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Taxes cannot be avoided.  Every time we buy something, we pay a portion of the purchase price in taxes.  Attend a park, and there is an entrance fee.  If you own a house, you will pay a property tax.  Even before you get your paycheck, your government has already taken its cut.

By what right does government tax us?  Until government clearly abuses this right, we rarely give government’s right to tax us much thought.   Yet it is becoming more and more likely that we can expect government to abuse its right to tax us.  In the last election, most voted for a president and a political party that favors more taxes and an expansion of government power.  Whenever government expands its powers, its increases in powers must inevitably come at the expense of individual rights.

The most sacred right is the right to life.  History shows that it is all too common for government to threaten this right.  In the past, governments killed in warfare and in the brutal suppression of enemies of the sovereign.  In the 20th Century, totalitarian regimes systematically murdered millions in concentration camps.  Yet worst is perhaps being done and contemplated even as you read.

Using the absurd pretension that abortion is medicinal and that euthanasia is the kindness that ends all pain, various groups would have government pay for these “services” on the behalf of taxpayers.  In fact, government already pays for abortion “services”.  That includes the Commonwealth of Virginia. Does that fact offend you?  Then read on.

As we prepare for another General Assembly session, we know the opposition we will face — and we know that the most well funded and organized opposition will be that of Planned Parenthood.

This national political behemoth had an income in Fiscal Year 2006 of more than $1 billion. Incredibly, nearly one-third of that income comes from the taxpayers of America. In its last annual report Planned Parenthood reported over $330 million in government — taxpayer — grants.

What is this money being used for?

While Planned Parenthood would like us to believe that its all for health care, nothing could be further from the truth.

Planned Parenthood is the largest private provider of abortion in the United States, performing more than one quarter of all abortions. As the national abortion rate has gradually declined in recent years, Planned Parenthood’s abortion number continues to grow by double digits. Nearly $100 million of their income is from abortion. But by counting other services that are done along with an abortion, such as a pregnancy test and contraception, as separate services, Planned Parenthood is able to downplay the fact that abortion is its number one medical service, and their number one goal.

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When is taxation robbery?  Government robs us when it does not use our money to protect the rights of the People.  How can babies threaten the rights of anyone?  Does the People need to be protected from those who are sick and ill?  Then why does our government need to pay for the extermination of the unborn and the very ill?




  1. What is this money being used for?

    The money grabbed forcibly from the producers is used for the most non-productive activities. These activities are mostly unnecessary yet when government takes charge of doing them, it appoints some people to those non-productive activities and then pays them.
    In this way government assumes that it is providing some jobs. Yet reality is, by doing so government culls out many possible jobs a free market without government may create and provide.
    What the intervention of government through taxation is, it increases the cost of products to further height causing price rise, and hence making people further poor.

    Have a look here about What really are Taxes


  2. kgotthardt – There is no separation between church and state. Read again the First Amendment to the Constitution. When governments make morally sound decisions, it is because the People allow their government to make relatively few decisions. Individuals have souls, not collectives and certainly not that giant collective we call the state. The morality of government depends upon the People.

    Go back and check your history books. Look at the history of totalitarian states, the ones that gassed, starved, butchered and destroyed their own citizens by the tens of millions. Did they not begin their reigns of terror by removing every vestige of religion from government. Did that content the leaders? No? Why not? What was God to those governments?

    Consider this quote.

    The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity. Bolshevism is Christianty’s illegitimate child. Both are inventions of the Jew. The deliberate lie in the matter of religion was introduced into the world by Christianity. Bolshevism practices a lie of the same nature, when it claims to bring liberty to men, whereas in reality it seeks only to enslave them. In the ancient world the relations between men and gods were founded on instinctive respect. It was a world enlightened by the idea of tolerance. Christianity was the first creed in the world to exterminate its adversaries in the name of love. Its key note is intolerance. Without Christianity, we should not have had Islam. The Roman Empire, under Germanic influence would have developed in the direction of world domination and humanity would not have extinguished fifteen centuries of civilization at a single stroke. Let it not be said that Christianity brought man the life of the soul, for that was in the natural order of things. — Adolf Hitler, night 11-12 July 1941

    In the name of pagan pragmatism, the Roman Empire hanged Jesus Christ on a cross. In the name of Godless tolerance, Hitler tried to exterminate the Jews.


  3. But not everyone believes in souls….and we have separation of church and state. Therefore, we can only deal with the tangible and do the best we can,IMHO.

    Abortion won’t go away overnight. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take small steps in that direction, though, does it? If we don’t, nothing will ever get done and it will just continue to be a problem. Will the small steps be what we want them to be? No. Will they help eradicate abortion? Eventually. And then eventually we could move even further away by eradicating the need for something like the day after pill. However, to do that, we will also have to eradicate horrors such as rape and incest.


