Here is the content of an email I received yesterday.  It’s funny.  Well –, if the Democrats do not win, I guess it will be funny.   Let’s hope for the best.   😀

Reasons For My Vote Selection.

I’m voting Democrat because English has no place being the official language in America.

I’m voting Democrat because it’s better to turn corn into fuel than it is to eat it.

I’m voting Democrat because I’d rather pay $4 for a gallon of gas than allow drilling for oil off the coasts of America.

I’m voting Democrat because I think the government will do a better job spending my money than I could.

I’m voting Democrat because when we pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq, I know the Islamic terrorists will stop trying to kill us because they’ll think we’re a good and decent country.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe people who can’t tell us if it will rain in two or three days can now tell us the polar ice caps will disappear in ten years if I don’t start riding a bicycle, build a windmill, or inflate my tires to proper levels.

I’m voting Democrat because it’s all right to kill millions of babies as long as we keep violent, convicted murderers on death row alive.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe businesses in America should not be allowed to make profits. Businesses should just break even and give the rest to the government so politicians and bureaucrats can redistribute the money the way they think it should be redistributed.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe guns, and not the people misusing them, are the cause of crimes and killings.

I’m voting Democrat because when someone with a weapon threatens my family or me, I know the government can respond faster through a call to 911 than I can with a gun in my hand.

I’m voting Democrat because oil companies’ 5% profit on a gallon of gas are obscene, but government taxes of 18% on the same gallon of gas are just fine.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe three or four elitist liberals should rewrite the Constitution every few months to suit some fringe element that could never get their agenda past voters.

I’m voting Democrat because illegal aliens are not criminals, are not sucking up resources through government aid, hospital services, education, or social services, but are just people trying to make a better life by coming to America illegally. We can’t blame them for that, can we?

I’m voting Democrat because now I can now marry whatever I want, so I’ve decided to marry my horse.

Makes ya’ wonder why anyone would ever vote Republican, doesn’t it?

It is the disadvantaged who repeatedly elect Democrats – yet they are still disadvantaged…hmmm


There is one nice thing about being in the midst of a political battleground.  We get to hear personally from the presidential candidates.  Here is an email I received from one of John McCain‘s dedicated volunteers.

Calendar Road to Victory Rally in Springfield, VA

9:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Address: Interstate Van Lines: 5801 Rolling Road
Springfield, VA 22152

Please Join

Senator John McCain

For a Road to Victory Rally

in Springfield, VA

Saturday November 1st

Interstate Van Lines
5801 Rolling Road
Springfield, VA 22152

Doors open at 9:00 a.m.

This will be Senator McCain’s last Virginia rally before Election Day.

Please wear something red to remind everyone to keep Virginia Red this November!

If you have any questions please email Virginia@JohnMcCain.com

Tickets are available online or by visiting one of the designated Virginia Victory offices between 9:00am and 9:00 p.m. EDT.

Please click here to RSVP online for this event

Ticket Locations

Fairfax County Springfield Victory Center
8136 Old Keene Mill Road
Suite A207
Springfield, VA

Fairfax Regional Victory Headquarters
4246 Chain Bridge Road
Fairfax, VA

Loudoun Regional Victory Headquarters
46950 Community Plaza
Unit #201A
Sterling, VA

Virginia Victory 2008 State Headquarters
1235 S. Clark Street
Arlington, VA

Prince William Victory Center
4431 Prince William Parkway
Woodbridge, VA

Western Prince William County Victory Headquarters
7466 Limestone Drive
Gainesville, VA


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Cartoon from here.

We hear a great deal about how the mortgage lending crisis is the fault of those greedy and unscrupulous Wall Street folks.  The truth is different.  Consider this article in the Washington Post.

Defaulting homeowners are taking advantage of banking chaos to live mortgage-free for six months or longer, dragging out the eviction process, according to lenders and real estate agents. Unscrupulous landlords are collecting rent but withholding mortgage payments, leaving a rude surprise for their tenants when repossession comes. And banks are so eager to avoid the hassle of eviction that they are paying occupants $5,000 or more simply to hand over the keys and move out without a fight.  (from here)

The Washington Post writes as though mortgage lenders are learning a new lesson (that is, the banks are just now learning this lesson.) about foreclosures for the first time.  Of course, such is foolishness.  It is the Washington Post’s reporter who is learning something new.  Even in good times, there are people who default on their loans, and when that happens, it is costly.  Consider this latter paragraph in the same article.

