Here are some excerpts from the July 26th edition of Senator Ken Cuccinelli’s Cuccinelli Compass. 


Disappointment. Virginia’s Harriet Miers

Last week the Administration nominated a Democrat to the bench in the Eastern District of Virginia (in Alexandria). His name is Anthony Trenga, and he was chosen from a list of names put forward by John Warner and Jim Webb. In 2001 he donated to Mark Warner, in 2004 he donated to John Kerry, in 2005 to Tim Kaine and Creigh Deeds, in 2006 to Harris Miller, in 2008 to Mark Warner and Judy Feder (Cong. Wolf’s challenger).

Last year, he donated to my opponent. He also donated to other Dems in state senate races: Karen Schultz and Chap Petersen.

I realize that we have a bad hand to deal with now that Jim Webb is in the Senate, but why completely capitulate and nominate a Democrat unless you’re going to get something for it, like getting one of our 4th Circuit nominees confirmed? The Democrats have let those nominations languish virtually indefinitely.

This is a betrayal of grassroots Republicans in Washington (again). The White House can withdraw this nomination. I would ask each of you to call and/or email the White House and ask them to pull this nomination, or at least to get some 4th Circuit appointments for it. This is a lifetime appointment! Judges are too important to let this pass.

Here is the contact info for the White House: 202-456-1111 and Comments@WhiteHouse.gov.

After you send your (strongly worded) comments to the White House, please pass this along to other friends that care about judges (any conservative or Republican, I would hope) and ask them to join you in this protest. Federal Judges are too important to roll over like this!

Today’s Quote

“I would define a conservative, first as one who believes in the Constitution as it is written. That takes care of free speech, freedom of religion, the right to petition the government, the right to keep and bear arms and, in the words of William O. Douglas in one of his saner moments, ‘the right to be let alone.

Second, a conservative believes in small, limited government at every level. Along with this he believes strongly in individual responsibility. That is, a person or a family should take care of itself and turn for help to government only when all other means have been exhausted. It also means that society, before government, has a duty to take care of its own. Government should be a resource of last resort.

Third, a conservative believes taxes should be levied for the purpose of financing the limited responsibilities of government such as providing for the common defense, catching and incarcerating criminals, minting money and filling potholes. Taxes should not be levied for the purpose of redistributing wealth…

One other thing I think a conservative believes is that the parents, not government, are and should be responsible for the upbringing and behavior of their children.” -Lyn Nofziger

I heartily agree.

Virginia Blogger Support

Here’s an unusual request, but one worth considering. Bearing Drift, one of Virginia’s most-recognized conservative political web sites, was credentialed by the RNC to cover the convention. The web site, mainly run out-of-pocket by its publisher, J.R. Hoeft, is trying to raise a few dollars to help defray the costs of travel. Since there will be very little local media physically attending the convention, the web site will be one of the few places to get news and information about the convention with a conservative, Virginia flavor. If you can help J.R. get to Minnesota, please consider donating at his web site: http://bearingdrift.com/donate.

A Hot One

To my many 2nd Amendment friends, I think I have found what should be the official grill of the VCDL:

Frankly, I think President Bush tries too hard to be reasonable, but that is the president we elected.  Bush is at the end of his term most probably worn down.  With so many unappreciative people, running the U.S.A. may be an honor, but it is also a lot of work.  If you are going to take the good senator’s advice and send our president a note, make sure you also take the time to thank the man for those occasions where he has stuck to his guns.