  4. kgotthardt – We play games with words. How? Most often, I think, we use that fine distinction between definition of a word and what the word connotes. It appears to me that in your mind doctrine is about splitting hairs. So you would have us be pragmatic, results oriented rather than doctrinaire. That approach is fraught with danger. Unchecked, pragmatism leads us to practice the belief that the result (the end) justifies the means.

    Moral doctrine (such as Christianity) helps us to understand the difference between good and evil. Doing good improves our situation and the situation of those around us. Doing evil, while it may seem to temporarily improve our situation, is ultimately destructive to both those around us and ourselves. No matter how good our intentions may be, when we choose evil means, we achieve an evil end. That is why those who live by the sword almost invariably die by the sword.

    When does a baby deserve our protection? Is it at birth or is it at conception? Is there a soul? When do we gain a soul? That dear lady is a religious question. No amount of pragmatism can change that fact. Thus your pragmatic advocacy of the day after pill is unavoidably a doctrinal issue. Even though you believe otherwise, this advocacy is simply based upon your doctrinal belief.

    Does pragmatism have a place in this matter? Yes. That is because there are limits as to what we can do. Even if it were possible to make abortion illegal, it is unlikely any jury would convict. So as a practical matter, government can only regulate this matter. Government can also refuse to fund and thereby refuse to condone abortions.

    Those who have had and who perform abortions have no right to demand that their fellow citizen condone their actions. Unfortunately, one misdeed often leads to another.

    What is true about government is that none of us has the right to use government to merely to inflict our religious beliefs upon others. However, because governing invariably involves moral choices, there is no way to set aside our religious beliefs. When does a baby gain a soul? That is a question of religious doctrine. So each abortion must worry our conscious, and no amount of pragmatism can change that fact.


  5. –Effectively, kgotthardt, what I think you have advocated is that for the sake of convenience Pro-Life Christians set their morals aside.–

    NO! What I mean is this: we can’t expect everyone to believe that the day after pill is abortion. That is a doctrinal discussion (meaning it is based on a specific religious belief). If the object truly is to abolish abortion, then we can’t go down that road of “as soon as sperm meets egg….” We KNOW that discussion leads us nowhere and hasn’t reduced abortion on iota.

    What we CAN do through government, however, is ensure the fetus never gets beyond a few connected cells. How? The day after pill. Contraception. Education. Better access to adoption. More moral, physical and spiritual support for women. NOT more protests that make women feel horrible! It’s a start. It’s a step in the right direction.

    If you believe the day after pill is abortion, then don’t take it. I know people who are against any form of birth control save abstinence. Okay, then don’t have sex. But you can’t expect the rest of the world to adhere to your guidelines either.

    All I am saying is we can’t inflict specific religious doctrine on others via government. We can teach doctrine in churches and through personal example, but government can’t do it.

    To me, abortion is a moral, physical, and medical decision that no one should ever have to make. So let’s make sure they don’t have to make that decision.


  6. kgotthardt – “Again, keep doctrine out of it and focus on the cure for the disease.”

    What does that mean? Do you know what the word “doctrine” means? Here is the definition.

    n : a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school [syn: philosophy, school of thought, ism]

    When people “keep their doctrine of it,” what do they substitute in its place? In practice, I think the answer is whatever doctrine is upheld most powerful special interests. Effectively, kgotthardt, what I think you have advocated is that for the sake of convenience Pro-Life Christians set their morals aside.

    You might want to rethink your proposition. It is not honest. It is sophistry. How would such an absence of doctrine assuage the conscious of any woman who chose to abort her baby?

    The reason we have ignorant, fearful, and panicked people killing babies is that they do not subscribe to good religious doctrine. Christ forgives. Government does not. So that they can learn of the need to forgive, that they will be forgiven if the honestly repent, judgmental human beings have to learn good religious doctrine. Have you considered that our government is not allowed to provide such instruction?

    If we do not teach people good doctrine, how will we educate women? What would you teach them? Your doctrine? Then how will you “keep doctrine out of it and focus on the cure for the disease”?

    Please note that many people consider the day after pill just another form of abortion.


  7. Incidentally, the day after pill is a good tool to avoid abortions as well. People might not like it, but it’s better than the alternatives. Again, keep doctrine out of it and focus on the cure for the disease.


  8. I agree, Tom, that abortion is horrible. However, I think what we need to eradicate it is a cure for the DISEASE (ignorance,fear, panic etc.), not the symptom.

    How do we do this? Education, values, respect. We make sure women don’t feel like they are backed against a wall and only have abortion as a choice. We give women support. These things can be implemented into government and privately funded programs, into religious education, and into our daily lives.

    I don’t think we should get into doctrine when we do this. Let’s face it–people are going to have sex. If people want to be sterilized, have at it. Better that than abortion.

    I’d rather have fifteen sterilized people than a single abortion.


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