Luke 16:10 (New International Version)

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.

Knowing how weak we are, it would seem God has trusted us with very little.   The universe is endless, but we know little of it.   I suppose God has good reason for trusting us with little.   C. S. Lewis describes the conundrum accurately at the beginning of Mere Christianity.  We all know the difference between Right and Wrong, but none do what is Right.

When you catch yourself in a stressful situation and act from surprise, you know then your heart is less than pure.  Then your pride, your anger, the greed, and all the fears you would so much like to keep suppressed and hidden flare up.  Remember what is written about apostle Peter.  When Christ was hung on the cross, the apostles fled, and Peter, who was to become the chief apostle, denied Christ three times.  Three times the question caught him by surprise (see here).  Only when the rooster crowed did Peter realize he had miserably failed to keep his promise not to disown Jesus.

We live impatient, hurried lives full of opportunity for pain and surprise.  Retailers, eager for our business, work hard to ease the pain of shopping.   So the latest innovation in grocery stores is automated checkouts.  Yet even this provides opportunity for surprise and temptation.   Our goal is to scan each item, pay our bill, and exit the store.  Except produce does not scan.  We have to take the time search for each item and weight it.  Flustered by the system, pressured by the customer behind, have you ever settled for selecting for a less expensive, less costly item?  I know I have.  And so I cheated the merchants who own the store.

We each are tempted to look upon the prodigal son (see here) as being anyone but us, but we each are lost.  It is satisfying to see ourselves as the son who slaved for the Father and did not stray, but we each do.  When we are tempted to think of ourselves as good, we should pray.  We should ask the Lord to teach us how we can be trusted with as much as very little.