This is a post about power and Congress.

Of all the buildings in Washington D.C., the Capitol is perhaps the most grand.  This is where the People’s representatives meet.  This where the weight of power resides.

There is a myth that the president has the real power.  History gives lie to this myth.

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Don’t we all remember what happened to President Richard Nixon?  He was driven from power by the threat of impeachment.  Nixon knew Congress would remove him from office.

On Election Day, we will vote for our new president and vice president.  In addition, we will vote on one third of the Senate and the entire House of Representatives.   While the presidency is important our decision on who we elect to represent us in Congress (Senate and the House in total) is far more important.  Why?  Well, here are some reasons.

  • Congress controls the budget.   That includes:  what we tax, how much we spend, and on what we spend our money.
  • Congress makes the laws.  The president only enforces our laws.
  • Congress approves the president’s personnel appointments and organizes the structure of our government.  For example, our military command structure was written into law by Congress.
  • Congressmen and Senators often serve for decades.  The president is term limited.

Whereas our president is almost unapproachable, our Senators and our Congressmen (particularly our Congressmen) provide us a link to what is going on in Washington D. C.  If we choose to contact these people, they can hear us and give voice to our concerns.  If we want effective representation, we must choose wisely.

So it is that this is a particularly important election in Gainesville, Virginia.  And we must pay close attention.  We have two open seats, in the Senate, and one in the House of Representatives.

  • We have two former governors, Jim Gilmore and Mark Warner contesting Senator John Warner’s seat in the Senate.  While Mark Warner is the news media favorite and well funded, Gilmore represents the logical choice for the People.  Unlike Mark Warner, Gilmore is less interested in raising our taxes and interfering in our lives.  Moreover, Gilmore keeps his word.
  • We have a highly successful businessman and a professional politician contesting Congressman Tom Davis’ seat in the House of Representatives.  Keith Fimian started his own business and made it into a nationwide company.  Now he sees the opportunities that made his success possible disappearing, and he is horrified for the sake of his children.  He wants us to give him the chance to steer our nation’s careering course from disaster.  Gerry Connolly, Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, favors big government and big government spending.  Connolly would take us further down the road that leads to a cliff.

In both races we have a clear choice.  We have a Democrat who favors bigger government with the temptation of taxing the rich.  We have a Republican who would steer us away from that precipice and the lie that the rich would ever willingly submit exorbitant taxation (The Democratic Party is the party of the rich.).  We have the choice of government running our lives or running our own lives.

Without Congress, Barack Obama cannot implement his plans.

Cartoon from here.

With Congress at his side, an Obama presidency becomes truly frightful.

Cartoon from here.

Is McCain resorting to scare tactics?  How do you define socialism?

socialism n 1: a political theory advocating state ownership of industry 2: an economic system based on state ownership of capital [syn: socialist economy] [ant: capitalism]


  1. Congress ..What Were You Thinking?

    You destroyed our country. You cannot repair the damage now! It is Too, Too, Too late.

    If you gave the people on wall street, who are licking their lips on the anticipation of filling their pockets, 50 trillion dollars, it won’t help. I personally hope none of you can sleep at night, knowing what you have done. Especially all the old-old-old ones that have been they’re over 20 years.


    When you deregulated Mergers – You told the lobbyist and American business community, move overseas, move your tax base there, keep the foreign cheap labor, Get rid of your American labor and break the unions. You should also merge enough so you are too big to fail. That way you can always count on a government bail out as a last resort. Your plan worked perfectly. We hope you are proud!

    We lost
    Our good paying jobs.
    Our pensions.
    Our 401 contributions.
    Our middle class.
    Our Insurance.
    Our homes.
    Our freedom and security
    Our hope.
    Our tax base – except government and wall street workers. They still make good money.

    We just can’t find the words to tell you how grateful we are.

    CONGRESS, we will touch bases with you again in about 6 months, as soon as the bail out money is gone.

    We are GOING DOWN no matter you do.

    Welcome to the Americans people world. Now you can suffer with us!

    THANK YOU CONGRESS!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS. After you all vote on the Bail Out, could you please post on the web, how each one of you voted This way we can see who we need to give an attitude adjustment in the coming ELECTION


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