UPDATE:  This is for visitors from Anonymous Is A Woman: Politics and Religion and Culture.  Please thank Karen Duncan for her complimentary remarks about Keith Fimian’s energy plan (at this post).  Also, please feel free remind her of several little details. 

  • Many residents of the 11th CD work in and buy plenty of gasoline in congressional districts outside of the 11th CD (If you are not certain, please check here.).
  • It is the USA that needs an energy plan, not just the 11th CD.
  • To serve us, our congressman must go outside of the 11th CD.  On his way to D.C., he might even have to stop in the 8th CD to buy gasoline. 😀

Original Post

I continue to be impressed with Keith Fimian.  The guy is a quick study.  Although he does not have any previous political experience, he seems to have a pretty good grasp of what he needs to do.  Just as important, he also seems quite able to do what he needs to do.

Here is extract from an email he just sent out. 

“High gas prices underscore the need for a comprehensive energy policy that ensures energy security and energy independence for the United States.  Politicians in both parties have failed to advance such a policy and this is a tragedy for Virginia families. It hurts at the gas pump and with our electricity bills.  As a common sense businessman who advocates common sense solutions, I want to break the ideological stalemate, end the political gamesmanship and put the American people first!”
“Let’s begin by acknowledging that those on the left are correct when they say we need to promote clean alternative energy sources like solar, wind and geothermal power.  Though large quantities of these energy sources at affordable prices are some number of years away let us also acknowledge that and that those on the right are correct then they say we also need to develop domestic U.S. oil and natural gas production now.  So let’s take the best ideas, pull them together and get the career politicians out of the way to solve this problem.”
— Keith Fimian
Keith Fimian held a press conference today at a local gas station and over 20 concerned mothers from across the district attended to show their support!  Even Pumpy the Gas Pump make an appearance! 

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  1. kgotthardt -It is impossible to entirely figure out what someone will do with a job until they have the job. Thus far I read him as somewhat more conservative than Tom Davis.

    The way I think (and hope) Fimian intends to promote alternative energy sources primarily involves getting government out of the way. We have so many rules, regulations, and lawyers we cannot build anything. Not doing anything is not an acceptable solution.


  2. Tom Davis…..I’ve been frustrated with him for a long time. It started with a student loan issue that I felt his office should have been able to do something about since I am his constituent. Then he seemed to be voting for the concerns of the wealthy and not the poor. He recently voted a couple of ways that redeemed him a bit in my eyes 🙂

    Our reps are here to help us and protect us, the common people, not contribute to our demise. Too many times, I feel we are being hurt by the decisions our leaders make–that goes for both parties.

    That said, I have asked both parties to contribute donations to a local charity auction. It would be nice for everyone to get on the same page to help reduce the housing crises without letting petty politics get in the way. I’m going to post the announcement here if you don’t mind—shameless plug from someone who never thought she would be able to own a home with or without a spouse.


  3. Here is what I wrote to the Republican Party yesterday. I’ve been writing to many people including Wally Covington, Bob Marshall and Chuck Colgan. Also wrote to Koons of Manassas and others. Please feel free to donate! Contact me at


    I am working on a Silent Auction (with a twist) for Catholics for Housing (CFH), a local charity. I was hoping someone from your committee would consider making a donation.

    The auction will help CFH increase affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate-income households in Northern Virginia; households include individuals, families, the elderly and the disabled.

    CFH’s most recently completed project was Linton Hall Manor in Bristow where 19 “hometown heroes” (teachers, police, and fire fighters) were able to become first-time homeowners in the community in which they serve. (Previously they were “priced out” of their own communities).

    The CFH silent auction will be held via the CFH website with bid items listed and photos of special items posted to view by bidders. Bid sheets are also available on the website. Silent Auction donors and the donated items for bid will also be in CFH newsletters and other promotional materials. This is a great way for local businesses and groups to get advertising and acknowledgement.

    Donors will also be invited to attend the CFH Linton Hall Manor closing celebration, to include the silent auction, on Saturday, September 13, 2008 between 1:00-3:00 p.m. It would be great to see someone from your group at this event!

    Please let me know what you think and what other information you might need.

    And if you could pass this on, I would appreciate it!


    Katherine Gotthardt
    Bristow, VA
    CFH Silent Auction Volunteer

    Catholics for Housing
    10056 Dean Drive
    Manassas, VA 20110-4115
    (703) 330-1541

    –The vision of CFH is to enhance the lives of those they serve by providing a stable housing situation. Many of these individuals have been or are at-risk of becoming homeless and are in the low to moderate income bracket. Among CFH programs are Edie Streett Security Deposit Assistance; Virginia Ely Senior Rental Assistance, Affordable Rental Units; CFH also develops programs to assist low to moderate income first time home buyers.–


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