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Was Sanger a diabolical figure or a heroine?  I do not know.  All I know is that her legacy, Planned Parenthood, does not speak well of her.

One thing we have to learn from the study of historical figures such as Margaret Sanger is that they were not that much different from most of us.  Whether you approve Sanger or not, what is obvious is that she worked hard and risked much for the cause she adopted as her own.  For example, she obviously found the interview with Wallace trying, and he most certainly did his best to put her on he spot.  Yet she gamely did her best.

So what was the problem with Sanger?  While it is not our place to judge Sanger, we do have to live with what she helped to set in motion. Those who adopted her cause as their own have succeeded in legalizing abortion as birth control.  Sanger’s followers insist the rest of us treat abortions as an entirely moral and even worthy of great respect.   With religious fervor, they demand we participate in the sacrifice to their god of “reason” by paying for abortions with our taxes.   They so insist on the right to their own choice they would leave no one else with a choice.



  1. Too sleepy to really delve into this, but I maintain:

    education and contraception-good

    abortion-not good


    self mutilation-not good

    Judging people who have been backed into a corner and don’t know what else to do except have an abortion?



  2. Old Fashion Liberal

    kgotthardt – Backed into a corner? There is always a choice, but sometimes the choice is very hard.

    The abortion issue gets highly emotional because the opponents of abortion say abortion is murder and the proponents of abortion have an abhorrence of being judged. Yet what gives the proponents the right to force others to participate in abortions? Why do those who oppose abortions have to pay taxes to support abortions? What gives the government the right to sneak around the normal prerogatives of parent. What gives public officials the right to “educate” children, provide children contraceptives, and abort the babies of children — all without parental knowledge and consent?

    There is an old ritual common to gangs engaged in foul crimes. To join the gang, one must commit a foul crime. That way other gang member know they can “trust” you.

    So it seems with the proponents of abortion. To relieve themselves of the anxiety of their sin, they would have the rest of us become murderers too. That is indefensible.


  3. I don’t think taxes should be used to support abortion. I think abortion is a moral, medical and horrible decision that doesn’t belong in politics at all.

    In health ed, kids learn about contraceptives from a health standpoint, the same way we learn about why we have to clean our be-hinds well (no exaggeration).

    Parents can always opt-out their kids from health ed. As for me, I like that my kids are getting yet one more message that sex is a serious responsibility and health issues are a real concern.

    Morals need to be taught at home and in churches. Health can be taught in school. And while we’re at it, shut the television off.


  4. “Backed into a corner? There is always a choice, but sometimes the choice is very hard.”

    The choice IS hard. I agree. But people need to know what those choices are in order to make a decision.

    Some people really believe they have no other choice but abortion, which is why we need to encourage adoption. But the adoption system needs to be cleaned up in order for that to happen. Most people don’t have 10-$20,000 to adopt!


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