Each foreclosure costs a bank $40,000 to $50,000 in attorney’s fees and fees for property management and other services, according to John Mechem, a spokesman for the Mortgage Bankers Association. “Sometimes it takes two or three tries on a short sale to make it work,” he said. “Lenders are willing to go to great lengths to avoid foreclosure.”  (from here)

Such expenses eat up profits.  So no experienced lender in their right mind loans money to people who are likely to default.  Only the government, particularly when it is run by Democrats, does that.

Other Views

Tertium Quids wonders if the Bailout money might not be better spent on Christmas (see here).    😀

Vivian J. Page takes Congresswoman Thelma Drake to task for her vote on a bill that “would create a nationwide mortgage licensing system and registry” (see here).   Drake, it would seem, is engaged in an evil plot.   Traditionally and constitutionally, state law rules in this area.  Nonetheless, Page rails against Drake.  Moreover, Page fails to remind us how Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, nationwide experiments in mortgage financing, created the current mess, and she also neglects to discuss whether the proposed bill is constitutional.

Raising Kaine repeats the same anti-Drake nonsense here.   Note that when Drake is not representing her district, she is in the realty business.  I can only suppose that Drake has discovered that nefarious business principle.  Profitability demands buying low and selling high.  The same principle works in the stock market.  BTW – In addition to real estate, now also might be a good time to buy stock.

Below the Beltway bemoans the fact we seem to be one more step on the road to serfdom (here).  Here Doug notes that Congresswoman Drake is not the only devious person who is buying houses.

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Cartoon from here.


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Cartoon from here.

Cartoon from here.

We are heading into the final days of Election 2008.   Soon the campaigns will be over, and we will be stuck with the outcome.  Is my poor, pitiful blog changing any minds?  I do not know; I certainly do not have people lining up to tell me that they are are going to vote for John McCain, Jim Gilmore, or Keith Fimian because of me.  And that is probably just as well.  I am not sure how well I would handle it if people did start doing such a thing.  Like most people, my ego is too susceptible to flattery.

Nevertheless, I have been please to see that my little website has gotten quite a few hits here of late.  Is that true of most other political blogs as well?  Probably.  So I am not worrying much about it, but I still wonder.

Unfortunately, life throws curves at us.  So I was both delighted and mildly annoyed when I was called away to deal with family matters, the birth of a grandchild. With the birth of a grandchild, I have been given hope for the future.  At the same time, with such a strange election year and faltering economy, I wonder what the future holds for my dear little grandchild.  Even though it is the greatest relief to know her future is in God’s Hands, I still wish I could change a few votes.

When I look at how my fellow citizens vote, I wonder what they are thinking.  Instead of voting to protect their rights, too many seem so willing to vote for privileges at the expense of their fellow citizens.  Why such foolhardy behavior!  I assume the answer is ignorance, perhaps willful ignorance (see here).  Am I being arrogant in my presumption?  No.  The evidence stands prominently before us all.  We call it such things as tax loopholes, entitlements and welfare.  But why do people vote for this nonsense?

I suspect the problem has something to do with the source of our news.  We are depending upon the professional news media to “educate” us in preparation for this election.  For the most part, the professional news media competes to present itself as objective and unbiased.  This claim is blatantly absurd.  Why isn’t this claim challenged by all of us?

Is any of us unbiased?   When any of us carefully considers an issue, particularly an issue on which we are suppose to become an expert, don’t we form an opinion?  If how people deal with an issue affects us personally, would we not be expected to have a strong bias?  Would we expect people to take us seriously if we claimed to be unbiased and objective?  Conceivably, we could seriously argue that we give fair and balanced reports.  However, the simple truth is that each and every citizen has an interest in the outcome of this election.  No one can be trusted to give fair, balanced, objective, or unbiased reports.  Certainly any news organization or reporter that claims to be impartial is lying.

Just the same, for decades we have had prominent and supposedly respected news organizations making the claim that they provide objective and unbiased news reports, and much of the public has accepted this patently absurd claim.  Consider the worse case.  Consider the preposterous way the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) advertises itself.  Why do you think one PBS show calls itself Independent Lens, for example?  Yet this network receives nearly half of its funding from government sources (See here and note that the Corporation For Public Broadcasting is itself federally funded.).  So there no possible way PBS could have anything approaching an unbiased interest in the outcome of Election 2008.

My point?  In your own defense you must assume each news source is biased.  You must do your homework and find out just how your favorite news sources are misleading you.  Otherwise, your vote belongs to someone else, the news organization you listen to.

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