constitution1.pngA little over a year ago I posted a question:  IS IT A CHRISTIAN OR SECULAR CONSTITUTION? Since that time, The Daily Whackjob is no more.  So the links to it no longer work.

The post started a couple of debates.  As the debate unfolded, I decided it might be worthwhile to pose a challenge (See the end of this comment.), but I was slow in getting around to it.  Here is the challenge.

Name an important law that does not have religious significance.


  1. JAB, you do make some interesting points. I think we live in very different worlds, but that’s not a bad thing. What I like about coming here is that I get to read different perspectives from people who aren’t….jerks! LOL!!!!

    Seriously, though. Respect for different opinions sets this blog apart from others.

    That said, Tom, the Muslims I have met don’t endorse war or persecution of other religious communities. I’m not sure there is a statistic out there that backs up the notion that Muslims don’t appreciate religious freedom. Certainly, terrorists and radicals don’t, but that can be said for any group that has terrorists and radicals.

    It’s late, though, and the last thing I should be doing right now is blogging.

    Peace, Gentlemen! And good night.


  2. “Name an important law that does not have religious significance.”

    You may not discriminate against people of different race, color, creed or anything else in the workplace.

    As I said before, not all religions promote this.

    Therefore, the Constitution must prevail.


    1. The U.S. Constitution doesn’t address this. The 14th Amendment as written says – privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property – without due process.

      The issue of workplace discrimination is a state issue – even though the Feds have moved in.

      The idea of non-discrimination is a Judeo-Christian concept. It is uniquely so – although the Buddhists might try to lay claim too, even if civilizations based on their culture didn’t practice it.

      The laws come from the culture. The culture is based on consensus understanding of basic religiouse tenets – and many other factors (with their own histories).

      As to your post above – the majority rules. The majority has forced their beliefs through law since the GA first met in 1619.

      Minorities are safe in America precisely because it is a Judeo-Christian country. No change needed. See Rabbi Levin’s book on the 30-year War.


    2. JAB makes excellent points. Let me just add one of my own.

      Remember the controversy over cartoons depicting Mohamed in Denmark (see here). The greatest threat to religious freedom in Western Europe is the arrival of so many Muslims. Unless the followers of Islam can be persuaded that religious freedom is worthwhile, then religious freedom may very well be lost in those European nations where Muslims achieve sufficient clout.


  3. Ineely, as much as I respect Tom’s blog, the people who post here and “Tom” himself, I am not sure why you are being so apologetic. You make some great points.

    I agree that while our country was created by “white Christian men” (no offense meant…it’s just a descriptive), our country has changed. In the past, we had Native Americans who were called savages and heathens. Most of us no longer believe that. With the influx of so many people holding different beliefs, the way we interact with others must also change.

    So how can we change so that most people feel they live in a safe place, that they will not be persecuted for their religious beliefs, that they are free to exercise their beliefs and that they will be respected as human beings?

    Some religions encourage this, but some don’t. This is where the Constitution must prevail.

    No one has the right to try to force his/her religion or philosophical beliefs on ANYONE, either physically or psychologically. When we do this, it’s called intimidation.


  4. Ineely – When we know what we do not know, we have made a great discovery.

    Christians do allow the questioning of Christian beliefs. Without such questioning, we cannot know what we do not know. And we must learn. The Bible teaches that we each have to accept salvation. None can force salvation upon anyone else.

    Organized or disorganized religions are made up of people. A church is the people, not the building or some great man. People are often ignorant of the tenets of their faith, but during the Reformation, something profound happened. Many people started reading the Bible, and they started teaching each other, helping each other to understand.

    The Good Book was translated and printed. Then instead of relying upon a few learned men to teach them, people started reading the Bible for themselves. Over time that improved the church immensely. Christians had the opportunity to understand for themselves what God wanted from them.

    One thing the Bible teaches is that all the Founders save Jesus were fallible men. The Bible paints no pretty pictures of prophets or the the apostles. Abraham and Sara seem rather ordinary. We know David as as repentant murderer whom God loved. Little is said about someone like Enoch, who ascended straight into heaven. All we know is that Enoch walked with God.

    What we learn from the Bible is that we should each offer our lives to God. We exist to serve God by serving each other. Yet we know we are inherently weak. And such knowledge shaped the formation of our government so that it was created unlike any other.


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