constitution1.pngAmerican Civilization has been running a series of posts that asks readers to test the Constitutionality of certain ideas.  These posts include:

As the comment below indicates, James Atticus Bowden has grown mildly impatient with some of the comments on the Constitutionality of religious worship.

Thanks fellas. I’m short on time. Forgive my brevity.

The Constitution is explicitly and exquisitely clear on powers. All the powers you DON’T see listed belong to the states.

So, states can require government required religious oaths for office holders – as they did. And they could write government prayers if they like – unless the legislatures wisely stopped them.

It’s not that complicated. The problem is that Congress has passed laws giving it powers by fiat and judges go along or write new ones on the bench – because no one makes them amend the Constitution – no one will stop them. (from here)

Why has something which JAB says is uncomplicated grown so complex?  While I do not claim to be a Constitutional scholar (which perhaps is an aid to objectivity), over the years I have considered the issue.  So I will post some ideas for your consideration.

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