Since I like political cartoons I decided to see what I could find out there about Gov Sarah Palin.  So far most have yet to make there way over from the print media, but there is one site out there that has a collection (see here).  Here are some of the better ones.



  1. “”What about Palin’s cleavage? Are you suggesting we should not vote for a woman because she is pretty? Should only ugly women run for public office?”

    No. LOL! I’m being ironic because of comments I’ve heard about Hillary’s.

    “Such people also know how to be mannerly and graceful in public.”

    LOL again! I’d prefer authenticity over manners.

    Beauty is often more on the inside than anything else. I’m not knocking physical beauty. In fact, I’ve strived for it myself. I struggle with my weight and being made fun of because of it doesn’t do wonders for the self esteem. Feeling beautiful can be good for the self esteem. But it should never be an obsession.

    Some men see external beauty and that is ALL they see. Some women are like this as well. Superficiality, especially in the vote, is a very bad thing.

    We won’t agree on the parks issue, I can tell 🙂

  2. kgotthardt — Because we are afraid something bad might happen to us, we could put people on the endangered species list. That makes about as much sense as putting polar bears on it.

    Alaska is huge an much of it is Federal land. Much of it is park land simply because no one wants to live there. Taking a small portion of Alaska, the size of an airport, to drill for oil is not going to harm anything.

    What about Palin’s cleavage? Are you suggesting we should not vote for a woman because she is pretty? Should only ugly women run for public office?

    If Palin were vain about her appearance, I suppose you might have a point. I doubt, however, that she is much more vain than most women (or men). Five children suggests she has other priorities.

    In fact, I think even the ladies should give her a little credit for being attractive. Good looks are to some extent inherited, but that is only part of the matter. An intelligent, level-headed person makes the best of what they have. Such people take care of their health and dress well. Such people also know how to be mannerly and graceful in public.

  3. Okay I laughed at these, especially because I live in “Hockey Mom” territory. However, there is something glorious about a mom running for office so long as Dad steps up to fill in for the children. —Insert Looney Toons Ominous Voice—“IT CAN HAPPEN HERE.”

    That said, I don’t vote based on gender, color, or hairstyle. And I abhor Palin’s trying to take the Polar Bears off the endangered list and petitioning to invade a national park. National Parks (and parks in general) have become sacred land, a brave attempt to stave off excessive development and more pollution.

    And do you think the world at large will forget that Palin has cleavage? If we couldn’t get past Hillary’s do you think we can get past Sarah’s? Would that it be so, but it isn’t in too many cases.

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