reason.”


  5. Oh! I see. Thanks, CAM.

    I hate working where you HAVE to join a union. Feels oppressive to me.

    Conversely, I also hate working in places where they can do whatever they want to you and there is no legal recourse.


  6. Right to work simply means that an employee cannot be forced into joining a union or paying union dues. For example, a teacher can choice whether or not to join the National Education Association or the American Federation of Teachers. A plumber who goes to work for a plumbing company doesn’t have to be a member of a plumbers union in order to get a job.

    There used to be “closed shops”, which meant that in order to work at that place of employment, you HAD to be a member of the union that shop supported or you wouldn’t be hired.

    It has nothing to doing with being fired or your odds of getting rehired – you have the choice of joining a union in the state of Virginia if you wish to. You just can’t be forced to join a union in order to be hired.


  7. Does “right to work” mean you can get axed for any reason (and subsequently, lose any chance of getting another job) and can’t do anything about it? Inquiring minds want to know.


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