Cuccinelli on the Issues: Immigration

Since I support Senator Ken Cuccinelli’s bid to be our Attorney General, I figured it is about time I started acting like it.  Here is a position statement he just issued.

Cuccinelli on the Issues: Immigration

The fourth in a series of issue positions
from the Cuccinelli for Attorney General Campaign

As part of the Cuccinelli for Attorney General campaign’s ongoing effort to keep delegates informed on the issues discussed in this campaign, we decided in light of John Brownlee’s misguided, deliberate attempt to mischaracterize Ken’s FACTUAL record on immigration, that we would list Ken’s position, and the numerous successful bills passed into law, dealing with this topic.

It’s one thing – as in John Brownlee’s case – to just say you are against Illegal immigration – but with Ken Cuccinelli, his rhetoric is backed with ACTION.  It defies logic that a campaign – in this case John Brownlee’s – would deliberately publish half-truth’s.  But as we all know, campaigns that get stuck in the mud start to throw it.

Ken is a FOUNDING MEMBER of the national organization of State Legislators for Legal Immigration.  He is committed to passing legislation (not just talking about it – a critical difference) that removes the economic incentives that encourage illegal immigration. Illegal aliens who choose to break additional laws by stealing identities, dealing drugs, joining criminal gangs, driving without a license or committing fraud must receive prompt justice and deportation.  No ifs, ands, or buts.

Ken is the ONLY candidate for Attorney General with a PROVEN Record….not to sound like a broken one. Ken doesn’t merely say “this is my position, vote for me” (we have ample evidence of Republicans who say one thing – then do another) – but every position is backed by actual legislative effort.

Ken is the only candidate for Attorney General that:

  • Successfully passed legislation that requires all contractors doing business with the Commonwealth of Virginia to check the legal status of all employees and hire only legal residents.  This law also provides – for the first time – that those contractors who cheat by hiring illegal aliens can now be terminated as state contractors (SB 517, 2008).
  • Sponsored and passed legislation that made the trafficking of illegal aliens a crime – and provides for increased penalties.  If you take away those who provide the means of illegal entry – you make illegal entry that much more difficult (SB815, 2007).
  • Consistently supported E-Verify – a program that confirms the legal presence of prospective new employees.
  • Successfully passed legislation that removes non-citizens from our voting rolls (SB 313, 2006). This legislation has resulted in hundreds of non-citizens being removed from the voting rolls – so far.
  • Successfully passed legislation that finally gave counties and cities legal authority to investigate illegal boarding houses – one of the most common side effects of illegal immigration (SB 412, 2007).  This bill was amended down to only apply to Northern Virginia (against Ken’s wishes), but after only one year, it was so wildly successful that four other legislators brought bills to get the same authority in their part of the Commonwealth, and the legal power now exists throughout Virginia.
  • Supported then-Senator Jay O’Brien’s successful bill to deny new driver’s licenses to those who are not here legally (so called “legal presence” legislation).
  • And this past session – just a few weeks ago, after cross-examining the witnesses for Sen. Yvonne Miller’s bill for over a half an hour (along with Senator McDougal and others), Ken forced an amendment on Senate Bill 1046 that “cleans out” illegal aliens that currently have driver licenses.  These are illegals that already had driver’s licenses at the time that Sen. O’Brien’s bill passed.  Thus, thanks in part to Senator Cuccinelli’s tenacity and leadership on this issue, Virginia is on the path to eliminating driver’s licenses for those that are not legally present in Virginia.
  • Consistently supported legislation to require proof of identity when voting.
  • Voted consistently against in-state tuition for illegal aliens.  Virginia taxpayers should not be required to subsidize college tuition for those who are not here legally.

Of the candidates in this race, Ken has the ONLY SOLID, PROVEN RECORD on this – and many other issues – that the next Attorney General will have to deal with.  The question is – who do you trust to represent them?  Candidates that have nothing but rhetoric?  Or a trusted conservative with a record to back it up?

To learn more about Ken’s factual record on Immigration and many other issues – log on to:

To learn more about Ken’s factual record on Immigration and many other issues – log on to:


humor.pngBecause it has this prejudice that Republicans and only Republicans should select its candidates, the Republican Party has a preference for conventions.  However, not all who call themselves Republican feel the need to exclude those who are not Republicans, and so these folks do not like conventions.  Sometimes they find the strangest reasons to be against conventions.

Not Too Conservative Too Conservative is always good for a laugh.  Check this one out.


elephantgop.pngUnfortunately, this will be a skimpy report.  During the meeting, I got beeped (paged).  As the result, I spent most of the meeting assisting a coworker over the phone.  In the modern era that is how we can tell the difference between what is optional and what is essential.  When we are doing something essential, we can ignore the beep.

So what did I see of consequence?  Well, I did hear what people from the various campaigns had to say.

  • Representatives from Bob McDonnell‘s and Bill Bolling‘s campaigns asked people to start getting engaged.  They pointed out that now is the time to identify those people willing to volunteer and actively support the Republican ticket.  Because the Democrats are having primaries, they will be doing just that.  So we must counter with a similar effort.
  • Julie Lucas spoke up for Jackson Miller.  Because Obama carried every precinct in his district, we should not expect Miller to have an easy reelection.  She asked folks to give him every possible assistance.
  • Since nobody else filed, Rich Anderson is the Republican nominee for the 51st District of the House of Delegates, and it looks like he will run a capable campaign.  He congratulated the party’s elected officials for the spine they have shown of late.  He cited the party’s refusal to acquiesce to pressure and spend a one-time infusion of Federal funds, $125 million, to extend unemployment insurance.  Here the right-wing liberal explains the issues.  Here Tertium Quids explains Anderson’s congratulations may have been premature, and the latest news (here) is not good.
  • With the withdrawal of Amy Frederick as a candidate (see here), Rafael Lopez is now the sole Republican candidate for the 52nd District of the  House of Delegates.  He made the point that he is also the only candidate in the race with previous experience as an elected official.  So he is the only candidate who has demonstrated that he knows how to get the job done.
  • A representative from John Brownlee‘s campaign spoke up.  He spoke about Brownlee’s efforts to give people an opportunity to meet him.

After having been out of the room for a while, I came back and David Ray (a member of the State Central Committee) was speaking.  He was talking about the vote to remove Jeff Frederick as the Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.  He never saw sufficient grounds to remove Frederick.  He said some people claim to have information that would give anyone good reason to remove Frederick, but they never provided him this information.   He also said that because people with close ties to McDonnell were involved in the effort to remove Frederick, he believed McDonnell was squarely behind Frederick’s removal.

Since the Prince William Republican Committee was quite supportive of Frederick (The 2009 Prince William County Convention passed a resolution supporting Frederick’s retention as the party’s chairman.), the committee’s membership naturally found Ray’s words disappointing.  Nonetheless, the committee voiced support McDonnell anyway.  One member spoke out and put it it this way.

A vote for the worst Republican is better than a vote the best Democrat.

Author’s note:  I support that philosophy with some reservations.  I will vote for all the Republicans on the ticket, but I am only going to actively campaign for Conservative Republicans.  What is the point in giving time or money to a Republican Party candidate who will not stand up for the principles of the Republican Party?

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constitution1.pngA little over a year ago I posted a question:  IS IT A CHRISTIAN OR SECULAR CONSTITUTION? Since that time, The Daily Whackjob is no more.  So the links to it no longer work.

The post started a couple of debates.  As the debate unfolded, I decided it might be worthwhile to pose a challenge (See the end of this comment.), but I was slow in getting around to it.  Here is the challenge.

Name an important law that does not have religious significance.